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    I have an extra dumb key for my 2015 in my wallet. But due to the special nature of the TC keys, it had to be bought and cut at the dealership. I know the first gen used a different style, but it's likely available those too. Just ask for a non-transponder key and they should be able to get one. Mine was around $10 IIRC and I made sure to include it in the purchase deal even though my TC included the two extra fob keys.
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    Ford just pisses me off. After 15 years of owning, racing, and professionally race modifying Subarus, Ford is unbelievably customer hostile in comparison. I like my van but I'm growing to dislike the company it came from more and more.
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    in the below pic you can see the door latch (center on the pillar) I need the thing a ma jigs that are above and below it . Both sliders have a broken 1 and a stuck one in the pillars Doors still work and function fine . On another note , my rear window wipers now usually swipe the rear glass at least once when you first start the van . and they are not even turned on . WTF ! and sometimes in the summer when you turn on the AC it blows hot air forever , won't start blowing cold air until you shut the van off and then restart . Then it works fine . doesn't happen all the time, but Once in a while it does . Do these friggin things have Gremlins or what ?