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  2. Insurance Institute for Highway Safety rates the 2019 Ford F-150 as the only truck to earn the top-tier good rating in every category, and the best performing truck among 11 pickups evaluated in passenger-side small overlap front crash testing View the full article
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  4. By adding a few (relatively) inexpensive components, the Volt's Adaptive Cruise Control and LKA (Lane Keep Assist) can function as an autopilot, similar to the one offered in the Tesla Don
  5. Nice - good idea! Thanks!
  6. GC1

    fix your broken armrest

    If this is still available, I'm definitely interested
  7. Ford today announced it is expanding its production capacity for the company’s next-generation battery electric vehicles at a second North American plant. View the full article
  8. Hi guys, I installed a new LH front wheel bearing yst and tonite when i test drove it the ABS light stayed on. It's on at standstill with the engine running (I think this is normal yeah?) then it goes off momentarily once you start rolling but comes back on a good second later and stays on. I'm thinking it's probably to do with the ABS reluctor ring on the new bearing not being 100% compatible. Yes, i put the bearing in the right way round with the black magnetic ring to the inside and was careful replacing the sensor in its hole after cleaning the tip. The bearing wasn't an original ford one. I got it off ebay i think it is a brand called key parts prob made in China. Any thoughts?
  9. Thanks Don. On page 2 of this thread I posted what Ford ETIS provided for my van. The BCM version never changed after the two dealer visits but each time the tech said they updated the BCM. I did this a few months before my three year warranty expired. Sounds like yours is still under the three year warranty unless your mileage is over the 36,000 limit, so you can try to get your BCM version updated if you're interested. The first dealer gave me a hard time about doing this update under warranty on my second visit. The first time they didn't question it, but failed in getting it done correctly. The second visit they said Ford wouldn't cover it under the warranty. The second dealer I went to had no problems in doing the work, but again failed after two visits with two different techs. As I said in the earlier post, there must be a nuance to getting this enabled. Link for Ford ETIS is below in case someone else wants to check. https://www.etis.ford.com/home/about.do
  10. I'm with you on the mistrust although I can see the value in some situations like following a Honda - my daughters minivan is amazingly inconsistent on speed up and down hills with the cruse control on - I know its trying to avoid downshifting but its annoying.

    adaptive cruise control?

    Me being the cranky old mistrusting guy that I am, I could never trust such a feature but I can appreciate the idea in general. Making several trips form VA to NC and back over the last couple of weeks, I notice that when ramping down the speed manually on the cruise control that the van will downshift to slow down to the new set speed if the adjustment is quick. Don't really like this since I'm used to the vehicle coasting under this condition or even picking up speed if going downhill. Maybe I'm just a control freak.
  12. Last week
  13. Easily? No. I don't think you'll get all 3 seats from the 2nd generation into the 1st generation. But you should be able to install 2 out of 3. Nothing will be easy. But you can drill holes, and probably weld them in. They won't be perfect, or pretty. But someone will be able to sit in them. Now your problem will be the seat belts. Middle seat in a 2nd generation has a seatbelt & buckle. Driver side seat will have a buckle, but the belt is attached to the "c pillar" of the van. You will not have airbags to protect those passengers. It may be easier for you to buy generic seats.
  14. Ford Motor Company will again boost production of its hot-selling Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator this summer as both vehicles continue to gain share over their competitors in the large SUV segment. View the full article
  15. I might have a line on some but before I go get them I was wondering if anybody has braved this hybrid...
  16. Serramonte Ford was not able to do it for me. I will look for another dealership. Maybe a different tech at a different shop.
  17. Windguy, Yes. Someone on the forum found the version number of the BCM firmware that works with this modification. Mine is the version just before it was implemented and my build date is early 2016. A mororcraft website will give you programming info on all modules from a VIN. See the discussion about this mod and it should have all the details. Let me know if you can't find it and I can help
  18. @Don R - would it fair to say that it would work for earlier Gen 2's as well, provided the BCM has been updated, per the SSM? I'm hoping that's the case for me. Numerous posters have shown that dealers seem to have trouble performing this process. Not sure if it's updating the BCM or setting the dark mode feature or both but something is hanging up the technicians. I'd venture to guess that more have failed in getting this done right than have had success. There must be a subtle step that is being missed.
  19. @phollenback - Thanks for taking the time to put together this tutorial. You did an excellent job. You're a skilled technical writer. You've given me the confidence to see if I can make this change to my 2015 TC, provided the two dealers that had tried to do this had actually updated the BCM as they said they did. Ford ETIS did not show any BCM updates but not sure that is accurate. If they got that critical first part done right but were unable to set the dark mode correctly, I might have a chance. Worth a shot to satisfy my curiosity keeping in mind the evil of good is better.
  20. Beta Don

    thank you ford NOT!

    I hope TPMS becomes mandatory on every vehicle sold, and soon. You can destroy the carcass of a modern tire by driving with it only a few pounds low - For sure not low enough for the driver to have a clue that it's too low. While the tire is essentially destroyed on the inside, it still looks fine on the outside, so the driver eventually puts air in it and goes on his/her merry way . . . . with a ticking time bomb just waiting to blow out and cause a major accident . . . . which could kill ME! - An innocent motorist coming at you in the other lane when your tire blows Any innovation which can save innocent lives from the negligence of other drivers should be mandatory IMO. I'll be glad when it happens Don
  21. Ford and the City of Indianapolis are launching the Indianapolis City:One Challenge, a co-creation and crowdsourcing program for residents, businesses and community groups to propose and pilot solutions that improve mobility. View the full article
  22. Almo

    Transmission/clutch related noise?

    Today I replaced the LH front wheel bearing, tie rod end, half shaft and seal where it enters the transmission. The seal was leaking so had to be done and I thought while i have the half shaft out I might replace it (only 55 quid) as it had wear on the inner CV joint and I wondered if perhaps this was part of the clunking on/off the gas. Unfortunately I'm waiting on some gear box oil from my usual supplier so wont be able to test drive until tomorrow. Fingers crossed for a result. What I did want to mention was that I discovered the driving flange is worn on the inner half of the 39mm diameter bearing surface that the inner races of the bearing locates on. So one half of the old bearing was spinning/fretting and has worn it down to 38.75mm. I've had to fill the gap with bearing retainer for now as I dont have time to get a new driving flange from the UK before I leave on my trip. Hmmmm...
  23. Almo

    Front axle nut torque setting

    I went with 200ft/lb and it still spins so cant be too tight!
  24. PhotoAl


    A great write-up! Thanks a bunch, I haven't had to poke around it it much yet. My son recently bought a Focus ST and Im sure he will be borrowing my scan took and computer when he has time.
  25. PhotoAl

    thank you ford NOT!

    When I bought my van (2016 model) I remember seeing the tire pressures in the screen but have not been able to access again. My Volt is happy to show the tire pressures in the dash display. I agree with you Fifty150 but think most drivers don't care. They want to just get in a turn the key and go. Amazing how complex the technology is in our society today and how few folks know how anything works.
  26. JoeMGill

    WTB or T 2012 2nd row seats

    What year's seats will fit in 2012 Cargo van holes? Gen1 only?
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