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    Here's some photos from this forum back in 2016 that I copied when I thought they might come in useful for working on my 2015. My apologies to the member who did the original post but I didn't think to make a notation at the time. Based on the file names I gave them at the time, they were from a 2015 cargo version.
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    Ford Transit Connect Custom Builds

    A quick look on youtube shows plenty of camper builds. Any one of these videos belong to one of you guys? Ford Transit Connect Camper Conversion. rob bakerloo 10 months ago 33,994 views The conversion of my Ford transit connect, took about 6 weeks to complete. 3:44 Van camper from Ford Transit Connect 2015 Richard Bryson 1 month ago 4,047 views Basic 1 to 2 person camper. 9:05 Transit Camper Van Jay Droeger 1 year ago 58,069 views 2010 Ford Transit Connect Camper Van RV conversion. 7:17 Transit connect camper not vw t5 or t4 Connect Campers 1 month ago 804 views Campervan for sale. Van in the week and then a camper This is ready to go complete in the sale is a microwave, tv, cool box ... 1:33 Packing Up a 2015 Transit Connect DIY Camper Van Teresa Mendez 1 year ago 6,087 views We recently bought a 2015 Ford Transit Connect cargo van, and converted it ourselves into a camper. This is a time lapse video of ... 2:38 Ruby's Conversion Jenna Bird 8 months ago 9,539 views turning our 2010 Ford Transit Connect into our very first micro-camper. 2:30 Woodworker mods Ford Transit into camper van Boing Boing Video 3 years ago 158,983 views This post is sponsored by the Ford Transit Connect: When talented woodworker Eric Cournoyer isn't immersed in sawdust, you'd ... 4:31 Ford Transit Connect Camper Conversion PART 2. rob bakerloo 5 months ago 5,936 views So this is a little vid just to show briefly what I've done. 1:16 KURT KAMPER ford transit connect camper van rv minivan Morehead Design Laboratories Inc 1 year ago 11,675 views ford transit connect camper van rv minivan to include, ceramic insulation, maxxfan deluxe. altenator charging cirucit with VSR. 6:11 Transit Connect camper conversion Nita Skidmore 1 year ago 33,001 views 13:05 2010 Ford Transit Connect Camper Steve Remmington 5 months ago 6,367 views In today's video I discuss the features and additions on my 2010 Ford Transit Connect Cargo van. This is the XLT model which ... 30:14 Stealth camper van for street preaching (revised) jesuscross9 3 weeks ago 196 views How you can get 35 feet of living space in a small Ford Transit Connect. In this video I demonstrate it can be done. I first give a ten ... 0:19 transit connect camper silverstreak Morehead Design Laboratories Inc 1 year ago 2,887 views Ford Transit Connect gen 1. To include: power, sleeping, rack, awning, screen door,shore power,roof vent, and more... information ... 1:37 Newberg Ford, Transit Connect Camper Conversion. Ford Transit Connect RV NewbergFord1 4 years ago 80,604 views Newberg Ford, Ford Transit Connect Camper Conversion van. 13VIDEOS Ford connect camper massimiliano021071 7:59Connect Campers - Promoting a new van conversion kit. Filmed & produced by Peter Wood 13:37A New MPV Campervan For JesterBushcraft - First Outing View full playlist (13 videos) 1:21 ford transit connect camper windows floor insulation and ceiling vent Morehead Design Laboratories Inc 2 years ago 12,113 views a starter kit for rosanne, epoxy floor, insulation (basic), maxxfan deluxe, rear windows, solart maintainer, aux battery system with ... 4:07 Ford connect camper van,day van TheSkyedoggy 1 year ago 21,755 views Ford transit connect camper project. 2:00 Van camper from Ford Transit Connect 2015 part 2 Richard Bryson 1 month ago 2,161 views Sleeping mode. 3:41 camper ford transit connect duo frank Autocampers rent 8 months ago 2,329 views homologada furgoneta vivienda ,ventajas y equipamiento :1.ligera 2.facil de llevar 3.economica ,solo 5 litros diesel x 100 ... 0:56 Ford Transit Connect Stealth Camper conversion Morehead Design Laboratories Inc 1 year ago 7,790 views Ford Transit Connect Stealth Camper conversion features, cargo platform, rear door fold-up sink, blackout curtains, wall mounted ...