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    Quarter million mile update on my TC

    I hit 250k miles about a month ago so I thought I'd update the group. Still dead reliable but I FINALLY had to do brakes on it. Well I had to do one side of the rear brakes, the other side still had life and since I was doing the rears I went ahead and did front rotors and pads but they could have gone another 100k, not even joking haha! Did another windshield in the spring but otherwise this thing just doesn't quit. I should do shocks as it does slam over some things now but its really not that bad and not 'floaty' at all. Lastly I noticed a couple weeks ago that when I put the van into reverse the rear sensors turn themselves off after a couple seconds but I feel like its doing me a favor as I almost always turned them off haha! Covid slowed down my mileage pretty good but I still did 50k in the last year. I worked from home for about 5 months but I was going riding on my dirt bike, mountain biking, etc quite a bit so I still drove a lot. Somewhat sad to say but now my TC has been relegated to weekend/utility use. I picked up a passat diesel because I know that I can only be this lucky for so long with it and I am piling miles on again so I'd be at 300k by spring or so. I wanted to make the move before I had down time for repairs as that is a huge PITA for me and how busy I am. I'll save about $4k a year in fuel too so that will be super nice. I plan to keep the TC for a while since it's worth about $7 with all the miles and its still super useful to me. I still get comments all the time about how cool it looks and stuff and its really still in very good shape other than all the rock chips on the front.
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    Perfect, yeah I know they go for a bit more on ebay probably because their aren't enough of these vans in the junkyards yet, but I appreciate the reasonable price. Didn't expect to get a response right away even, was expecting this post to hang around for months if not longer lol. Cool, well I'll have to make a post about it as I figure things out then and keep the forum in the loop. I'll DM my paypal address if you want to send an invoice.