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    Oil Change

    Here is the Web site for the Manual. The price is 69 for the pdf, and 129 for the version that has active hyperlinks. https://www.factory-manuals.com/expand-ford-transit-connect-2013-2014-2015-2016-2017-2018-factory-repair-manual-344.html
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    Oil Change

    I am not going to names here, but I have had the pleasure of watching a mechanic at a shop here locally get the oil from the supply room to do a oil change. The Customer specified it had to be Castrol 10w30 and nothing else. Me and the mechanic (A Friend) walk into the supply room where six 55 gallon drums are sitting. He grabs a empty Castrol 10w30 jug, walks over to one of the drums, pumps the pump handle and fills the jug up. Walks out and dumps it in the Customers car. The side of all six drums were labeled Havoline 10w20. Yet another reason I do not take mine anywhere. You just never know. But name brand is not to big of an issue for me as long as it meets the requirements. The name on the jug does not keep my car running, its whats inside. But that is just me, unless it is mayonnaise and then it better be Duke's.
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    Oil Change

    It worked. Yet another "fluff and puff" nuisance feature.
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    One year ago I bought my 2015 TC titanium. It had right at 10,000 miles on it and now I'm at 51k miles so I've put a lot of time behind the wheel of this thing. Overall I'm super happy with the van. I am a sales rep and I always have a pile of samples, catalogs, etc with me. I also have two young kids so the roominess of the van is great for me. I took out the third row to give me a little extra room in the back and haven't needed to put them back in yet. I've tracked every tank and I averaged 24.2 mpg with a best of 28.7 and low of 22.7. I wish the mileage was a little better but I generally am going 70+mph and on trip I take has a speed limit of 75 where I'm doing at least 80 for 4 hours so really not too bad given the room it has. Still have the stock 16" tires and they still really look pretty good and I'd say I'll get another 10k or so out of them. No major issues so far either. I did have a leak from one of the roof rack plugs but they took care of it quickly. Mine has the touchscreen nav, heated windshield, remote start etc and all the features have worked great. I did crack a windshield and it took a few days for them to get the right one in but I don't think the heated windshield is super common. I'm hoping to get 200k or so out of this and I maintain it to a high degree. I do 5k mile oil changes with full synthetic oil and will get the transmission serviced soon as well.
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    Transmission fluid change

    Here is the post I did on the Transmission Change. The hardest part of this operation will be getting the TC Jacked up. Should be almost level . Remove the Under body dust shield . Look for the Drain Plug. 11 mm or 7/16 wrench. ] This style funnel will slide down into the Vent plug you just removed Put 3 quarts of fluid in [attacjpg] ] Run the TC for 5 to 10 minutes . Then drain the fluid again. Repeat this 2 more times You have Now used 9 quarts of fluid. Put the Drain plug back in make it snug this time. Add 3 quarts of fluid You have now used 12 quarts. Go under the car and Look for the indicator plug (14 mm wrench) Loosen the plug. Do not remove yet Start the engine with the engine running and the Car in park pull the plug and add fluid into the funnel until it just drips out the Indicator hole Replace plug put the Dust shield on , Pull the funnel and replace the vent cap. Total Fluid 13 Qts. With most of number 13 left There is no filter to change on this operation and the type of fluid is Mercon LV. Have fun!