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    Roof Rack Hole Plugs

    Last week I visited the local Ford parts dealer. Turns out the required plugs actually show up on the side body panel drawings, not the roof panel drawings. We discovered there are many different plugs shown on the drawing. I was only missing two types, the small round ones at the front and the oval shaped ones along the roof. Part numbers are 5288738 and 5288591. Easily found on ebay, but slightly cheaper direct from Ford (although I'm still waiting for the order to come in). Here's a link to the drawing showing the different plugs available: https://ford.7zap.com/en/transport/163/no/0/2699/20301/90153/
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    Spoiler on.. add the hitch?

    What a mean-spirited post. Asks for opinions on a hitch that will only be used to brake-check other drivers on the road, then gets mad when people suggest not to do it.