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    100,000 miles with my 2015 Transit Connect

    Yeah the second gen vans are 10k mile intervals. I do 5k personally. I’d rather ‘over service’ the van and not have failures as I obviously drive a ton and need to be able to count on my van running well and not having down time. I do it myself so it’s not expensive so it’s cheap piece of mind for me.
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    Transit Connect oil change message activates between 7000 - 10000 miles. Or something like that. The vehicle's computer factors in driving style, maybe engine hours for constant idling, and perhaps calendar days for people who just don't drive a lot and your oil should be changed after a year or so. I think my oil change message comes on every 8 or 10 months..... But I don't quite remember. Pretty sure the first time was around 8XXX miles and the 2nd was around 16XXX miles. Or something like that. Big change from every 3000 miles. So either trust the engineers and wait for the dashboard message. Or do whatever you want.