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    Rough Ride

    Sorry for the delay in responding - using stock shocks. Van has 20,000 miles on it. It is the wagon not sure if your is wagon or van. I think the wagon has more weight inside from seats and other interior stuff. If you have the van you might want to try putting 200 th 300 pounds of weight inside to see if that helps the ride. You will probably add that much if not more when converting to camper. Originally intended to go camping with my van but haven't so far. Instead I take my motorcycle. A couple of pics of it as I was leaving Minot ND in September. 52F and raining! Rode all day in that stuff - wishing for a bit more winter gear, 3 days before it was 97F in Montana.
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    driver seat air bag leaks

    I read "driver's side airbag" and thought ... WTF ... I didn't think you had to blow those up ... just hit something? <G> That said, I think I've heard everything now. Never imagined a factory inflatable seat that used an air pump. Sounds like something you'd find in a clown car - does the pump make farting noises too?
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    CD player removal

    I think you're referring to the dash kit for installing an aftermarket radio. Sure, I guess you could put in a box instead of a radio. But as yet, nobody manufactures or sells a radio delete kit.