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    Finally 2014 Camper finished

    Well it took a while but pretty much finished. Has Fridge, shore power, sink, water tank and pump, 12 speed fan, sliding screen windows, house battery , custom pull out bed. ( Bed pulls out to 5’ 7” I’m 5”5) You can can access the fridge and battery from the passenger sliding door. Taken in it out and it is awesome !! So happy.
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    Hey folks, I got my complete guide to turning off approach lights written. It covers all the steps I followed to turn off the approach lights on my 2018 TC Wagon. I tried to be extremely comprehensive with the instructions so I hope it's useful for others. Feedback or more details appreciated.
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    I then slapped the mat back down and cut out the rubber around the hatch cutout. Dropped in the hatch, popped in the step trim, and screwed down my cargo tie downs. Finished product, thanks for looking at my creation, feel free to ask about anything I might have left out!
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    Surfing ? People at our age don't surf , very grateful that i can still walk .
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    According to Herb's rules, I need bail money...
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    2010 XLT Slammed

    Long time lurker. First time poster. Just a teaser shot here, but it’s very custom. The build is starting to come along, and have paint in the lineup beginning of August. A ton of work already went into it. I’ll try and grab some additional pictures tomorrow. Will look good with a satin while pearl paint. Pic for attention:
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    Don Ridley

    Euro Rear Fog Light modification

    I saw a guy on the Focus RS forum was trying to add a rear fog light his RS. The Euro RS comes with a rear fog light you turn on from the light switch module. Based on his findings, the US vehicles will respond to the light switch signal by illuminating the icon on the cluster but the BCM does not output the signal to turn on the rear fog light. The BCM firmware can only be updated by a dealer and no dealer will install the Euro BCM firmware. The Focus RS guy gave up an added a separate switch. I looked for another solution. I bought a light switch from eBay UK. I confirmed the rear fog light illuminates on the cluster and the BCM does not output a signal. I tried in vain to find a signal from the light switch module I could use to turn on the fog light. The switch is only sending out LIN Bus packets, there is no physical switching of signals/power. Next, I focused on the power that was controlling the LED on the cluster and found the circuitry for the rear fog LED on the cluster circuit board (I used my spare cluster from a recent cluster upgrade). The LED does not turn on/off with a simple on/off voltage and the power is pulse width modulated (PWM). After a lot of testing and some circuit design, I found a circuit that will turn on a rear fog light by pressing the button on the light switch. I built a circuit that reads the voltage on the cluster LED and turns it into a signal I can use to drive a relay. I know this is probably too complicated for most, but it is a functional solution. See the attached sketch of the circuit diagram. Half of the circuit is home-made and the other half is a relay driver that I bought on Amazon. I soldered a wire on the cluster circuit board for the LED signal and connected it to the circuit (I briefly panicked when the new, upgraded cluster PCB was completely different from the old, but eventually found the same circuit components). I used power from the front fog lights to operate the circuit and the rear fog lamp so nothing is powered if the front fog lights are not on. The circuit is under the dash cover behind the IPC. Next, I had to modify the socket for the rear marker light. I bought a used wiring harness with all of the rear bulbs and sockets. I carved out the marker light socket to match the keys on the larger socket. It fits perfectly and the 2-element socket locks in place like OEM. The “bright” element is the fog light. The “dim” element is the marker light. I am still experimenting with different bulbs. The lens is not designed for projecting light rearward. A 7443 LED seems to work the best for providing a bright red fog light. Maybe someone (Chong?) will design a circuit using an Arduino that will read the LIN Bus and close a relay when the fog lamp switch is pressed. This is beyond my skill set.
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    2017 TC XLT simple camper

    I purchased and installed an AMA passenger sliding door window with an opening sliding window, 17% privacy glass. The installation was not terribly difficult but not easy either. I sharpened the end of a hacksaw blade and cut my way through the urethane caulking on the front side of the plastic panel. Then pulled a .030" ss wire on through using the hole in the end of the blade and wrapped it around the outside of the plastic panel. Tied off the bottom outside wire and with a wooden handle started pulling from the inside to cut the urethane across the top. Top and bottom were easy only having one bead of caulking but struggled with both ends and had to cut most of the outer bead with the blade before the wire would go through. I did not know it then but there are two line up dowels one in each upper corner. Panel off I trimmed the excess urethane off the door using a wood chisel. Then added a vinyl channel trim around the pinch weld. After priming the caulking area on the door and cleaning the glass ! proceeded with a new bead of urethane and this is the second difficult part. I had already anticipated this part and even with warming up the caulking it was quite a struggle to get all around the window let alone a nice V bead. A powered caulking gun would make this much easier and it is almost a necessity. My arm feels like it is 3" longer now! With the caulking done I set the glass in place and bedded it into the caulking. Taped the top to keep it from sagging and wait for it to cure.
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    Don Ridley


    Racing stripes being acceptable is a matter of opinion.... I am sure we all agree this driver has issues.
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    The 70's was a turbulent decade.
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    Wait a minute ......you actually followed Barry Manilow around..... like a groupie ? Never mind not important , nice jack stands by the way .
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    @bone - great job on your installation. Thanks for sharing your work. I too captured this storage space in my 2015 cargo with a different approach. I couldn't stand the vinyl cargo mat so used carpeting on plywood instead. I separated the foam from the vinyl mat and used that as filler under the plywood, which is very good sound proofing material. It's great to have the extra storage space making use of this dead space. Time for you to finish those bare door panels next! I used black paint on mine. Gives the van a nice finished detail.
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    Wheel Size Question

    Obviously, you guys don't like stickers either. I want to believe that some of these kids know that stickers, wider wheels & tires, a spoiler........none of those things add horsepower. I think most of them do it because they like the way it looks. I remember when people installed body kits to make their car look lower to the ground. Then every steep driveway and speed bump destroyed the expensive body kit. Same way kids do "home made" lift kits which are just plain stupid & dangerous. Despite what a lot of people think is stupid, dangerous, useless.............there's a huge aftermarket for auto parts which are stupid, dangerous, and useless. Mind boggling. Unless that teenager is an engineer and able to manufacture his own parts - he's buying those parts. And somebody is producing them in volume.
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    Don Ridley

    Footwell Lighting?

    I added multi-color LED footwell lights to my 2016 TC. Amazon has dozens of these lights for $30-40. I chose a set that has a simple controller and (4) 9” tubes. I only used 2 tubes and modified the cigarette lighter power cord to connect to the interior light circuit. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000I04Z7Q/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I mounted one tube on the bottom of the glove box. Remove the glove box by carefully removing the pins on the bottom (you can see in my photos I was not so careful). I trimmed some of the plastic on the glove box to mount the tube flush. I verified the tube was not visible from the driver or passenger seat. I mounted the other tube under the steering wheel. This one simply zip-ties to the metal frame. Wiring: Cut off and insulate the wires for the unused light tubes. I added extension wire for the driver’s side LEDs (there are 4 wires). This made fishing the wire across the bottom of the dashboard easier. I installed the controller in the glove box. The controller is in the glove box and wire feeds over the back of the box. Power will come from the interior light circuit on the Body Control Module behind the glove box. Access is easy with the glove box removed. Connector C2280F (marked on the BCM) has 20 wires. Pin 12 is a brown and green striped wire. This is the power for the interior lights. Find the BRN/GRN wirefootwell.docxfootwell.docx coming off the connector. Use a POSI-TAP connector to splice into the BRN/GRN wire. The TC wiring is 18 or 22 awg. The red and grey 20-22 awg connectors work well unless your extension wires are larger. https://www.amazon.com/Custom-Dynamics-Posi-Tap-Wire-Connector/dp/B009TG686Q/ref=sr_1_21?keywords=positap&qid=1560916105&s=automotive&sr=1-21 Check if you have connected to the the right wire by measuring the voltage on the POSI-TAP with the interior lights on, then off. The GND connection can be any metal on the dashboard frame. I drilled a new hole and used a sheet metal screw. The controller has a lot of modes but I selected the dark blue color and never change it. The LEDs change color by applying voltage to different wires. If you ONLY want one color (e.g. green) you can omit the controller and connect power to the wire that gives you the desired color. Some colors require multiple wires to be powered (white=all wires powered). Don’t worry, the LEDs won’t be damaged if you connect power backwards. This is a simple upgrade and using the POSI-TAP connectors saves a lot of hassle. A nice feature of the connector is it won’t cut the wire being tapped. If you tap the wrong wire, just wrap electrical tape around the tiny hole it made. The LEDs will flicker at the end of the dimming function on the interior lights. footwell.docx
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    TURTLE roof rack from Turkey

    While researching aftermarket rail and rack options, I came across this company in Turkey. Looks like decent manufacturing. 3 cross bars. I literally just ordered one, so will be excited to see how it works out. What was interesting to me was the rails are basically L track, like what is used to secure airplane loads. Should be versatile enough for me to load kayaks onto. The brand is TURTLE http://turtlecancarry.com/ https://turtlecancarry.de/ Ebay listing: https://www.ebay.com/itm/To-Fit-2014-Ford-Transit-Tourneo-Connect-LWB-Roof-Rails-Roof-Rack-Black/323761409103?epid=20029726155&hash=item4b61af0c4f:g:7s0AAOSwB6ZcsuYL Listed at $380 from Germany, I'm paying $275 (shipped) from Turkey to Michigan, via the email address in the Youtube comments. I was originally thinking of doing a Unistrut system for rails, but wasn't confident on how many mounting points to use, and whether or not the roof curves front to back or is level, then got the price for this rack and just went for it.
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    Don Ridley

    Upgrade instrument cluster 2016

    Success! The new cluster works perfectly. I used the configuration that was in the new cluster and changed one register to match my old cluster: 720-03-01 2B01 xxxx xxxx changd to 2901 xxxx xxxx This register may be related to navigation, which I don't have. Overall this swap was very easy once I found the used cluster. It cost $90 to update the odometer http://odo-pro.com/index.html
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    Whats up guys. I made a few updates to my TC. I accidentally left my water spigot on (with the pump off) last summer and leaked water inside the van. Luckily it found its way out the rear of the floor somehow, but the birch wood does not handle water well at all. It absorbs it like a sponge and then becomes very brittle. The black sealant de laminated as well. I decided to scrap the entire cabinet and re-build it with unistrut. I posted 2 videos of where I'm at with it//
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    remove interior wheel well covers

    Actually it's the other way around. The chicken tax does not apply to passenger vehicles but does apply to work vehicles. So they all start as wagons and get converted to vans by removing the seats and windows, not installing them. Here's a good summary of how and why: https://www.chicagotribune.com/business/ct-biz-ford-tariff-chicken-tax-20180709-story.html
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    Gen 2 Steelies

    I went with the Ranger/PoPo center caps on my ‘18 also, am leaving the wheels black though. Wish I had located the posts about them when I had my black ‘14.
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    G B L

    ABS light on

    The inner grease shield on the bearing is plastic so it lets the tone ring work. I the bearing is reversed the steel Grease shield would block the signal.
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    Hi folks, I've been playing with Forscan on my 2018 TC (specifically to disable approach lights). I wrote up a complete tutorial on my website. I'm just learning Forscan so I'm sure I have some small details wrong, but hopefully that will help others.
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    Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) battery

    Thought I'd give you guys an update on the AGM battery in my TC (bought at Sam's Club). I've been using it in the TC for a year now. Currently on a month long trip in Florida and using the fridge 24/7. All is good. Great vehicle, love it! I will buy another one when the time comes.
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    Beta Don

    How many miles are too many...?

    Thank you 150, for another one of your posts which takes up several FEET of my computer screen - I'm sure he's interested in ALL of those examples Golly, I'm glad I don't live on the West Coast - Prices there are a bit ridiculous!! For comparison, I bought our 2014 TC from a dealer in Georgia almost 3 years ago with 12,000 miles on it and paid $15K. It's an XLT with leather and had never been sold. Sat on the dealers lot for more than a year and then they titled it and used it as a dealer loaner vehicle for a year, so when I bought it, it still had 2 years of the 3 year, 36K warranty remaining How many miles are too many? That really depends on how it was used and serviced. There have been Gen 2 transmission failures on vehicles well short of 100K miles . . . . which has caused many of us to begin servicing our 'lifetime' transmissions early on - A fluid change every 25K or so I know I wouldn't be interested in one with 160K on the clock and especially NOT at $10K - I much prefer to buy really low mileage vehicles for $10K off the sticker price and let someone else eat the depreciation, while I put on most of the miles Don
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    Tariffs are always counter productive in the end. Producing products where they can be made the best and cheapest keeps every body honest. Is is usually the governments protecting a special interest that fouls things up.
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    tc Gen differences

    Raise the roof.