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  1. OK then, I'm officially confused. Everything I've seen here on LED headlight upgrades mention an H11 base ... So I got a pair, only to dig into the TC and find what look to be H13 bases. So, did they change the headlight configuration and wiring on the Gen Two's? Looks to me like my 2011 has combined high and low on the main bulb? The housings still have the smaller H9 bulb that I assUme is only used on high beam, but the main bulb looks to have dual filaments. Hep me, please!
  2. Jacks

    Mine was just parked in a handicap spot ... you'll see a lot of TCs in one ... Maybe the jack just punched thru the sheet metal ... <G> Maybe make a saddle out of some scrap wood for try #2. Stack some plywood squares and add a couple slats deep enough to clear the weld, you get the extra height and spread the load.
  3. I saw #7 today!

    Color me confused ... there's a difference between a standard Transit Connect and a "wagon" ? Excuse my ignorance, but new owner and I pretty much ignored the whole line up until I got one ...
  4. Fun facts that one would have thought would be stressed in the directions that come with the bulbs. I had to go digging some to get this stuff. LED headlight bulbs will have two sets of emitters, one on each side of the bulb. These need to be adjusted to face 3 and 9 o'clock as Fifty150 mentioned earlier, or better yet, parallel to the ground if you've an odd shape headlamp. There's an allen wrench provided so you can loosen the mount and turn the bulb as needed. Best bet is to install it with that screw loose, then turn and mark the bulb. Remove it, tighten it up and yer good. But wait ... there's more! Dual element bulbs have another trick you have to remember so you match the beams to the headlight's orientation. You'll see a shield built into the bulb - that has to go BELOW the emitters when installed. You can also see here the allen screw I mentioned earlier. Directions that came with the bulbs were next best thing to useless, so maybe good to know for anyone else doing this. I'll give it a shot tomorrow and report back with the results. Oh - as Fifty150 mentioned earlier, you can get all sorts of weirdness if you don't align the bulbs properly. Here's a good example with the dual colors and one of the bulbs installed bass ackwards ...
  5. First thing I'd suspect is some sort of ignition interlock. Next time it happens, try shifting out of park and back, and tap the brakes a couple times to see if there might be a sticky relay or something giving you grief. Not sure how smart the smart key is - maybe a dirty reader or something? Try cleaning that with something like DeOxit D5. Put the key in the ignition wet and work it a few times to clean all the contacts too. And of course, if all else fails, ask someone who knows what they're talking about ... <G>
  6. Do 15" steel wheels fit?

    Here's a good place to check on wheel specs ... https://www.wheel-size.com/size/ford/transit-connect/ The critical bits would be stud spacing (5x108), center bore (63.4), and wheel offset (52.5). Get close to those, and whatever wheel you select should work. It's my understanding that pretty much any Focus wheel will fit, but don't quote me on that.
  7. OK then ... ordered a pair of the AuxBeam NF-B2's (H13 - 9008) ... wish me luck!
  8. Standard RV sliders on my 2011 cargo. Lots of different sizes available. I got the WD07's for the side doors, and WD03's for the rears. Also different adapters available for the thickness of the door skins. https://www.teardroptrailerparts.com/pricing.html PS ... that's in Photoshop - haven't built it yet, although all the parts are now in and awaiting assembly ...
  9. Something to look out for, but wondering how it would be possible to install them backwards, as the socket is offset ... Which bulbs did you use that are bi-color? Sounds like an interesting way to go.
  10. Recently picked up on a 2011 TC that already has a 1kw inverter installed. It all works, and should come in handy for short camping trips and such. Nice installation, so no changes required, other than maybe going with a two battery system and solar addon later if I get bored and/or want to go completely off the grid for any extended period of time. Question though ... what the heck is this? The AC plug is usually covered (you can see that hanging below it) but I haven't a clue if that's for an external charger, AC hookup in a campground, or just there to confuse people. Thoughts? PS ... that looks to be an isolator along side the battery, but don't quote me. Always thought those were only on two battery systems anyway? Maybe there's another battery hiding somewhere already and I just haven't found it yet? Or ... maybe that's a cutoff switch to disconnect the inverter if the battery goes under a "safe" limit for starting the TC ... that would make sense.
  11. So, your saying the wiring's already there? Just remove the fake bezels on the bumper and plug in a set of lights? Oh. Funny ha ha ... I clicked on the Amazon link posted earlier, and got a warning from Amazon that it doesn't fit my 2011 TC. Go figure.
  12. So, like ... what happened here? Took a peek at the link on Amazon, and that kit includes wiring, with a dash switch and everything, so I assUme the stock harness doesn't include that unless the TC is ordered that way. Maybe someone who's been there, done that, can chime in, as I'd had the same thoughts for when I get into upgrades here.
  13. Might want to mention what year yours is ...
  14. Nope ... definitely three pins in a line. Just not sure if that arrangement comes in different sizes. Suppose I can trust Amazon? They also seem to think it's a high/low beam. Maybe the earlier TC's had two bulbs burning on high?
  15. Peelable caulk? That should give you a tight seal and allow easy removal of the panels later on if necessary ...
  16. disable automatic door locking on 2010-2013 TC

    Does that work with the back doors as well, or just passenger and side doors?
  17. Not to hijack the thread ... ooPs ... too late! <G> Does Forscan have an option for turning the stock reverse camera on and off? The system on my 2010 kinda looks factory and I get a pilot light on the rear view mirror, but no pic. Kind of a bummer as it's a cargo van with no windows in the back. Be interesting to see if cycling it between on and off might "fix" it. PS ... I've since had another camera installed using my radio head, but it'd be nice to have the original setup on all the time as a rear view mirror. I'm thinking that'd be easy enough to do by jumping or shorting the signal wire from reverse if factory programming doesn't allow that ...
  18. Huh ... just had a double din touch screen with all the toys (including nav) installed in my 2010 by Geek Squad ... popped right in and everything works using an off the shelf Metra converter ...
  19. 2013 transit connect campervan conversion

    Same here ... I'll race ya! <G> Plan is to raise the top of my 2010 cargo TC, add sliding windows to the side and back doors, and a fan on the new roof. I know a guy who knows a guy who will do all that for me. Hope to be doing all the interior work myself once the shell is done, but no big rush there as I can always just roll my bag out on a camping cot to get started. Still considering solar power for true off the grid camping, but that can be added later. It's already got an inverter and dual battery setup, as well as cargo shelving that can be prettied up and used for decent storage and a camp kitchen. Have fun with it!
  20. Tie Down ?

    Begs the question ... why a tow hook? Nothing else for a wrecker to hook onto? I can just see some Winnebago hauling a TC down the road with a snap rope using that pad eye ... <G>
  21. New to me 2012 Transit Connect

    Don't see a screenshot - maybe just me? Picture I posted up is actually the one from the dealer's lot, with my mods photoshopped in. I noticed pretty quick these are like the original Fords ... any color you want, as long as it's black white. Looks like I got a good price on mine - 8K for the utility van version. They also had one with side and back windows for the same price you paid for yours, but I already had plans to install sliders for extra ventilation when camping. That and a roof fan should do the trick. Parts are rolling in. Roof is being built as we speak, and the back and side steps are here, as well as the windows and fans. Bed frame and a bunch of other little fiddlybits should be here shortly. New sound system is already in, and it's already got a heavy duty inverter for AC power. The guy who's gonna do the heavy work says he'll be ready to go in a couple weeks, and it shouldn't take long to get it done.
  22. New to me 2012 Transit Connect

    Just got a 2011 a couple months back ... lost a leg recently in a motorcycle accident and just can't drive my trusty old stick shift Ranger any more ... really love them lil toy trucks, but ya does what ya gotta does I guess. Surprising how easy it is to get in and out though, and the TC is a real pleasure to drive. That four banger and four speed has some decent pep and pickup and has yet to disappoint. Great for putting around town, and plan is to make some mods to accommodate solo overnight camping. Been playing with Photoshop, and so far so good I think ...
  23. You didn't mention your year? Just ordered these ... they're supposed to fit 2010-2013. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003NV9HYS/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=A2NZNDWIGEAQV0&psc=1
  24. Wanna have some fun? Talking to the proud owner of one of these, I happened to mention ... "Nice ... but I have a real one." and showed him a pic of my '69 Mach One ... <G>
  25. Huh - wouldna thought that would be an issue with closed cell foam. Wonder if pre-treating the surfaces with a couple coats of spray PlastiDip would prevent that sort of thing? I've seen folk paint their cars with the stuff and just peel it off when they want a new look, with no damage to the original surface. Personally sprayed several sets of wheels over the years and it's held up well, with no rust or bubbling. Bonus - the plastidip would allow you to remove the foam if you had to for body work and such.