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    General Grabber AT2 upgrade

    So, my van is at a tire shop right now getting an upgrade to General Grabber AT2 all-terrains. Stock tires have 70K on them and are pretty well worn-down, one pair is at the wear bars and the other pair has a little bit left before the wear bars. I ordered 215/65R16 so I can gain 1/2" extra ground clearance because I scrape too often - but, of course, WalMart wouldn't put them on since they aren't stock-size. I ordered online since they weren't in-stock at my local store. Their worker told me "The tires are 6.67% bigger (I know that, I want more ground clearance) and your van is spec'd for extra-load capacity tires and the tires you bought are standard-load." I looked up the tire specs and Ford's axle specs (GAWR) - my van has 2716lb GAWR for each axle and the tires are rated 1653/ea thus 3306/pair?! 590lbs more capacity then the axle is rated for, but they're not high enough load capacity, that's hilarious! Anywho, pics later after I get the van back. I'll have to schedule a service visit with Ford to reprogram computer for the new tire size and I also still need to get the door latch recall done. Hopefully these tires will help me not get stuck in my own yard like the stock ones did in spring of 2016... Had to get pulled out of my own yard, lol.
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    Thanks for the tip, jrm223! Will give simply repeatedly pushing the illumination level change button a massive # of times it a try!
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    Beta Don

    General Grabber AT2 upgrade

    WalMart has been a real stickler to exactly follow what's on the door jamb sticker for at least the last 20 years. I've got a Miata which came with 185/60R14 tires and back in the day, running high performance Bridgestone RE-71's (developed as an OEM tire for Porsche) in 195/55R14 tires was the 'performance upgrade' for those who occasionally auto-crossed their cars - A really 'sticky' tire. Because Bridgestone made that tire in that size specifically as the OEM tire for one of the little Japanese sport sedans, it was a really popular upgrade for Miata enthusiasts. Same load rating, same overall circumference, but WalMart would not mount them . . . . unless I brought them just the wheels and not the car! The next years Miata came out with super lightweight 15 inch wheels and 195/50R15's which are the same load rating and the same overall circumference as the 185/60R14's that came on my car. Since performance rubber in ANY 14" size was getting scarcer than hen's teeth, I 'upgraded' to the 15" wheels and the 195/50R15's, again hauling just the wheels and my new tires over to WalMart to get them mounted and balanced So long as I brought them only the wheels/tires and not the car, they were happy to mount them for me. *IF* there was ever an accident causing death which might in any way be attributed to the improper size or load ratings of the tires, the first company named in the ensuing lawsuit would be the one with the deepest pockets, namely WalMart, so they just won't do it - Probably as a direct result of a lawsuit in the past For your General Grabber AT2's, th load rating (98) is actually *greater* than the OEM Continentals (97) you took off - The only 'legal' stickler is the speed rating. The Continentals were rated H, which is 130 mph, while the Generals are rated T which is 118 mph Don
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    I've been looking for a TC for a few months now. My local dealers didn't have anything new that had the features I wanted and I really didn't want to wait 6 months and order a new 2018 or pay full sticker either. I fly model airplanes and had rented a TC for a work trip last year and fell in love the TC and knew it was going to be my next vehicle. I wanted a 14-17 with Sycn 3 and Navigation, leather, LWB and it had to be in Red or Blue either XLT or Titanium. I figured the last car I compromised and got the color my wife wanted (white) and I was going to get the color I wanted this time. Plus I wasn't in a hurry and had been looking for a while anyway. I did find a hand full of used 2017 Titanium's locally but everyone was firm on their pricing and honestly asking too much and over my budget. About a month ago I found a 2014 that was perfect in AZ but the dealer backed out of the deal and demanded an extra $3k...so the hunt continued. I got my brother helping me look and he has a friend with a car lot and was able to help me look at auctions but nothing came up that was the right fit for me.. I finally found a 2017 Green/Gray one (color choice #3) but the dealer was into it way too much and wouldn't come down. I finally found a blue one locally and he was able to come down to the price I wanted to pay but there was an auction for another on the next morning. I decided to try on the auction but it ended up going for WAY more than it should have but the blue dealer sensing I was going to pass made me an offer that I couldn't turn down. Now the funny part is that I was about to head over the credit union to get the check and head up to the dealer to pick up the TC, my brother calls me and says "guess what I just bought?" He bought the Green one I had looked at earlier. Turns out the dealer was finally ready to make a deal too. So, my brother and I both bought 2017 TC LWB Titanium's with the exact same specs on the same day! He is a golf rep and it's a perfect fit for him and for me and my model airplanes I couldn't be happier!
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    Excited new owner of 2014 XLT Wagon

    Hi all, I'm the new owner of what I understand was one of the first 2nd generation transit connects which Ford imported to the US - a 2014 XLT Wagon that Ford actually had specially customized and showcased at 2013 SEMA car show! My brother has taken possession of this vehicle on the east coast, and is currently en route to driving it back home on the west coast. Estimated arrival time is next weekend... exciting! The reason my wife and I settled on the 2nd generation, long-wheelbase transit connect wagon for our next family car is its unique combination of: interior storage capacity, passenger carrying capacity, great driving feel and outward visibility, good fuel economy, and its very European / "un-minivan" styling. We plan using it to retire a 2001 Ford Focus Wagon which also had a really nice ("Street-Edition") option package, and a bright yellow color that we came to appreciate as always making it easy to locate in parking lots. However, despite our Transit Connect not being bright yellow, I have a feeling we might not have problems spotting this car... Cheers