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    Pics of the new DD modded

    Focus ST wheels and Thule cross bars
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    I always wanted a "Hippie" van, so after I retired, I bought a Transit Connect and went wild. 1,148 RGB LEDs, two color organs to drive them, a 400 watt amp built into the upper cargo bin, an extra 550 amp battery on the passenger side, half inch foam on the cargo area floor, and 50 square feet of denim insulation stuffed everywhere I could put it. She rides a lot quieter now.
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    Pics of the new DD modded

    No howling but a have noticed some wind noise, but not much.
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    Just wanted to show off the TCLWB Installed some Thule bars and a Maggiolina Roof top tent, swapped interior lights to LED and thats pretty much it for now. We can use it as a daily driver and it sleeps 4 if we want to go camping and hit some trails