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  1. I've been lurking around this forum for a few months, but today I got my full-member card - 2018 XLT Wagon LWB 7-passenger Magnetic Metallic with roofrack & hitch. A little pricier than the Guard Green XL I ordered, but after 4 months' wait, Ford informed the dealer that they won't be building any more '18s even though I bought in February. GK
  2. I saw #7 today!

    I decided at Christmas that I want an FTC Wagon this year, so I started counting Wagons I see on the road (including driveways & dealers' lots.) (I count vans, too, & that's a double-digit count every day) #1 was a neighbour's driveway that I knew was there (he has since sold it.) #2 was New Year's Eve that convinced me I've made the right decision - a drunk in a Chevy Tahoe burned a light & got T-boned in the left front wheel by a FTCW. Both doing 70 km/h. Family of 4 walked out of the FTC although their car looked like a mass shooting at a Judy Doll factory - limp airbags everywhere! The guy & gal in the Tahoe came out with Jaws of Life... I won't enumerate all the others, (2 in driveways near the dealer I'm going through) but I saw #7 today March 23 in Greenfield Park QC. Are wagons as rare elsewhere as they are in Montreal area? G5
  3. I saw #7 today!

    #25 is now sitting in my driveway! (This is the count of what has been seen from my personal vehicle, not including those I saw from the work truck) Magnetic Metallic XLT 7-passenger with barn doors, trailer hitch & roof rack. (that's what I wanted on an XL) Airplane console, 17" mags & Sync (that's the stuff I didn't want) Global window opening (when it's been in the hot sun in the parking lot for 7 hours, this is NICE!!!!) Missing the electric defrost windshield. When Ford cancels your build after 4 months' wait, you scan the inventory of all the dealers & choose the one that comes closest to your needs. GK
  4. mrtn, at the grandparent level, the youngest to pass was 74 - paternal grandfather. He was born a bluebaby. He was shot in Germany in 1916. He went back to the battle & got hit with a mortar in '18 - he was placed with the dead on that day. They told my grandmother she was crazy to marry him in '23 - he was only gonna live 5 years. He met all his grandchildren! He died 50-1/2 years to the day after the WW1 medic gave him up for dead. The other 3 totalled 274 years... GK
  5. Funny how the receiver on this is a 2" - my pickup has a 1-1/4" receiver with a 3500 lb tow capacity. I like how the lighting plug is solidly fixed to the hitch, unlike the 6' snake in the bed of my truck. GK
  6. On the way home from the dealer, I swung by mom & dad's place to take them out to lunch. 67 years' married, 90 & 93 yrs old... I haven't been able to take them both out since dad gave up the Honda Odyssey 9 years ago. (The disadvantage of having a pickup truck for 10 years...) I wanted them to have the first ride in it. GK
  7. Jacks

    I have access to quite a collection of bumper jacks as we've used them for dozens of tasks at the country place. They would be perfect for converting an FTC back bumper into a spoiler... GK
  8. Jacks

    I've got the same jack & I've yet to find a car it'll do that on. It won't even do a tire change for snow tires - I hate to think of a flat situation where you have to lift the flat sidewall as well as the suspension travel... Can you lift by the axle itself? GK
  9. In Quebec at least, it is illegal to leave the keys in the car. A friend locked her keys in the ignition, panicked, called 911. Cops came, wrote her a $182 ticket for leaving her keys in the car, & left. She found a taxi driver with a kit to get the car opened. My pickup has a cut key in the back deck but without the FOB, it only opens the door - will not start. I figure the only reason I'll need it is when I lock the key in the ignition anyway... GK
  10. The '19 has a manual 6-speed or an automatic 8-speed. Also offers a diesel option. I'm also a manual transmission fan, and a diesel fan, but I do not want a drive-train on its' first year of North American emissions standards. I'll jump on a 2021, however... GK
  11. Battery Jump Starter?

    Don't want to slime up a TPMS sensor but those cord plugs work well. If you live in colder climates, matches & candles would be a good addition in wintertime. Just don't put it on the dashboard or you'll crack the windshield. (Don't tell my boss I know this - now!) GK
  12. Fuel filler security

    He complained to the boss about my accusation, I told the boss about this exchange, the boss watched him & fired him within days...
  13. Fuel filler security

    I suspected someone was stealing gas a few years ago - put a locking gas cap on my pickup truck. About 4 months later, a colleague at work asked me about it. "SHHH! You, me & the guy stealing my gas are the only two people who know about that!" GK
  14. New to Forum - Hello!

    I also play music (would not consider myself a "musician") & am anxiously awaiting my FTC to answer that eternal question: "How many ukulele players fit in a Transit Connect Wagon?" GK
  15. Patience... Patience

    A buddy runs a rustproof shop - white & silver rust quicker than almost all other colours, probably because the sun doesn't warm it as much as other paints & the condensation doesn't dry out of the door panels. Hence white & silver being on my 'no fly' list... GK
  16. Patience... Patience

    Just a quick note to say hello while I'm waiting for Ford to build my wagon... (This may go on for a page or two...) I ordered an XL Wagon two weeks ago, after noticing them on the streets for over a decade. I'm in my mid-50s & so far I've only owned two cars. I figure I'll only own two more before I hang up the permit, so I want THIS ONE to be new. My first was a '69 Chevy & I loved the cameraderie of Old Chevy Owners waving to each other. My latest is a '04 Mazda B & I'd need one of those suction-cup wavey hands in the window to cover all the other B pickups I see... I rented a TC van to live with one longer than the 12 minutes the dealer gives you to "test drive," most of which is spent with the salesman yakking in your ear. I found it quite nice - it's not a truck but it's not a car, either. Passing semi-trucks don't blow it off the road and the Traction Control (on the '15 I rented) doesn't make you car-sick as it searches for asphalt in the snow. (I hope the traction control hasn't been updated in the last 3 years...) I camp in the back of my truck frequently, but I am also tired of going out with friends & having to wait for them to catch a bus when we change locations because the pickup has only 2 seats... And I didn't want "my father's" minivan. As I said, I like the "rare birds" of the road, & the other vehicles to suit my needs (Mazda 5, Volks Sportwagen) are all over the place. So are TCs, come to think of it, but they've all got a logo where I will have Windows... 8-) Keith
  17. Patience... Patience

    In stock 300 km away was a fully-loaded silver Titanium. (Silver & white are a definite no-go for me.) Calgary area had exactly the XL equipment list I want - black. 6-8 weeks. meh. My dealer had a naked XL on order. "Oh, we can install everything you want except the frost-free windshield..." White, 6-seater, and I've met some mechanics at dealerships - thanks, I'll wait. GK
  18. Patience... Patience

    Three months in, & I phoned my salesman - still no news... GK
  19. Should I change transmission fluid

    Owners' manual for the '18 has recommended interval for auto transmission oil change at 240000 km - I don't even leave a manual trans oil that long! "Heavy service" interval is 96000 km - much more reasonable. GK
  20. Battery Jump Starter?

    Realise that these jumper packs are good when you leave your headlights on. However, when your car is 15 years old & a hard starter, and it's -25 degrees out, they can't do much for you... not like jumper cables off a running car. Unfortunately, modern computer control systems in cars means a split-second inattention with old-fashion jumpers can cause $1500 damage in a heartbeat. GK
  21. New to me 2012 Transit Connect

    Also, good luck on the camper. I also camp in my Mazda B3000 and I'm gonna miss the 5-speed. I know the '19 FTC could tickle many of my fancies with 6-speed & turbodiesel, but I don't want a "first edition" on the North American market. GK
  22. New to me 2012 Transit Connect

    "Any colour you want, as long as it's white." Cargo van is available white, silver, red, black, or school bus yellow. Most companies want white to put their logo on it, so the dealers' stock is almost entirely white. Seeing a 6-month wait to get a custom-built FTC, you can understand why companies take what's on the lot. GK
  23. New to me 2012 Transit Connect

    I ordered a new '18 wagon 3 months ago - tired of going out to meet with friends & we decide "Let's go catch a film..." followed by "I can give one of you a ride in the pickup - the rest of you can catch a bus..." Tired of my ukulele club doing a road trip & always having to ride as passenger in the carpool group... If you're expecting the TC to be a truck or to be a full minivan, you'll be disappointed. If you realise that it's a Focus with a real big trunk, you're golden. GK
  24. anyone ready to talk about the 2019 FTC?

    I ordered my '18 specifically to get one with as little electronic crap possible. The salesman tried to push my stereo up to sync, saying how convenient to hook it to my cellphone. I dropped my flippie DumbPhone on his desk & told him to give of the apps. But I'd love a turbodiesel & manual transmission! GK