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  1. mdarren

    Crash bar?

    Haven't seen one. Maybe a custom push bar is your best option.
  2. mdarren

    New here from South Florida

    Nice TC. Congrats and enjoy your new ride!
  3. mdarren

    Katerack system in a TC Wagon ???

    Tight fit but looks functional. Nice mod.
  4. mdarren

    center caps for a 2012

    Looks great. What polishing product did you use?
  5. Thanks for the pics. The large mirror looks better and is more useful.
  6. mdarren

    Footwell Lighting?

    Great info. Adding footwell lighting is my next project.
  7. mdarren

    Cruise Control Add

    Just saw this video--
  8. mdarren

    Fifty150's Truck

    It is like a hearse with those big, shiny wheels.
  9. mdarren

    MK2 Lowering Springs

    Hey OP, are you done lowering the rear of your TC? Post some pics when you can.
  10. Nice idea. How do you like it so far?
  11. Nice modification! Having a hidden storage is definitely a good idea.
  12. Nice upgrade. I dig the opening window!
  13. Nice work! Looks like you got everything you need for your trips.
  14. mdarren

    Recommendations on Sun Shades (2014)

    I got the HeadtShield brand from amazon and it works great.
  15. mdarren

    Now look what I had to print

    That's a tough-looking machine! Like it.
  16. mdarren

    OEM tires and wheelspin

    How's the traction of the general tires on wet roads? I like the aggressive look of all-terrain tires so I'm thinking of putting them on my TC.
  17. Try to check the service/maintenance records if there's any. It can help you decide.
  18. mdarren

    New 2019 TC Wagon Titanium semi-conversion

    Congrats! Your TC looks great. Any other mod plans in the future?
  19. Try Crutchfield. They can give you some advice on the best audio setup based on your needs and budget.
  20. mdarren

    Floor liner ideas 2012 TC

    How the noise and heat when using rubber mats?
  21. I like the idea of transforming the seat into a bed. Nice work!
  22. mdarren

    2014 TC on 215/65R16 BFG AllTerrain KO2

    Nice tires. They look really aggressive.
  23. mdarren

    Steering Wheel

    The steering wheel from mk3 mondeo should fit but needs a little work.
  24. mdarren

    Disappearing wheel covers (??????)

    Any update? I'm curious if Fusion wheels will look good on our TC's.
  25. I experienced the same thing. The nozzles are clogged up really bad so I bought new ones from the dealer.