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    mdarren reacted to Slamsit in 2010 XLT Slammed   
    Funny you say that. I heard it start up. Annnnnd. Well it’s loud. Especially on a cold start.....sounds like it’s cammed. Here are a few new pictures sent to me from the shop.shows the camera underneath the wing, and the dual exhaust well. That is a real functional carbon fiber wing as well

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    mdarren reacted to Fifty150 in SHO Wheels on a '16 TC   
    That is the only aftermarket wheel which I was able to find, which has the exact same dimensions as the OEM wheel.  For whatever reason, even generic steel wheels do not have the same exact dimensions.  

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    mdarren got a reaction from PhotoAl in center caps for a 2012   
    Looks great. What polishing product did you use?
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    mdarren got a reaction from jrm223 in Upgraded side mirrors to OEM Large   
    Thanks for the pics. The large mirror looks better and is more useful. 
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    mdarren reacted to jrm223 in OEM tires and wheelspin   
    They're pretty decent, and of course in mud, too. I've gotten the van stuck in my own damned yard many times because it gets swampy at times and the General's are a lot better at self-extraction than the OEM Conti's ever were. 
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    mdarren reacted to CapnTroy in New 17" Wheels & Tires Are On...   
    We don't get much rain out here, but mine have been fine when it does happen...
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    mdarren got a reaction from Timbo in My 2010 minimalist TC camper build   
    Cool. Looks like you got the necessary stuff you need during long travel.
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    mdarren got a reaction from Timbo in hub cap suggestions   
    I like it. Can't go wrong with black wheels.