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  1. Final results. Improved throttle response. On cold days, it almost feels turbo boosted. The transmission stays in OD longer on inclines and kicks back to OD sooner after it has kicked down. City fuel economy slightly improved, highway mileage appreciably improved. At fill up after highway trip, the expected mileage on the odometer goes to 420, usually more like 360. at this point, I'm planning on keeping it this way until i find a better solution. So far pleased with my free modification.

  2. There is a small "snorkel" coming from the air cleaner housing and ending at the inner fender. It looked substantially smaller than the intake conduit going to the intake manifold. So I removed it. Better throttle response, stays in overdrive longer on inclines. And with our current cold weather (20 degrees tonight), it almost feels like a low pressure turbo coming out of the toll plaza! Cheap performance improvement.