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    New FTC/Van owner

    Greetings! This is my first post being new to the forum (technically 2nd as I posted this in the Brakes/Suspension category) and van ownership but have been scouring the forum since I purchased it a few weeks ago. A few weeks ago I bought a 2018 Transit Connect Cargo LWB 2.5L with 16,5xxx miles and I can't believe it took so long to get myself a van! I live in California and regularly ride mountain bikes and surf and it is so convenient to not have to take my gear out of the van all the time or be worried about my gear if I grab food or go into the store for something. I will eventually build it out for trips/camping but I need the storage for a bit so for now I have: Added hitch and bike rack Added drapes Put sound damping material everywhere except the floor and above the headliner (for now) have 2 more boxes to add A few cargo nets for simple storage New speakers/tweeters (thanks Donridley for speaker post/how remove door panels) Cop center cap conversion haha Added keyless entry pad (crucial for riding or surfing to not have to bring my keys) - For my 2018 I used P/N - KB3Z-14A626-A - took awhile to figure out how to program but worth the 30 minutes it took Coming soon: Remove false floor, add 2nd row single seat from 60/40 split and rebuild false floor with hatch to access storage on the side where there isn't a seat (1st saw Mikechell and Donshockley's posts - thanks guys!) Adding a sub under drivers seat and bringing seats up 2" (thanks to Kevinrollin for adding bolt length and spacer post) - I've been super busy so my friend helped me (plus he's an actual machinist) and made 2" x 2" delrin spacers and got the right bolts Larger A/T tires for clearance and in hopes to not get stuck This leads me to my question regarding the rear shocks - does anyone know the eye to eye length and mounting hardware width and bolt diameter?? It seems the MK1 and MK2 rear shocks are different as MYK has MK1 and MK2 specific rears - is this correct? My coworker made some rears for his MK1 so I have a dyno curve to match and I've searched but can't find any info..I want to make some shocks and don't want to have to pull my shocks and then make some. Thanks for any insight into this and thank you all for your all your various posts and information as it has been invaluable!
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    New FTC/Van owner

    Take it easy. You're putting to shame, all of us who have owned our vans for years, and haven't done a thing.
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    New FTC/Van owner

    With this post and the one I posted in brakes/suspension not getting responses I will just post updates to my build here. Feel free to move mods. Raised the front seats with 2” delrin spacers that my friend helped make since he’s significantly better at machining than I am and I’ve been crazy busy, sub under drivers seat, added the 2nd row single seat, A/T tires (215/65/16 Falken - Wildpeaks) and rebuilt the false floor with an access hatch (same friend helped chop the legs and make the adjustable feet). I wanted to reclaim the space under the false floor and it needed to be strong enough to put motos in. We used the stock L bracket that the original floor was bolted to and dropped it down so that the new floor is flush to the rear and also bolts into said L bracket. Using pocket screws I attached a front piece so things don’t go in or out the front of the floor area. I didn’t put it under as there is more than enough support using the extrusion and it gave me a little more space. I figured out the stock rear strut length and am in the process of building some shocks. Hoping I can pull the stock strut soon to dyno match the compression curve so I can install it once and have a great tune. Going with an air shock to be able to pump it up when hauling a moto and/or other gear for trips and take air our when not hauling heavier loads. I also ordered the TEMA 30mm spacer kit. I did a few other small things but I’ll stop boring myself. Here’s some pics.