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    As Mrtn says 14mm isn't that much in way of stress. It is a positive offset of 52.5 and spacers would only add to your issue. Basically as the offset decreases the wheels are pushed out. As long as you're not changing tire size you should have no problem with rubbing. I'm running 245/50 on 7" rims with a positive 37 offset (as opposed to the stock 215/55 with positive 50 offset with 6.5 rims) on my 2016 without any rubbing issues whatsoever. I'm running spacers in the rear but it has nothing to do with PROPER offset. Purely what appeals to my eye. Spacers wouldn't be my choice if there was a decent choice of rims in 5x108mm.
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    G B L

    hub cap suggestions

    The steel wheels are about $60.00 new from a place like Tirerack, use that as a guide. In my case I had factory alloys , when I put a set of winters on I looked into steel wheels. As it turned out Tirerack had a nice looking set of Alloys for $75 .00 as a close out. I now have two sets of Alloys and no hub caps.
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    Went to the dealer today to take a quick look!
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    hub cap suggestions

    I like it. Can't go wrong with black wheels.
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    Mine is off the train and on a truck, about 10 miles away from the dealer. So, should be at the dealer today! This would make the total time from ordering 4 months 2 weeks.