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    hub cap suggestions

    I love generic 5-spokes. Had these once:
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    hub cap suggestions

    Unfortunately, that particular model is no longer in production.... So I ordered a set of these. I'm generally not a huge fan of generic-looking 5 spoke wheels, but at least they're black. Now if I can just figure out how much to ask for my stock wheels and hub caps (no tires).
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    hub cap suggestions

    I mounted winter tires on mine. Some people enjoy the steelies and you'll get decent money for them if they're in great condition.
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    Went to the dealer today to take a quick look!
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    Can rear disc brakes be added to a 2010 TC?

    Should be possible as European TC van models (Tourneo Connect) are equipped with rear discs.
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    Vincent VanGoing 1.0

    Nice redesign. I'm curious, though, why not mount the electronics under the false floor? My van has the vinyl floor and I removed everything related to the false floor, including the vinyl that's hiding underneath the false floor, and there's something like 11.5" of vertical height wasted in there. If you look at my gallery pics, there's a whole bunch in there from when I took out the floor. In any case, it would put the electronics & battery out of the way so you have more storage room for other things you need... Right now, I have part of the false floor back in my van because I needed some extra flat space. My plan is to build an opening toolbox/chest there at some point.
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    Vincent VanGoing 1.0

    When I first got my TC, I couldn't find a cord for the block heater, and ended up thinking that there was none. After reading recent posts, I checked my owner's manual, and it doesn't say "If equipped" under the "Engine block heater" title page 117, so I took another look, and sure enough, there it was. The reason I didn't find it previously, is because I was looking for a cord that looked like the one in my previous vehicle (Ford Focus wagon), which was a flat 3 conductor cord with a plug at the end, much like a regular household HD cord. The cord on the TC is wrapped with corrugated loom, and the plug is round. The whole thing was hiding under another loom to the right of the air filter. I would think that a block heater might be standard in colder regions in the US as well. I hope the pics will help some of you find theirs.