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    Roof-top AC?

    Weight isn't really the problem because there are insulated delivery TC's running around with reefers on top, but you're basically going to freeze yourself out, lol. That unit is 13,500 BTU; consider the fact that a 5K BTU window unit in a house can easily cool 150 square feet (times 8ft tall for typical ceilings, so 1200 cubic feet and our vans only have 166 cubic feet of cargo volume, plus a little bit more for the front seat area, lets round it to 200 cuft total). IMO, you'd be better off with one of those new portable AC's, instead. This "Zero Breeze" Mark 2 unit has good reviews online but is spendy $$$ and seems to be pretty decent for what you'd be doing and it's battery-powered/portable, weighing just 16.5lbs (Coleman Mach 3 roof unit is 90lbs, for comparison). Our vans have a total cargo capacity of roughly 1250 lbs or less, depending on specific model and features, so weight is an important consideration when building a micro-camper and still being able to carry everything you'd like to - including yourself & any passengers - without exceeding GVWR.
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    Many massive thanks to Eggman14 his input on here.works perfect to the letter. and even bigger thanks for the off site help and advice you gave me.
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    cross bars for 2017 TC Wagon

    figured out a way for less than $200. It takes three items to make the crossbar setup. First, The USA amazon is too expensive. You order from Amazon.com.uk the Thule flush railing kit 184016 (thule 4016) which fits TC from 2014 on. That will fit the silver flush rails. Then you need the footpack and crossbars to go with the 4016 kit. That I went to eBay and purchased a Thule generic setup: https://www.ebay.com/itm/08-Audi-Q5-06-Audi-Q7-16-BMW-X1-Roof-Rack-Cross-Bar-Top-Rail-Cargo-Carrier. This eBay item is for Audi but will accept genuine Thule parts. I did not use the Ebay Audi flush railing pieces since they will not fit a TC; used the 4016 kit instead, with the eBay Audi footpack and cross rails. Now on Amazon.com.uk you can order everything you need for the crossrails, but with the money conversion and shipping, that cost is too high. However, you get several options, like square bars, wing type in alum or black, etc. just be mindful, that different type bars take different type footpacks to work.