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  2. Just wanted check on this. To replace the battery, JUST removing the air cleaner lid & bellows provides enough room? I bought my 2015 T.C. used, and have never had the battery out. I see the center strap that is held by two screws. So in the rear bottom of the battery tray there is a spacer that 'snaps' out to provide enough space to center a group 48 (H6) battery? I'm guessing an H6 battery has has its posts centered so it reversible to allow the positive post forward?
  3. If you are going down a long hill with the brakes applied does the noise repeat at a certain rate or is it once per brake application ?
  4. Yesterday
  5. Whats up guys. I made a few updates to my TC. I accidentally left my water spigot on (with the pump off) last summer and leaked water inside the van. Luckily it found its way out the rear of the floor somehow, but the birch wood does not handle water well at all. It absorbs it like a sponge and then becomes very brittle. The black sealant de laminated as well. I decided to scrap the entire cabinet and re-build it with unistrut. I posted 2 videos of where I'm at with it//
  6. Check the rear shock absorbers. The bushings or even the shocks may be worn out. But it does sound like a bushing somewhere in the rear suspension.
  7. My 2012 TC still has a banking or knocking noise from the rear when I apply brakes. This noise has happened before when it needed new rear brakes but I had them replaced and drums turned last week. The noise is still there. Usually when I have driven for half a day and they’re warmed up but sometimes when they are cold in the AM. Any ideas?
  8. Rhino Platform Rack installed!IMG_5731.thumb.JPG.f25d96cc0a64eccbef55704cf30f19a4.JPGIMG_5733.thumb.JPG.beb0a879a4bfc2322347689debe52e76.JPGIMG_5737.thumb.JPG.557b4915eccaa6f8fdbb8277f7de77c6.JPGIMG_5735.thumb.JPG.a6eb3388c38b2820592f2ffb22b30463.JPG

  9. G B L

    Spare set of tires wanted on the West coast

    A quandary how new are they,when will you get back to Wisconsin, how much to ship. If you wait long enough the winters will turn into summers and then you can buy new winters.
  10. jrm223

    Tire size settings in Forscan

    I had looked at that awhile back to adjust for my 215/65R16's, but when I saw the available choices, I decided to just leave it as-is so I wouldn't have to recalculate the speedometer error between the options there and my actual tires. I know for a fact that my current setup is 5.9% higher, so 70MPH on the gauge is 74-75MPH on the road and 100 miles odometer is actually 105.9 miles traveled (for rare times when I check my MPG). I was really hoping for better/more choices, but I understand that Forscan is only interpreting what's in the factory computer and it's not as powerful as an aftermarket programmer - AFAIK, none exist for TC's. Which leaves me to wonder if anyone has tried a Focus programmer on a TC, since they're mostly the same under the skin, haha.
  11. jrm223

    remove interior wheel well covers

    The window coverings also aren't steel blanks, they're some type of plastic - but only on the sliding doors. I have a windowless van and there are no cut-outs at all on the actual body (quarter windows), no cut-outs on the rear doors and then the sliders have paint-matched plastic where the window would go. I've had some other thoughts of what to do with those blanks, like perhaps built-in tool storage and hinge the blanks like a toolbox lid for external access - or even replace the blanks with metal toolbox doors, idk.
  12. jrm223

    OEM tires and wheelspin

    I'm running 215/65R16 General Grabber AT2's on my van, no problems thus far and even they still spin too easily. My van is a LWB, but that shouldn't make any difference. As for speedo error, at 70MPH on the gauge, I'm actually travelling about 74-75MPH on GPS. The hand-calculated error is 1.059% over stock (online calculators show 1.067% aka +6.7%), so lower speeds are closer to what the gauge is showing and below about 40MPH, I can't tell any difference between the speedometer and GPS. To find the hand-calculated error percent, I drove from one of my properties to the other, 83.9 miles apart on GPS and my trip odometer showed 79.2 miles at the end of the drive.
  13. Don Ridley

    Upgrade instrument cluster 2016

    Eddy, I figured out the part number and found a cluster in North Carolina. It will be here next week. FYI the PN is FT1T-10849-Ux where x=A to F. The "U" suffix designates the color LCD display. The monochrome displays have the same PN with a non-U suffix.
  14. I still have snow tires on my vehicle and I am in California and my summer tires are in Wisconsin and I dont have any plans to go to Wisconsin soon. I am trying to weight my options of shipping mine from Wisconsin or getting another set.
  15. john89john

    Open 2014 Liftgate from Inside?

    it appears on the c435 connector has no 12+v. i took it to the dealer as i finaly found one that will take my 3rd party warranty. took it to where i bought it but they said they only " think" its the latch but not positive itll fix it, either way lock actuator, wiring or bcm is covered.
  16. Last week
  17. davidparker

    New member!

    I get a small delay when backing up. In my case I think it is a solenoid triggering. But nothing like a surge.
  18. Telcoguy

    New member!

    Hello everyone, I decided to join the group after seeing LOTS of helpful posts from other TC owners. I do, however, have a question.....has anyone experienced their van "surging" or acting like it's not getting enough fuel while in reverse? Mine is exhibiting this and it ONLY happens when I have the transmission (automatic) in reverse. I thought maybe a fuel filter, but recently discovered that these (gasoline powered) don't have a "serviceable" fuel filter. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  19. Beta Don

    Tire size settings in Forscan

    There are 4 choices there in both menus, but none of them are very far from the stock sizes. Some models came from the factory with either 16 or 17 inch wheels, so it stands to reason there would be an adjustment there to make things 'right' for either size. It looks like if you wanted to go very far from a stock size you're still out of luck though Don
  20. G B L

    remove interior wheel well covers

    Great information Don!
  21. G B L

    Van won’t start

    Have you jumped the starter to see if the engine turns over? Check all the grounds first.
  22. G B L

    Tire size settings in Forscan

    Very good information Thanks.
  23. As Ford marks Mustang’s 55th anniversary on this National Mustang Day, enthusiasts everywhere are celebrating the world’s best-selling sports coupe for the fourth consecutive year. View the full article
  24. Don Ridley

    Tire size settings in Forscan

    Forscan has several options for tire size and circumference. I did not change any settings to see if they worked. I have 215/50R-17 this and the 16 inch wheel settings should work. Changing the setting should affect the speedometer, transmission and maybe other systems. Here are the settings:
  25. Eddy Kilowatt

    Upgrade instrument cluster 2016

    Hi Don, I'll be happy to take a look, but won't have time till this weekend.
  26. PhotoAl

    Upgrade instrument cluster 2016

    For 2016 and earlier it would be the MyTouch system instead of the Sync3 system. I have it on my 2016.
  27. PhotoAl

    Another Newbie coming aboard

    Welcome, I love the big touch screen especially the backup camera. The phone part works well - Ive the MyTouch and not the Sync 3 but generally can dial a number by just telling it who to call. My grandkids laugh when it pronounces their last name. I like the way it handles, its not a sports car but does go around corners well and can be a bit entertaining. Switching between my TC, Volt and Motorcycle I have to be careful when Im on a curvy road and calibrate to the vehicle.
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