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    Strange noise! Anyone able to help?

    Mk1 SWB. Not available in the US.
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    Mike Chell


    Nice! Paint a driver's window with a face in it, and people next to you on the road will swear you're being tailgated.
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    Mike Chell

    All Season Tires

    I won't bring my beliefs into a fun thread ... but just suffice it to say, I can't stand children. I didn't have any by choice, knew I wouldn't like them even if they were "mine". I'd never adopt (or like) someone else's brat.
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    How to change the 2015 cabin air filter

    I just changed mine a minute ago. I read nuke's post, super detailed and certainly works. I'll add my photo to go along with the drawing nuke posted since my reaction to the drawing was "where the heck is that?" I removed the glove box only to see what I was doing and let light in. Next time I probably won't since all the work is done from the fuse access panel. I didn't unplug any connectors Someone on a different thread talked about "removing 6 screws" I didn't remove any. The filter is pretty flexible and can be bent and squished a little without damaging it (which is how I got away with not removing the electrical connectors, which are a bit in the way). Notes: Good light makes a world of difference. It may take several tried to finesse to filter into place, but it is ultimately easier than disconnecting the battery and having to retrain the van. Once in place it expands back to its original shape. In Nuke's first step, find the small slot in the head of the plastic rivet and pry there with a medium flat screwdriver otherwise they are really hard to get out. At first look, this seems much more difficult than it is.