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    Here are the wiring diagrams. It looks like the cornering lamp module (adaptive front lighting module) is added in parallel with the body control module (normal fog lamp control). I am not sure if/how the AFLM is affecting your HIDs. You may have to disconnect the AFLM. All of these modules can have some sophisticated circuitry that don't react well to added components. Fog lamp wiring.pdf Fog_cornering lamp wiring.pdf Foglamp overviewl.pdf
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    G B L

    Spark Plugs?

    These Plugs will be good for your Transit connect NGK 3403 G-Power Platinum Alloy Spark Plug TR55GP
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    As well as above i had to remove the 3 parking brake bolts(13mm head) ..this allowed the brake to be tilted and the console to be removed.
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    Camper Conversion

    we bought a FTC for the sole purpose of camping. we have been camping with our VW bus for the last 4 years, but we wanted something that will take us out further. we were going to go the inflatable route, but discovered that two coleman camping cots are a custom fit for a comfortable night sleep on the road. we can keep the bed set up while driving, so we could just slip right into bed after 10 hrs on the road...the clearence under the bed gives us ample spece to stow all of our camping gear. i also made simple courtains out of a vinyl tarp and some 3M velcro strips...