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    2014+ Aftermarket Windows?

    If anyone is interested I found another company www.van.glass and ordered it to Canada.
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    G B L

    Larger Wheels

    A 15 could fit the rear but it is definitely no go in the front on a gen 2. I looked into it for mine , I was trying to increase the tire sidewall height to improve ride and protect the wheels.
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    Beta Don

    Larger Wheels

    I think they *probably* will The rear rotors are smaller and on my van with 16" alloys, I can easily stick my fingers between the caliper and the wheel rim - It looks to me like there's a good bit more than 1/2 inch of clearance there and that's all you'd need Go buy a 15" steel 5 x 108 wheel at the wrecking yard and give it a try - They *might* even let you jack it up and try the fit before you buy it Don