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    Question about stereo swap

    This has been discussed plenty. You can get a Metra dash kit and an aftermarket 2DIN head unit with all necessary connectors from Crutchfield.
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    G B L

    2010 Transit Connect Vibration

    Is the vibration when the engine just runs or does the TC have to be driving. Check the Alternator, it works hard to bring the battery back for the first 10 Minutes.
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    2010 Transit Connect Vibration

    I have this issue as well on my 2013 Transit Connect. I changed the passenger engine mount and that provided a relief from the vibration for a few weeks but it came back. I also replaced the transmission mount shortly after that, but it doesn't make a big difference. I still have vibration for a while after a startup. Perhaps there's some higher-quality engine mounts which perform better, but I've decided not to invest further into it - along with the rough handling, it's more of a work vehicle, not some luxury vehicle with a smooth / vibration free ride.
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    Transit Connect Tailgate Tents

    Not exactly what you asked for, but I just put an awning on mine, and you can get 'walls' for the awnings as well.