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    Preface: I'll break this up into a few posts. I apologize for the small photos. There has been some discussion of the void below the floor in the Gen2 cargo vans, I decided to do something with the space. Several lessons were learned, I would do some things different if I were to do it again, but I'm happy enough that I'm not doing it again. Here's what I did. First I did a little exploration. Removed the door wells Peel back the Mat and pulled out the deck piece
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    Drilling Through the Roof?

    Thanks for the input! After this I will definitely have a template. My customer was very adamant that he wanted the lightbar drilled into the roof though. It's a car wash's mobile detail van so they put it through an automatic car wash up to 3 times a week, so he's afraid that a roof-rack will damage the systems in the wash. I have low-profile mounts for the lightbar he wants (see attachment for reference), just need to know what I'm up against drilling into the passenger cab of the TC. Thanks again and I'll keep the forums updated!
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    Then for the install Bolted in Mat cut out, this was myu last chance to call it all off. Trim installed. I fairly happy with the way the trim looks but know sooner or later something will catch on the corners, they stick up just enough to snag something. Any suggestions? The door was dropped into place and secured with the knob beneath. Its a little snug but I think it will loosen up with a little use. If it doesn't I'll have to take it out and sand it a little. I put reflective tape on the bottom of the hatch. It could be removed and used as a warning signal while changing a tire or other roadside emergency.
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    Trim was measured out and holes were drilled and tapped to attach it. I used carpet trim from a home store, the holes were already in the trim so I matched the spacing, this turned into a problem later. Because I made the framed out opening as large as I could I need to drill holes to reach the bolts that hold the down. Unfortunately some of these holes lined up with the trim holes. I decided that 16 bolts was overkill anyway and opted to only use 14. The opening for the hatch was marked out on the deck and cut out with a angle grinder. The bolts that attach the deck to the supports in the van are captive now. Small (crappy) welds join the OEM deck plate to the new hatch frame.
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    To start the fabrication I figured the biggest hatch that would fit and welded up a frame. I decided to go with a 3 segment hinged lid that could be accessed from either side or removed entirely. I built the door out of scrap plywood and covered it with aluminum diamondplate. This little fastener is called a Tee nut, they're used in a lot of furniture. A recycled knob and a piece of flat stock would hold the door in place securely but allow it to be removed without much fuss. I drilled a shallow hole in the wood and punched a smaller hole in the metal to make a finger hole to open the hatch. Everything would be painted black in the end.