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    I was looking for an alternative to a SUV, CUV, and minivan to replace my aging Ford Freestyle SEL, and then I found this Ford Certified lightly used 2017 Transit Connect Titanium Wagon LWB at a local Ford dealership. It fits the bill perfectly! Incredibly roomy for both passengers and cargo, handles nimbly, adequate acceleration, smooth ride, and way more fuel efficient than other vehicles with even less usable interior room. The Titanium interior trim and options are quite upscale -- mine has the middle row bucket seats and offers great room and easy access for four adults plus a good amount of cargo area with the third row folded flat. During the weekday it serves as my mobile office and can carry all of my test kits, files, laptop computer, and printer. On weekends I use it for camping trips and runs to the boat. It has even made Home Depot runs to carry home bulky items like appliances. The Synch3 system works well, but I did experience a failure of the APIM which took out that system that was fortunately covered under the warranty. The only other trouble experienced is that one day I went to drive it from home, and all electrical power was totally DEAD. It had to be towed to the Ford dealer to be resurrected (could not be jump-started by AAA), and the dealership never did figure out what caused it, but when they disconnected and reconnected the battery, the electrical system came back to life spontaneously. Due to these electrical issues, I decided to purchase the Ford Protect extended warranty for peace of mind for 100,000 miles. The only thing I miss is a remote opening and closing tailgate, but that is a small sacrifice of convenience. Regards from Lakeland, Florida, Charlie
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    2015 TC transmission fluid change

    Good enough. Not everyone wants to do it over 4 days. And to jack up the car 4 times. Overall, well done. And those additives that are suppose to fix leaks usually don't work.
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    2015 TC transmission fluid change

    Hopefully, there's no internal damage, and some fresh fluid will help. No amount of new fluid will help if the transmission is damaged.