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    dirt huffer reacted to herb in Transit Connect top speed?   
    I cruise at double that speed ,  i should look into some type of limiter for it .
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    dirt huffer got a reaction from jrm223 in 200,000 miles on my 2015 Transit Connect   
    I had my rotors turned at 125k since the rotors were squeeling.  Pads were good.  Turning the rotors took care of the squeal. 
    That said i think ill do Bendix semi-metallic pads and electrophoretic coated rotors in Spring to improve the emergency stopping power.  After this many miles the rotors dont looks so good.  Being in a northern climate, they've become pretty rusty
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    dirt huffer reacted to herb in Transit Connect top speed?   
    Your Connect must be really slow , mine is a speedster , i can get a speeding ticket very easily and those things are expensive.  
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    dirt huffer reacted to ertzog in Transit Connect top speed?   
    110?  with the way speedometers typically lie by a few mph... this would confirm the 108 speed limiter post.
    empty wyoming secondary highways that telescope to the horizon put you in a trance.... . 
    the speed/air you are punching through seems to steady the ride - I would not dare in any space that might need a turn, though.
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    dirt huffer got a reaction from Russell in Eliminating 4.2" screen on a 2015   
    Some carbon vinyl covered up the light nicely

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    dirt huffer reacted to jrm223 in tinting front windshield   
    There are clear ceramic products (can't really call it "tint") available that will block 70% of heat trying to come through the windshield. As mentioned, it's pretty expensive, but worth it. You can also get ceramic tint in different levels that will block more heat than any cheap non-ceramic tint, but at a cost. 

    Check out this video, they use a heat lamp & meter to show the difference between cheap junk tint and ceramic. YouTube Texas Tint Masters video
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    dirt huffer reacted to zalienz in tinting front windshield   
    I tinted mine, 50%. It made a huge difference in the amount of heat from the sun came in in the summer. A/C works much better and cools off faster. I'm mostly happy I did it. Downside is it's illegal in California, and I have noticed as I am growing older it makes it harder to see at night. But, these days I don't drive a lot at night anymore.
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    dirt huffer reacted to Don Ridley in tinting front windshield   
    The 3M Crystalline product significantly reduces IR heat without needing tint. It works very well but is expensive. 
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    dirt huffer reacted to ModYourConnect in MK2 Lowering Springs   
    Hello Fifty150,

    Thought we would join to correct your quote as it is incorrect.
    The springs on the 2019 Connect have been changed. This is confirmed.
    The 2019 year model is a re-designed rear suspension with spring mounts that have been re-positioned in order to give the torsion beam more pre-load. This means that there are single-rate (instead of the more complex dual-rate) coil springs on the rear and an improved ride quality thanks to the damper tuning being broadened.
    The Connect 2014-2018 springs will not fit the 2019 model.
    Our Gaz rear shocks take into account the updated damper tuning for the 2019 model.

    Would like to say thank you for your kind words and support.

    Steve and John
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    dirt huffer reacted to jrm223 in Installing hammock in van   
    This probably won't really help you a whole lot since I have my headliner pulled out completely (cargo van, so only had front headliner). But, here's where I have my hammock hooked onto in the van, it goes front-passenger to rear-driver because my hammocks are all 10ft long - a 9ft one would fit a lot better, but I wasn't about to buy one specifically for the van. There's a few things that I have planned that needed the headliner out, so I figure I'll just leave it out and the hammock hanging until I get around to these projects (like custom rails on the roof, insulation inside, etc). 

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    dirt huffer reacted to Spooner in 200,000 miles on my 2015 Transit Connect   
    I previously did an update at 100k and 150k and I'm happy to say the van is still humming along great.  I still change the oil every 5k miles and get the transmission service every year.  Just put on my 4th set of tires but otherwise its been very inexpensive to own.  The front is definitely getting pretty ate up with rock chips which is to be expected with this many miles and the fact I drive 95% of the time on the highway.  Lifetime average MPG is 23.8 but its been improving as I finally learned to just slow down haha!  I'm pretty regularly 25-27 with some 28's sprinkled in there.  Where I buy the fuel seems to make a big difference too. 
    I had planned on keeping it to 200 and then doing something else but I'll try to get another year or two out of it unless things start going downhill quickly.  I'm still on the original brakes and the interior is holding up nicely.  Most people are very surprised how many miles are on it when they see it but I keep it really clean so it always looks good.  It still drives very tight and the suspension isn't showing signs of needing replaced either.  Windshields seem to be a consumable item on these and I'm due for another one unfortunately.
    Anyways, just wanted to give an up date and post up if you guys have any questions.
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    dirt huffer reacted to Beta Don in 14+ battery longevity   
    Tires, batteries, filters & such are all consumables and I never press any of those trying to get a few extra months or miles out of them, because . . . . they're a major pain when they fail unexpectedly and either leave you stranded somewhere, or they have you scrambling trying to find a replacement after hours or on a weekend, so you never get a good deal or you never find the best brand to buy when you need something in a hurry  -  Your procrastination has created a mini-emergency and the solution to it is seldom the 'right' one because you're in a hurry.  I can't remember the last time I had to go buy a battery because my vehicle wouldn't start . . . . but I know I was much, much younger then and I honestly believed that trying to get the very last mile out of anything automotive was saving me money  -  It seemed like it was at the time, but in actuality, it wasn't.  If I had bought the battery 6 months or a year sooner, I'd have ended up with a better replacement and for less money . . . . and I wouldn't have missed or been late for wherever it was I was headed when it wouldn't start . . . . and I wouldn't have had to change it out in the rain or freezing cold
    So . . . . can't hazard a guess as to how long an OEM battery might last  -  Mine was changed out long ago
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    dirt huffer reacted to James Stanley in Ecoboost Mods that Fit From Other Applications   
    I've just started to modify my connect, and I've started with just a couple of small things under the hood.
    1. Focus RS Air Box: Before anyone goes and points out that the lid dosen't seal to the bottom of the hood, look at the K&N air filters with the open ends, same effect, hot air. Simple fix, drive faster. lol. It is a very noticeable increase in throttle response and overall performance. Probably less than 5hp, but still noticeable. I've also noticed about a 3mpg increase since the installation which includes a K&N Air filter. 

    Price: ~$60.00
    Link: http://www.trueblueracingparts.com/16-FORD-FOCUS-RS-AIRBOX_p_555.html 
    The air box comes with an OEM paper air filter, but any 2012+ ford focus air filter will work as they are all the same. Standard, ST, RS, all identical. Pick your poison. 
    2. Mountune Silicone Induction Hose: The red thing. Didn't really notice any real increase with this, but just by observation alone, this piece will create far less turbulence than the OEM rubber corrugated hose. I say it adds visual horsepower, because we all know, red stuff under the hood means power. lol
    Price: ~$69.00
    Link: https://www.mountuneusa.com/mountune-High-Flow-Induction-Hose-Focus-ST-p/2363-ih-blk.htm
    3. Fiesta ST Engine Cover; It was a direct fit. I hated the original engine cover. So boring. Since it's the identical engine as the FiST anyways, less the tune, might was well wear the proper hat. 
    Price: ~$45.00
    Link: https://www.powerstrokeplus.com/oem-parts/ford-engine-cover-c1bz6a949b?origin=pla&gclid=Cj0KEQjwmcTJBRCYirao6oWPyMsBEiQA9hQPbu8PPdPHVm4Xbt085j2FpE4qswgd8lHAapEyIMiWqOUaAifB8P8HAQ
    4. Boomba Bypass Valve Adapter for Fiesta ST: Simple and easy install with only three bolts. I didn't even have to remove the wheel to get to it. Now my van goes PSSSHHHHH and everyone that hears it looks so incredibly confused. I love it! I will say, that since the bypass valve is electronically controlled, it does go off a bit too much. It's sensitive enough to blow off in my driveway in the morning at idle when it goes from cold to warm cycle. Turbosmart does make one for the Fiesta ST that will also bolt up, but converts it to vacuum controlled versus electronic. 
    Price: ~$85.00
    Link: http://www.boombaracing.com/1-5-1-6-ecoboost-engine-50-50-blow-off-valve-adapter-bov/
    From what I've gathered, I can see that it's a Fiesta ST Engine in a Focus engine bay. More parts are on their way, but I won't post until I confirm fitment. 

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    dirt huffer reacted to Double Nickels in Trans Temp Gauge on 14+?   
    A lot of options via OBDII .  Plenty of free and paid apps.  Or you can use a Scan Gauge or scan tool.  
    I am using Torque Pro.  FORScan is better, but only for Ford.  Torque Pro will work on other cars.  

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    dirt huffer reacted to Eddy Kilowatt in Trans Temp Gauge on 14+?   
    Easiest with a scanner app like Forscan.  There's a parameter in the Body Control Module called Transmission Fluid Temperature (BCM_TFT) that has the name and behavior that one would expect, Forscan makes it easy to pipe to a gauge icon on your phone screen. 
    (There are also a few dozen other transmission-related parameters in the BCM to puzzle over... the ones for actual gear selected and torque converter slip have been pretty interesting to watch.)
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    dirt huffer reacted to James Stanley in Big Brake Upgrades   
    I've looked into so many part numbers for several different Ford vehicles, and I've come to realize, that the front brakes on the 15+ TC are Focus Brakes, which means any big brake kit for the Focus will work on the TC. 

    Pumaspeed has the Focus RS Brembo brake upgrade kit for only $650, but you need to have an 18" wheel or larger, and if it's an OEM 18", like a stock FOcus ST Wheel, you'll need a 5mm spacer to clear the caliper. 
    I plan on going for the RS brakes in the future, but there are other, more pressing mods to do first.
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    dirt huffer reacted to Double Nickels in Transit Connect top speed?   
    But it would be interesting to see 1/4 mile times in real world conditions.  Is anyone street racing? Has anyone set up an app to measure 0-60 and 1/4 mile times?
  18. Cool
    dirt huffer reacted to zalienz in Transit Connect top speed?   
    Top speed for a 2.5L Gen 2 TC is 108mph, electronically limited. I've never tried to drive it above 85mph.
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    dirt huffer reacted to jrm223 in Eliminating 4.2" screen on a 2015   
    I added a Curt hitch, myself. Took about 20 minutes alone, including getting the car on the ramps in back, lol. My van didn't have cruise control, base XL, so I added factory cruise control for about $125 for the steering wheel and 5 minutes of my time on the laptop enabling CC feature. No aftermarket kits or wire splicing required. 
    My 2015 XL van with AM/FM/Aux base stereo has (obviously) an Aux port, down in the center console below my elbow. I "bought" a free Sirius XM radio kit during a Christmas sale in 2015, plugged it in & been good ever since. No extra parts or real work needed since the radio sits in the cupholder, aside from running the antenna wire up the B-pillar and onto the roof. 
  20. Haha
    dirt huffer reacted to Double Nickels in Eliminating 4.2" screen on a 2015   
    I sent a telegram for a diagram to wire in my 8 track player, and they still haven't responded.  They lost my business for good.
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    dirt huffer reacted to tcconvert in Eliminating 4.2" screen on a 2015   
    My last new vehicle prior to buying my 2016 TC was a 2011 Nissan Frontier. I got a serious reality check when I got the TC home and discovered there was no easy way to even install a Sirius radio Rx! Don't know if it's the same with other brands these days, but now I know that if I buy another Ford I'd better be sure it comes off the lot with everything I want on it cause it's difficult/impossible to add aftermarket products. I'm at an age where I don't want to do this stuff anymore either - which doesn't help. I don't even do my own oil changes now. Didn't want to have to buy and store ramps just to get into the engine compartment. In the 1960's it was a no-brainer to get to almost anything on a vehicle. It's so difficult now that I've pretty much accepted my shade-tree-mechanic days are over. The only thing I've added to my TC is a hitch.
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    dirt huffer reacted to Beta Don in 2014+ bigger, better battery   
    Do a Google search for 'Absorbent Glass Mat Battery Transit Connect' and you'll find a link to the discussion here  -  You can't find a darned thing searching this forum
    Anyway, it's a Sam's Club Duracell Group 48 AGM battery  -  $159.99 when we bought them in 2017.  Another Google search gives the dimensions as 10.9 X 6.9 X 7.5 inches.  Theres a spacer in the battery box to keep the little Ford battery from moving around and you have to remove that to get it to fit.  It's taller too and barely fits, height wise.
    I run an inverter I mounted in our TC to charge 2 Segways and I also use it to run an air compressor for filling tires.  It's a great battery and has served me very well.  I highly recommend it!
    Hope this helps you
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    dirt huffer reacted to G B L in 2015 TC xlt LWB inverter installation   
    A 1750 watt inverter is 14.5 amps at 120 volts. At 12 volts the inverter needs
    145 amps ten ga wire is no where big enough to handel the load. Even with
    a second battery the Alternator will put out over 80 amps trying to keep up.
    if you do run a wire from the front battery to the house battery fuse both ends.
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    dirt huffer reacted to WillMartin in Anyone read of more info on this development: Ford will soon end production of passenger “multivans” like the Transit Connect   
    I have been driving vans for a long time.  The stigma of the van driver is a stigma to embrace.  All the "free candy" sign jokes are a little stale.  Besides, I go for a different demographic.  My sign says "free champagne."  It works great.  It gets chicks who would have been in the ocean in a Subaru Brat to like me.  Every time.  Try it.  You will see.
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    dirt huffer reacted to Fifty150 in Anyone read of more info on this development: Ford will soon end production of passenger “multivans” like the Transit Connect   
    Any chick who rode in a Subaru Brat, will also respond to, "I've got a bottle Quaaludes in the pocket of my Members Only jacket."