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    dirt huffer reacted to Tom899 in Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) battery   
    The Sam's Club Duracell Group 48 (H6) AGM battery is like the original, just slightly bigger, but still fits and can still use the original top bracket. The posts are exactly in the same place as the original. If I remember, pulling the air cleaner and bellows assembly will give access to removing the battery.
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    dirt huffer reacted to williaty in Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) battery   
    Don't get me wrong, I think AGM SLI batteries are fantastic, especially if you get a TPPL-type one. I've installed probably close to a hundred of them for my clients. Before LFP was an option (and it still isn't allowed by some sanctioning bodies), I installed the Odyssey PC680 into MANY cars because it was the lightest battery that would reliably start the car (and restart it on track if they spun and stalled it) in all weather.
    Do you know what the power draw (input Watts) is on the Segway charger? I'm curious to see how much you'll be sucking out of your SLI battery if you stop for lunch for an hour, 2 hours, etc.
    The rest of this is me looking up data and writing it down for future reference but it's relevant to this thread.
    The stock BXT-96R battery is a BCI Group 96R battery. The BCI 96R callout is 9.6" wide, 6.2" deep, and 6.9" tall. The terminals are auto standard, Right Hand Positive.
    Don says he fit a Group 48 battery in the stock battery box, which means it'll hold at least a 12.1"x6.9"x7.6" battery.
    Hawker has the Odyssey PC1200MJT, which is a TPPL AGM that blurs the line between SLI and DC. They claim it's a drop-in replacement for the Group 96R stock battery and has dimensions of 7.87"x6.66"x6.80. Compared the BCI 96R callout, it's slightly too deep but will have lots of clearance for height and width. According to Don's experience, it should fit just fine since his 6.9" deep battery fit.
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    dirt huffer reacted to Beta Don in Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) battery   
    I found it  -  Here's my earlier post
    Since I already had the battery out, and since it's already 3+ years old, and since it's so doggone difficult to get at . . . . and since I'm hooking up a high current load which will need to run off the battery when I stop for gas or to eat lunch, it only made sense to replace it with something better.  Ford has chosen to use 'Ford sized' batteries in all their newer vehicles which I suspect was done to try and enhance battery sales at the dealerships.  Our battery is a 'BXT-96R' which doesn't seem to exist anywhere but from Ford  -  Granted, you can buy a few 'equivalent' size replacements elsewhere
    Anyway, I wanted a higher capacity battery and I wanted an AGM, so after a good bit of research I settled on a Duracell Group 48 (H6) AGM from Sam's Club  -  $159.99.  It has a 20 amp hour rate of 70 (3.5 amp draw for 20 hours) and much better specs than the OEM battery and it's made in the USA.  3 year free replacement  and a 5 year pro-rated warranty
    Battery Electrolyte Composition: Glass Mat Battery End Type: Top Post BCI Group Size:48 CA at 32 degrees F:875 CCA at 0 degrees F:760 Polarity: Right Positive Reserve Capacity:120 The BXT-96R has only 500 cold cranking amps
    It's *almost* a drop in replacement for our OEM battery.  It's about 1/2 inch taller, but fits in the battery box OK and you can even use the OEM hold down clamp if you remove the rear battery box spacer so the battery can slide back just a little to center the battery on the hold down studs.  Then the clamp fits OK if you raise (or remove) the lifting handles that come on the battery  -  They fold back down after the clamp is installed, so you don't have to remove them
    If you intend to run high current accessories for even a short time with the engine not running, an upgrade to a better battery is probably a smart move . . . . especially if your current battery is 3 or 4 years old
    Hope this helps!
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    dirt huffer reacted to Beta Don in Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) battery   
    I did.  I ran a #4 cable to the back of our 2014 and installed a 500 watt inverter to recharge our Segways as we drive.  I wanted a stronger,  deep cycle AGM battery under the hood so if we took an hour long lunch with the van shut off, the inverter wouldn't run the battery down  -  Sounds like exactly what you're wanting to do
    I don't recall the model number on the battery I used  -  That info may be listed here in a thread I did about the install . . . . . I'll look later when I have more time.  I measured the old battery, measured the inside dimensions of the battery box and found an AGM at Sam's Club which was a little larger than the stock battery (with more amp hours too) and it looked like it would fit and it did.  There's a spacer tin the battery box to keep the OEM battery from moving around and if you remove that, there's room for a larger (longer) battery  -  It can be a bit taller too, IIRC
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    dirt huffer reacted to Booner in Better Battery   
    You can configure your alternator to charge your car battery and house battery at the same time, I wrote a long post on how to do it somewhere on this forum about a year ago. Or go to "Battery1234" for instruction on how to do it.
    I've also purchased a POD (power on demand) to jump start my vehicle in case of a dead battery. I haven't had to use it on my car but I have on a car at the local Wal-Mart and it started right up. I wouldn't travel without it
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    dirt huffer reacted to thx138 in Better Battery   
    Die Hard Platinum are made by Odyssey, great battery if they will fit. Say away from the Optima stuff, they are very low quality now.
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    dirt huffer reacted to mrtn in Better Battery   
    You can always go for diesel battery (80-100Ah).
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    dirt huffer reacted to Beta Don in Eliminating 4.2" screen on a 2015   
    The aftermarket kits which give you steering wheel controls for the audio on your aftermarket radio *almost always* require you to give up the little screen and your back-up camera  -  They use the cable off that screen to tap into the CanBus signals.  I have the Pioneer NEX-6100 nav radio installed, but kept the screen and my OEM back-up camera.  Not sure Fords camera is compatible with your aftermarket radio, even if you knew which wires to tap into.  It's a CanBus device too and I don't think aftermarket stereos are know what to do with those signals . . . . they're looking for a plain old video signal
    Anyway, good luck with your install and let us know if you find anything promising.  The cheapest solution since you weren't looking for a nav stereo would have been to buy a used radio just like the one that came in your TC  on eBay  -  Lots of those kicking around for $40 or $50
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    dirt huffer reacted to Eilif in Eliminating 4.2" screen on a 2015   
    Weird that they couldn't tell you.  I used their website and it had options for use with 4.2 screen.  This is what it looks like now.

    Still working out a couple kinks (will start a separate topic) but the radio and the rear camera work.
    I compared the options the website gave me for with and without steering controls and they appear near identical except that if you don't want steering wheel controls, you just leave off the 46 buck steering control module. 
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    dirt huffer reacted to Eilif in Eliminating 4.2" screen on a 2015   
    I'm going through a slightly different process now as my stock radio just died.  My objective was to keep it as cheap as possible without buying another FORD Radio.  I wanted to keep the 4.2 for my backup camera and I do all my nav with my phone anyway.  I got the Metra kit for this configuration and I'm installing a DoubleDIN Sony radio.  
    Haven't got the steering  wheel controls working yet, but the Radio works and facia kit isn't amazing but looks good enough.
    All that said, my suspicion is that there is a way to splice the existing camera into the harness of almost any radio, if you can just identify the right wires.