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    Van wrapping fails, again

    Some of it are already well known bloopers, updated: https://www.sadanduseless.com/2018/01/car-ad-failures/ (this here is Finnish, clearly meant to be "REKKAPESU" (truck wash).
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    G B L

    Winter Tire Thread

    Nokian makes very good winter tires, The Fins know how snow tires work.
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    Is AC tied to external temp reading?

    My second sensor Has failed,, lasted about 15 months,, Oh well, Fords better Idea will cost me another $225 as I cannot do the work myself.... On a second failure and no re-design Ford should pay for this re-repair In Full. But No, they want more money so they Engineer things like this repeating common failure.. and make no attempt to put out a permanent fix. Shame on you Ford..