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    Look at the picture shown for the dash pocket, it's RHD... That's what I was referring to specifically.
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    Camper Conversion 6"2"

    European Connect has a folding front passenger seat. Folds flat and level with deck to extend cargo area to the dash. I bought one from Germany.
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    Rear storage

    Pretty sweet set-up! I've had ideas twirling around in my head for my panel van for better storage and organization. For now, I'm using a mid-size pick-up aluminum toolbox that's strapped long-ways into the van so it doesn't move around. My plans are to create an aluminum diamondplate bulkhead & custom toolbox in the back - I should pick-up some sheets of cardboard or Lauan plywood to test-fit and create templates... Any plans to fill-in the gaps on the sides so your dogs don't get their legs stuck? Maybe some of the panel rigid insulation from Home Depot/etc cut down to fill the gap perfectly? My old Doberman got himself caught in my extended-cab Ranger once, so that's why I ask