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    Rear & side graphics

    From the album: ActiveIndy

  2. ActiveIndy

    ActiveIndy Transit

    From the album: ActiveIndy

    Proof of the vehicle graphic package for ActiveIndy Tours - a company based in Indianapolis, IN USA that conducts walking, running & bicycle tours of Indy and also puts on events that get people out exploring the city in active ways. www.activeindytours.com
  3. Just ordered my Curt hitch and wiring kit for my '10 XLT wagon....looking forward to referencing the great info in this thread when I get it!
  4. ActiveIndy

    Break-Away Carrier

    Nicely done! It would appear getting the load perfectly balanced is critical?
  5. ActiveIndy

    Hello from Ohio...

    I agree with Willie...and there is a much more active European forum, but you have to weed through vehicle differences at times to ensure the info is applicable to what we have here in the states. Welcome!
  6. ActiveIndy

    Installing E track

    Thanks! Not sure I'd trust self tapping metal screws...am thinking riv nuts are a better way to go.
  7. ActiveIndy

    Installing E track

    Digging this question back up...anyone done this? Would like to have some e-track, but don't want to pay $700 for the Adrian poly panel system that includes it...
  8. ActiveIndy

    A built-in paper dispenser

    Hilarious! I hadn't even noticed those holes were there until I saw this post! Granted I just bought mine a few days ago...
  9. ActiveIndy

    How do you use your Transit Connect?

    Will be using mine for my small business that does active city tours in Indianapolis - walking, running and bicycle tours.