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  1. You don"t want those 18"s for the winter.  215-60-16 work well.  Check Tire Rack they have wheel and tire packages.  When I purchased my winter set I found a Alloy wheel at almost the same price as a steel wheel with lugs and did not need caps

  2. On 6/30/2020 at 12:50 PM, mrtn said:

    They do offer it in the US

    It's a 2 .0 here but not an echo boost.  only 162 Hp Less than my 2.5 with less torque.  A  2.0 Echo boost with 200-220 Hp would be what I would want if they upped the internal parts to take the stress.

  3. You need to take a ride with a good scan tool recording the function of the charging system to see what the battery voltage is during your cycle. If the voltage is less than 13 with all the accessories operating then the charging system is faulty.  If the voltage is not low then the battery is not being discharged at a high rate.

    I suspect some of the problem is the constant high temp in the battery compartment. 

    When you changed the batteries did any one pull the cover to check the water?  If the cells were dry then it is a temp issue.  The location prevents checking the battery water.

  4. On 5/30/2020 at 11:19 AM, Beta Don said:

    so now we have no vehicle inspections of any kind

    Cool, Here they have an OBD 2 scan on cars less than 15 years old. The State also checks for brakes and body rust which is an issue here.