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    Finally got it! 2018 TC Titanium LWB

    Hey everyone, after ordering in September, I finally got it a few days ago! Everything seems perfect. I put in a Weathertech mat to cover the whole load area from behind the first row to the back. I also swapped out the battery for an AGM to run my ARB Fridge/Freezer. I have a Yakima LoadWarrior Cargo Basket that I brought out of storage and thought I'd try it. My biggest concern was it wouldn't fit in the garage height wise, but it will, still under 7'. I was a bit surprised to see the tire pressure recommended settings at 42psi? I know this is a stretch, but has anyone bought a radar detector mirror mount bracket? The inside rear-view mirror we have might not be compatible with any of the brackets being made, including Blendmount and RadarMount? I sent a note to BlendMount and waiting to hear back. This all might be a mute point, as a radar detector might not work with Ford's InstaClear windshield? I ordered the Upfitter Wiring Harness, still can't figure out what the heck it includes and where? If anyone knows?? I put a coating of Liquid Glass Polish on, here are a few pics...
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    Here's the part number,: 8A6A-13776-A You will have to add a jumper wire to route the switched 12v to the map lamps. It is simple and requires a female spade lug. I installed LED bulbs and recommend the Phillps 194LED bulbs over the cheap ones on Amazon. They have better color, are brighter and don't fail after 2 months.
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    Heavier struts?

    Front drive car and rear sway replaced as well. Different beast. I've had 2 miata's, still miss the MSM with FM stuff. Looking at the ND's now, the old school "tuner car" mods from BBR is VERY interesting. As is the 250hp turbo (5-7psi boost!!)
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    Heavier struts?

    Sway bar for body roll, but heavier sway bar with less roll means more transfer of the load to the tires, meaning earlier loss of traction at the limit. Leaning on the suspension actually gives you MORE traction in corning. At the point the suspension stops extending (leaning), the load transfers to the tire side walls and when those flex as much as they can, the tire loses traction suddendly and decisively. Meaning it feels better in normal driving but if you ever are in a max cornering situation (too fast into a turn) your absolute limits are reduced. The first time I put bigger, "handling" sway bars on a VW GTI I had made it into an absolute go-cart on the road. Felt like you were velcro'd to the road. But the first time i cornered fast, on a reducing radius turn I completely spun out as the tires broke loose considerably earlier than it did before the sway bars. No free lunches with physics.
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    Bought a new key and Fob today

    Lucky me! I got four 'smart' keys with my 2015 TC wagon I then ordered two 'dumb keys One 'dumb' key is hidden on the outside somewhere one 'smart' key is hidden on the inside somewhere Lose my keys? no problem! Retreive the dumb key to unlock the doors, then retreive the smart key to get home ans one dumb key is used so when I go to the ocean ,I tie it on my pants and there is no transponder to get messed up by salt water