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  1. johnsonmy

    Heated Seats

    Has anybody looked into heated seats with any success? Either retrofitted to the factory seats or replacement of the seats? I believe the seats are from the first generation (1998-2005) Focus.
  2. Today I removed the "snorkel" going from the air cleaner toward the drivers side front fender. So far, I have better throttle response and it stays in overdrive longer before down shifting going up hills. Will this also provide better mpg? We shall see. See item just under bolt number 6.
  3. If you don't mind it being for the English version, Haynes makes a very good manual.
  4. I have seen on a small number of TC vans with a stationary window with a pop out inner window similar to the full size Transit van.
  5. johnsonmy

    Power Window Switches

    I have seen the door panel trim and switches on Ebay UK. Not sure about the wiring harness.
  6. On my 2011 TC XLT wagon, my headlight low beams cut off when I select my high beams. I want th have both beams stay on when high beam is selected, just like my 2006 Ford Freestyle does. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  7. johnsonmy

    Performance mods.

    Don't forget European sites. Found some stuff there for my 2011 TC. Good luck.
  8. johnsonmy

    Retrofit 2012 SYNC Into 2011

    It is NOT a direct swap, at least with the old Ford 6000 head unit. Still investigating.
  9. johnsonmy

    Courtesy mirror in driver's visor

    From 2012 on the XLT Wagons have a cloth, not vinyl visor with mirror on both sides.
  10. https://www.facebook.com/groups/182810488579247/
  11. http://www.automobile-catalog.com/car/2012/980360/ford_tourneo_connect_lwb_1_8_tdci_110.html The American first gen TC is actually a Tourneo Connect, ford passenger version of a Transit Connect. Here are the towing specs for a LWB Tourneo with a turbo diesel.
  12. American first generation Transit Connects are long wheelbase models. http://www.outandaboutlive.co.uk/Caravan-Towing-Car-Match 1574kg is the highest rating for first generation TC's. Thats 3470lbs.
  13. johnsonmy

    Rattle over left rear sliding door

    I have a rattle in that general area in my 2011, but haven't researched its actual location. Assumed it was the door itself.
  14. johnsonmy

    Backup Camera Recommendations

    4D, I like the "factory finish" you achieved by putting your camera in the factory location. Nice job.
  15. johnsonmy

    Transit connect alloys

    Off of which generation/year? 15 or 16 inch?
  16. johnsonmy

    Radio and speaker replacement

    Try www.crutchfield.com they carry harnesses, speakers, head units, installation kits, all the stuff to make it easy and look professional.
  17. johnsonmy

    Better throttle response, stays in OD longer. Better MPG?

    Final results. Improved throttle response. On cold days, it almost feels turbo boosted. The transmission stays in OD longer on inclines and kicks back to OD sooner after it has kicked down. City fuel economy slightly improved, highway mileage appreciably improved. At fill up after highway trip, the expected mileage on the odometer goes to 420, usually more like 360. at this point, I'm planning on keeping it this way until i find a better solution. So far pleased with my free modification.
  18. johnsonmy

    Very Loud Exhaust?

    I also have a 2011 and recently INTENTIONALLY removed the small "snorkle" from the air cleaner to the drivers fender. Now, at certain rpm's, it is much boomier, but the performance has improved. Is it possible that this has come loose on your air cleaner? Worth a look.
  19. johnsonmy

    How improve gas mileage

    There is a small "snorkel" coming from the air cleaner housing and ending at the inner fender. It looked substantially smaller than the intake conduit going to the intake manifold. So I removed it. Better throttle response, stays in overdrive longer on inclines. And with our current cold weather (20 degrees tonight), it almost feels like a low pressure turbo coming out of the toll plaza! Cheap performance improvement.
  20. 1, my brother has towed a teardrop style trailer for about 2 years now with no issues. 2, his Mazda Miata is rated for like 1000-1200, so I feel ok towing with my TC. Plus, the UK version is rated to tow with the only difference being a 1.6l TDI engine and a 5 speed manual transmission. And since a Focus is rated for 1000lbs etc.
  21. On my 2011, the notches on the ratchet gave out. It clicks when raised and lowered, but won't hold adjustment. Going to order one online. http://www.car-armrest-store.com/search?searchwords=transit+connect&searchsmall_4920=Search
  22. johnsonmy

    Courtesy mirror in driver's visor

    I was looking to order a passenger visor from the UK. Being that the driver and passenger are swapped there, their passenger side should fit our driver side.
  23. johnsonmy

    Retrofit 2012 SYNC Into 2011

    My research so far looks like it may be close to a direct swap out. This is based on examining my brother's 2013 TC Wagon. Will keep you up to date.
  24. johnsonmy

    Wheel Well Covers from Taxi

    My 2011 TC wagon has the wheel well covers too..
  25. johnsonmy

    Chevy takes a hand

    On "Motor Week" they said that the Chevrolet is based on the Nissan NV mini van.