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    How is that any type of a van / wagon? Just another hatchback car. I know our TCs are based on a car's power train, but the practicality is all in the body style and resulting roomy interior. That thing looks even smaller than my old RAV4 when it comes to usable space. If that's the direction Ford is going with the TC, I might have to start looking more seriously at the alternatives.
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    My vote is something more like a Focus Active AWD, not a TC specifically. Ford had cancelled the Active for US in 2018 over Trump tariff's (currently made in China), but fast forward a couple years and maybe new plans have been created with the Mexico changes? Both are built on the same basic platform (Ford has reduced global core platforms from 27 down to 9 and now to just 5 modular platforms - I shared an article yesterday in another thread), so maybe this is just a cross-breed test-bed that we're seeing, rather than a specific model. Certainly has the right overall shape for a Focus Active, 2019 model shown: Or, how about the Ford Stormtrak, speculated competitor to Subaru Outback? "Raised" AWD wagon is exactly what we're looking at in that article & pics... But, speculation also says it could be something like a Ford Ranger Stormtrak, competing against the Colorado ZR2 Bison and such. But, who knows, lol. I'm still thinking it's more of a generic test-bed, though.
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    2010 XLT Slammed

    You've gotten it all wrong, Betadon.