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    Tariffs are always counter productive in the end. Producing products where they can be made the best and cheapest keeps every body honest. Is is usually the governments protecting a special interest that fouls things up.
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    Disallowing American companies importing their own products from overseas factories tax free is really counter productive. There is no point of tooling every factory for producing every single model. It’s obviously logical to produce the Connect in Europe where the main market of that body type is. Just like there’s no point of producing Mustang in Europe where it’s a rarity in parking lots and streets.
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    OEM tires and wheelspin

    Yeah, I'm not used to the kind of awe inspiring acceleration a TC is capable of. It's a truly intimidating performance beast.
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    Well up here you know what is going to happen, Block Heater for the tractor and a good snowblower ! You have to be in the Game!
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    Pour lukewarm water on your car when it's 20 below outside - THAT should be fun to watch!! Forget about going ANYWHERE that day! Don
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    It actually took him a whole year.
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    Well not much of a story. I was living in Kansas City and we had a two week period when the jet stream dipped down from Canada and brought negative temps and snow. My diesel tractor would not start so my wife and I had to shovel the driveway by hand (it was a large one). We both had jobs that we could not call in, so we had to clear it to get the vehicles out of the garage. During the first snow fall and driveway clearing, she twisted her back and was out. The next three snow falls, I was on my own. So the exact moment occurred halfway through the fourth shoveling when my feet slipped on the ice melt from the last snowfall and I fell on my butt. At that moment, while still sitting on my aching butt, I yelled out loud "THIS IS B*** S****". Got up finished the driveway and starting making plans to move. A year later I was in South Carolina.