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    Don Ridley

    Please help! Manuel transmission swap

    The free software Forscan may work. You can change the configuration of a vehicle, including the engine and transmission type, using Forscan. Spend several hours reading a researching the various Ford forums where owners have made changes using Forscan. If you do something terribly wrong you will brick your ECU. You will be on you own so don't expect any help from the forums, especially since it is a TC and not a F-150 (popularity difference). You will have to determine which modules need to be changed and what changes to make. Spend some time on the other Ford forums and search for a similar application. The Focus and Escape are built on the same platform as the TC and will have similar modules and programming architecture. https://forscan.org/ https://forscan.org/forum/viewforum.php?f=1&sid=ccdaf90db0cc7dfd82d78ae9ab5c23a0 This post has some very useful links to tutorials written by other Ford forum members. READ READ READ before you attempt to change the settings in your TC. You can brick your ECU if you are not careful. Just be methodical and make backup copies of all modules.