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Mike Chell

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  1. Wheel Size Question

    I'm already in the process of making something to replace the ovals. I am just trying to decide if I'll leave the T.C. name on there. No offense meant, to you aficionados who love your vehicles and put free advertisements across the top of the windshield, etc. It's just not my "thing". I joined this site to show what I've done to mine, and to get ideas of things that might make it more useful. Like OldSchool, dealer information is removed. But, I'll wait until I've gotten my free first oil change and service, since they'll add another sticker, likely, at that time. If I've removed previous stickers, they might put even more on there.
  2. Wheel Size Question

    Nope. My vehicles are tools. I don't name my tools, nor do I modify them in any way that's not functional. Lowering, raising, "souping up" or painting. Bumper stickers that "say something" are okay, but ones that advertise fro some company aren't. I don't like paying a company to advertise for them. I like Bass Pro Shop, but I'll only put on a sticker of theirs, or wear clothes with their logo if they give it to me for free. I won't buy those items.
  3. Jacks

  4. Jacks

    Oldschoolfool ... that picture isn't the way the jack was placed. That's what happens when a scissor jack fails. It's "off center" because it fell. I've had that twice ... using one and as soon as the tire was off the ground, the whole truck "swung" to the side as the jack ... drooped over. I will NEVER use a scissor jack again.
  5. Boy ... I hope this works !!! Bee populations continue to drop (albeit less dramatically) and CCD causes are still undefined. We need the bees !!!
  6. Jacks

    I am assuming you didn't "cram" the jack under the van, but placed it under there with room to spare. Which means ... you actually only raised the van less than 5 inches above it's resting height. Most vehicle suspensions have, at least, that much travel. You have to extend the suspension travel beyond its range to actually lift the tire off the pavement. Doesn't surprise me, that jack not going high enough. 5 inches of travel MIGHT get the tire high enough. So, as stated above, support the jack on a 2x4 or something to get the jack cradle on the van with the ram fully IN the pump. Then you'll be lifting the van the entire sweep of the ram, and maybe that'll be enough.
  7. Sources

    JC Whitney still exists ... online only, I think.
  8. Not arguing with you Beta Don. But as a technician, I am always hesitant to recommend on the side of convenience. I always recommend on the side of safety. Because we all know, there are WAY too many people with a skewed view of "whats right".
  9. I hate ... I really do hate to correct people "in public" ... but this needs to be stated: Directly from several sources (mostly battery manufacturers and boat.com) "Question: I just went for some really nice slim-line AGM batteries for my boat. They’re sealed so there is no gassing. Do I still need to provide some sort of ventilation for them? My mechanic says I do, but I’m not sure why. Is it to keep them cool? If they are sealed what’s the big deal? Answer: This is a question that I get quite often. The short answer is, your mechanic is giving you the straight story and you do need to vent these batteries. Here’s why." Go to boat.com to see the rest of the answer.
  10. Looks good. Gives a neat profile "kick" to the van.
  11. I know, it's got nothing to do with my van ... but it IS a fishing video. I only caught one fish worth watching ... so it wasn't a GREAT day on the water, but it's Fishing ... and I love to fish.
  12. Let's see if this works. First post after introducing myself. I decided to create a little more room in my 2017 T.C. The front 1/3 of the cargo floor is a false floor !!! I hope this helps someone else.
  13. Accelerating issues

    Yep ... sounds like a bad fuel pump. Could be and EXTREMELY clogged fuel filter. If you don't know how to safely do a fuel pressure check, take it to a shop and have them check it out for you.
  14. digital speedometer

    Just as an aside ... don't be upset by THIS bit of news. ALL manufacturers provide a "Technical Help Line" to their registered technicians in the dealerships. It's a "private line" to technical experts in the "factory". There is no way this system could "keep up" if every civilian with a problem was allowed to call in.
  15. Add same model seats to cargo van?

    I don't know anything about the year you're referring to. I just bought a new 2017 model. In modifying it, I found out there are no fittings for additional seats. I don't want to put them in ... just an observation while doing other stuff to it. Good luck with yours, though.
  16. I am assuming you got some spectacular deal, if you drove so far to get the vehicle. My first suspicion: Why was it such a good deal? My first thought: It's been wet. Possibly a reclaimed vehicle from one of the flood events around the Country. It's a common practice ... clean 'em up, dry 'em out then ship them out to somewhere far from the flood area. The computer needs a minimum voltage to operate. If connections are getting corroded, then that voltage might not be felt at the computer. Corrosion creates resistance. Resistance using voltage (pressure) to push current (amps) through it. To much resistance in the line between the battery and the computer ... even with a fully charged battery ... will prevent the computer from getting enough energy to operate. There are some very good ways to check for high resistance faults, opens and shorts. Although they're easy to do if you're good with a multi-meter and understand what you're looking for ... they're too long to describe here.
  17. Yeah ... it needs some work! But hey, it won't cost much !!!
  18. I can't see my picture ... so I'll try this again.
  19. Just put a window in there !!! You can find replacement ones in front of many houses on trash day !!!
  20. Sounds like you're into a good start. Be careful of batteries inside the vehicle. Lead/acid batteries "out gas" ... venting some hydrogen and oxygen while charging or discharging. It might smell a bit, but the gases aren't poisonous. However ... just to detail the explosive power of hydrogen and oxygen ... it's what launched some of the rockets from NASA. Letting those gases build up in your Transit could result in the sudden and catastrophic loss of your vehicle ... and anyone standing within 10 feet or so.
  21. 2014 Transmission Fluid Change to Synthetic

    Outstanding !!! Good to know the process, while time consuming, doesn't seem too difficult. I'll still probably let some shop do it for me, when time comes to change it. I have just fallen out of love with oils and messes and disposal.
  22. Hello From IRELAND

    Welcome to the site, Chuck. Good luck on your transformation !
  23. Hello from Minnesota

    I know when to change my oil. I tech people how to maintain motorcycles and outboards. BUT, when it's time to get an oil change ... I take my vehicle to Jiffy Lube or some such place. I explain to them what I want. I explain to them that I know my vehicle better than they do, and I need nothing else. I get an oil change and filter, nothing else. I am willing to do $29.00 oil changes more often for the convenience of NOT dealing with the mess and disposal of DIY.
  24. To combat road noise

    It's front wheel drive, don't make it difficult. Jack it up just enough to clear the tire. Spin the wheel and listen for bearing noise. Grab the wheel and try to "wiggle" it. If it clicks on the bearings, you'll here it. If you don't hear anything, then it's likely you don't have bearings failing. Most shops will do a quick check like that for free, or for a minor fee, if you don't feel qualified to check it yourself.
  25. Fuel filler security

    With "screw on" fuel caps ... you are correct. All current models of street legal cars have pressurized fuel systems. This is to reduce the amount of evaporative emissions. The pressure build up has nothing to do with engine performance (as with most E.P.A. regulations) The monitoring systems for this pressure build up are to ensure the emissions reduction hasn't been compromised with modifications or age. With capless systems like our Connects ... it's the "flappers" in the throat of the fuel tube that retain the pressure. The door on the side of the vehicle is merely a decorative feature.