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    bike haulers; what fits how.

    Update, had hauled my Metropolitan scooter a few times putting it on top of the folded seats. It weighs 165 pounds so not hard to roll in. Had to take mirrors and top case off. Last week took out the back seats which was very easy except for lifting them out. They are not real heavy but awkward to lift up and out without help. Put my WeatherTech cargo mat down and a 3 x 3 MDF board on top and rolled the scooter in. Still had to take mirrors off but not the top case. I used three straps and it was very stable with no movement at all. Used a mat from IKEA at the back to go over the bumper when rolling the scooter in. Next time I'm going to get something to go between the seat and the strap. It didn't hurt it this time but worry about doing it frequently. Made a nice place to step and not worry about dirt and grime scratching the bumper. The front wheel rolls into the space between the two middle seats and the dropdown is nice in holding it in place. Also the Metropolitan has a center stand lock which keeps it from folding if it should move forward a bit. Thinking of making a wheel chock for the front which would make it easier to roll in and strap down and give me something to practice welding on. At the racetrack a scooter is extremely useful to get around on. Not only does it haul me and my gear but I also put a soft cooler with cokes and ice on the floorboard. That way I can get refreshed, cooled and caffeinated :-) Sometimes I do put some water in there as well.