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    Well not much of a story. I was living in Kansas City and we had a two week period when the jet stream dipped down from Canada and brought negative temps and snow. My diesel tractor would not start so my wife and I had to shovel the driveway by hand (it was a large one). We both had jobs that we could not call in, so we had to clear it to get the vehicles out of the garage. During the first snow fall and driveway clearing, she twisted her back and was out. The next three snow falls, I was on my own. So the exact moment occurred halfway through the fourth shoveling when my feet slipped on the ice melt from the last snowfall and I fell on my butt. At that moment, while still sitting on my aching butt, I yelled out loud "THIS IS B*** S****". Got up finished the driveway and starting making plans to move. A year later I was in South Carolina.
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    Gen 2 Steelies

    I haven't like the hubcaps on my 2018 XLT, since the day I bought it. (They reminded me of snowflakes!). So after a little bit of research, I decide to go with center caps and possibly trim rings. Originally, I was going to go with black wheels, but it looked too much like a cop car. I still haven't decided on the trim rings. But I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.
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    Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) battery

    Thought I'd give you guys an update on the AGM battery in my TC (bought at Sam's Club). I've been using it in the TC for a year now. Currently on a month long trip in Florida and using the fridge 24/7. All is good. Great vehicle, love it! I will buy another one when the time comes.
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    Don Ridley

    a few dimentions

    I found this in my files. 2016_Transit_Connect_v1-0.pdf
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    the OH CRAP tote

    My shade tree mechanic days are over. The only tools I carry now are a AAA card and a cell phone.
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    My town has only two paved roads, everything else is gravel - so, needless to say, my wash routine is very lazy, haha. I pretty much just rinse off the dust about 6-8 times a year (usually no soap, even, except maybe 3-4 times a year), not counting any rain that might happen to occasionally rinse the van a bit. I could (and have) fully clean it in my yard, go back out an hour later and it's dusty again just because somebody drove by. Talk about just spinning your wheels, going nowhere fast! lol. But, I wouldn't trade a minute of the country to be back in the stupid big city.
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    the OH CRAP tote

    I keep a roll of TP in a waterproof bag in my tote. I guess that makes mine a true Oh Crap tote!
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    Beta Don

    How many miles are too many...?

    Thank you 150, for another one of your posts which takes up several FEET of my computer screen - I'm sure he's interested in ALL of those examples Golly, I'm glad I don't live on the West Coast - Prices there are a bit ridiculous!! For comparison, I bought our 2014 TC from a dealer in Georgia almost 3 years ago with 12,000 miles on it and paid $15K. It's an XLT with leather and had never been sold. Sat on the dealers lot for more than a year and then they titled it and used it as a dealer loaner vehicle for a year, so when I bought it, it still had 2 years of the 3 year, 36K warranty remaining How many miles are too many? That really depends on how it was used and serviced. There have been Gen 2 transmission failures on vehicles well short of 100K miles . . . . which has caused many of us to begin servicing our 'lifetime' transmissions early on - A fluid change every 25K or so I know I wouldn't be interested in one with 160K on the clock and especially NOT at $10K - I much prefer to buy really low mileage vehicles for $10K off the sticker price and let someone else eat the depreciation, while I put on most of the miles Don
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    Tariffs are always counter productive in the end. Producing products where they can be made the best and cheapest keeps every body honest. Is is usually the governments protecting a special interest that fouls things up.
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    Disallowing American companies importing their own products from overseas factories tax free is really counter productive. There is no point of tooling every factory for producing every single model. It’s obviously logical to produce the Connect in Europe where the main market of that body type is. Just like there’s no point of producing Mustang in Europe where it’s a rarity in parking lots and streets.
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    Beta Don

    Trying to decide, and I need help!

    Gee, I never looked at it like me changing my own oil was saving college girls their dignity - See what you learn from helpful forums like this one!! Don
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    I wonder if they got the idea here on the forums from the member that did something similar?
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    OEM tires and wheelspin

    Backed out of the garage three days ago into about 6" of snow, sitting on top of solid ice. (We have not been above freezing for more than two weeks) I stopped and closed the garage door and then attempted to move forward. NADA! My sad OEM Cont's, with 18,000 miles on them just sat there and spun on top of the ice layer. There wasn't enough tread to grip the snow and pull me up off the ice sheet. Only an extensive rocking session got me moving enough to get back into the garage. This caused me to take a good look at the tires, and I realized they had a lot more wear than I would have expected at 18,000 miles. Working at home means I am not forced to go out every day, and can usually wait for things to moderate a bit before I attempt to go anywhere, but the massive fail behavior of those sad Conti's drove me to the computer to research some new skins. I spent almost an entire work day looking for a good alternative to the OEM's. Along the way I brought up reviews of the OEMs that came stock on my 2016. The biggest complaint was the shocking early wear - some people showed extensive wear at only 10,000 miles! Then there were the sidewall bubbles and failures. Not good! I searched for a good all-season tire that would give me a bit more grip in modest conditions than I had at present with the Conti's (none!). I didn't want to have to drive around on snow tires in an area that typically has more dry weather than anything else. The road noise in these cans is bad enough as it is, and I value my 27 MPG average mileage. I ended up settling on a Goodyear all-weather tire that had stellar reviews for all conditions and got raves about their long wear. Unfortunately, as is all too common for TC owners - these babies did not come in the TC's stock size. I could have accepted a taller tire, but I didn't want to alter my speedo readings. Bummer. Further local searches in my area for what the few typical tire stores (Discount, Big-O, etc.) actually offered left me disappointed. I was going to have to pick from what was available and offered in the TC's size. I ended up at Discount Tire, reluctantly taking the suggestion to fit a set of Pirelli Cinturato Strada AS's (a model exclusive to Discount Tires). I Drove off in the 22 degree weather on my new, very unexciting-looking $500 tires for the trip home, expecting to not notice anything different. BIG SURPRISE! The Pirelli's had completely changed the feeling of my van. The steering was lighter. The wheels pointed quickly in the direction I wanted. The van had a much tighter and crisper feel all-around, and maybe equally as welcome was a much reduced level of road noise! This made me realize what crappy tires I had been driving on for the last two years! I have since driven them through some packed snow and over some ice. These things are not winter tires, In truth, they are performance tires, but they do provide a higher degree of grip than the Conti's, and I expect them to be able to get me through modest winter conditions just fine. The best thing is that I feel like I am driving a completely different vehicle! So, here you are guys and gals...Need new shoes? If your needs parallel mine, I think you will find a lot to like about these pirelli's. Check 'em out.
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    the OH CRAP tote

    Mercedes Metris Way better than the Chevy, Ram, & Nissan microvans. My dad said that if a contractor shows up at your house in a Mercedes, don't even let him in. He has to charge more, for the same job, in order to make those Mercedes payments.
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    the OH CRAP tote

    You don't even have your Transit Connect anymore. By June, you mom would have traded hers in for something new.
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    center caps for a 2012

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    I can tell you personally that Forscan can turn on (activate) cruise control in a TC2 that was not equipped with it from the factory. I swapped my steering wheel, used Forscan to enable "Cruise Control" AND "Adaptive Speed Control" - I found out the ASC the hard way when CC wouldn't work when I hit the buttons, lol. I've also tried enabling global open/close on the windows, but it didn't work for me... I'd love to correct my tire size, but the 5 or 6 options in the computer are all too small for the size tires that I'm running (215/65R16 General Grabber AT2). Lenovo ThinkPad with Windows 10, and I used this OBDII wired USB converter from Amazon - I'm a computer tech and I prefer wired instead of wireless, whenever possible, except for keyboard/mouse lol. I've used my laptop & converter for my 2015 TC2 and my e-1999 & 2000 F350's with 7.3L ZF6.
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    Pour lukewarm water on your car when it's 20 below outside - THAT should be fun to watch!! Forget about going ANYWHERE that day! Don
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    Range left when low fuel light comes on

    The amount of fuel remaining today is actually rather generous. Old Ford's from the 60-70's would promptly stop driving the moment the needle hit E on the fuel gauge. Manufacturers will only tell you that when the low fuel light comes on, it's time to refuel. They don't want consumers to drive further for liability purposes, and also running out of fuel can permanently damage a fuel injection fuel pump. My advise, time your refuel at the exact time the display reads 0 miles, refuel, and observe the gallons (liters) that it took, and compare it to the capacity listed in the owner manual. In the US, I have done this and found that the TC would take 13.8 gallons at 0 miles, and the manual spec is 15.8 gallons. Basic math shows there is about 2 gallons left the the tank on "reserve". Compare that to your average fuel economy, and you can guess how many more miles you can drive. Of course, once I have driven past that mark, there is an uneasy feeling, knowing you could run out and damage your fuel pump. And the start of a really bad, and expensive day. I stopped doing this years ago. A lot of stress can be created waiting until the last minute to refuel. This especially happens when you're late and in a hurry to go somewhere and realize that now you also have to stop for fuel, which makes you more late and more stress. Some people like to massage their ego to see how far they can go, and then brag about it if they make it. Fools. Now, when my fuel gauge reads 1/4 tank, I refuel. And on my terms, when I'm not in a hurry, like on the way home from work or the store. The amount of stress relieved is a solid feeling. I always have at least 1/4 of a tank, usually more, so if there is an emergency, you can jump in and go, and not have to worry about fuel.
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    I personally used a 2.5" x 1/4-20 socket head screw, with a 1" x 3/8 coupling nut as a spacer and a stack of washers. The screw was sent through the washers and coupling nut, into the nutsert so it just starts to thread into it. I then inserted the nutsert into the hole, held it in place by the coupling nut with a crescent wrench, and turned the socket head screw with a hex head & socket wrench. Doing it manually helped me control the torque a bit more, and I had a better sense of when it was set. Instead of overtorquing it and risking the headache of extracting a damaged nutsert.
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    G B L

    Trying to decide, and I need help!

    I Agree totally, however I have a friend who is an electrician and he loves his High top Nissan Van.
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    @johnBowerbank - Thanks for sharing your project. I added rear panels to my Gen 2. It's a lot of work but worth the effort. See pic below. I'd like to see your pics but can't open the *.heic format. Sorry, I don't live in an iOS world Any chance you can post a *.jpg format instead? Thanks!
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    Van wrapping fails, again

    Some of it are already well known bloopers, updated: https://www.sadanduseless.com/2018/01/car-ad-failures/ (this here is Finnish, clearly meant to be "REKKAPESU" (truck wash).
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    Disable Perimeter Lighting

    After opening the door, push the high beam stalk forward and the perimeter lights go out. Not a permanent solution, but it does work, and it is easy.
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    I just want a service manual that wont break the bank