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    I'll be installing the new latch this weekend and will report back to let folks know if it fixed the problem or moved to another door switch.
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    I just followed the instructions in the owners manual, same as I've done in the past with other vehicles. Follow the sequence listed in the required time allotment....done. If you don't get the sequence correct the first time just do it over until it works (doesn't work!). I still have the door open key in ign. chime too and doubt there is an easy way to shut that one off. On my 93 F250 I pulled the ringer module, found the corresponding spade for the door/ign key bell, folded it over and then re-installed the module so the truck would run again. Doing this on a new vehicle these days might upset the computer, but I don't know that for sure. I've read that in the early 2000's around 05' or so on the F series pickups and E vans a person could shut off the perimeter lighting when a door was open themselves by using a similar sequence like the auto door locks. But sadly, Ford seems to have done away with that option.
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    How did you "shut off" the auto door locks? I don't mind the seat belt reminding me so much but I despise the chiming that occurs simply with the front door open. I'd love to find a way to turn that sucker off that didn't involve a dealership or a degree in computer programming.
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    I don't have the same problem but I'm just annoyed with so-called "improved" technology. I don't want my doors to lock automatically, I want them to lock when I CHOOSE to lock them. Give me some manual locks and I'm happy. Give me some manual window cranks and I'm happy. Seems you have to pay extra to get something simple theses days. KISS, Keep It Simple Stupid.