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  1. Just purchased a 2018 Transit Connect!

    Oh, and DCRC set out his list of options... Priorities change between Texas & Canada, eh? I'm getting electric heated windshield, heated mirrors, plug-in engine block heater, & snowtires... And the radio upgraded. GK
  2. Just purchased a 2018 Transit Connect!

    BD is listing all the self-driving apparatus on his Volt & that's exactly why I'm buying a brand-new 2018 base-model car, so I can get something without all that crap, & drive it awhile. I keep cars a LONG time (Nova 16 years, present pickup 10 yrs) so I'm ordering EXACTLY what I want. The Ford website listed my dealer (45 km away) as having an XL TC Wagon "in stock," it turns out it's wrapped & in limousine service for the dealer. The only thing I wanted to check out was status of the cavern when all the seats folded into the floor. It's "as advertised" so I wrote a cheque. I also saw 2 wagons on the residential streets near the dealership in my one trip up there. In my town, I've only seen one wagon in 12 years I've lived here. ('Cause the local dealer says "doesn't exist...") GK
  3. Just purchased a 2018 Transit Connect!

    Are American dealers stocking the passenger wagon? Here in Quebec, I had one dealer tell me "it doesn't exist" & one dealer offer me a fully loaded Titanium "cause that's what we've got within 300 km." I found a dealer with FTC as his limousines, & 6 wagons on order, 8 vans on the lot. (His neighbourhood is also the only place I've seen a TC wagon on a driveway.) I ordered through him in February & I'll probably see it in July... (I'm also a diesel fan & wanted a manual shift but I'll let somebody else be the guinea pig for the first ones.) GK
  4. hub cap suggestions

    I haven't received my '18 FTC yet, but I'm already shopping for allow wheels for April '19. I'll use the steelies for my snowtires. Stock hubcaps just scream "CHEAP!!" on the XL. RTX has the plugs you need for the extra bolt holes. I'm sure other distributors do, too. I wish all mag wheel websites were as organised as Tirerack. Enter the size & they show you the 32 wheels that fit. I went to one site where I had to click on all 156 wheels on the site to find that they only had two with 5x108 & 16" diameter... Tirerack has good prices up front until you figure in the $274.18 shipping charge to get 4 rims to Canada. GK
  5. WISH LIST!!!!

    On my wish list is a button (a combination of buttons) on the remote that opens all the windows automatically as you approach the car in a hot parking lot. I say "combination" because Honda had this for awhile - a friend found his car packed full of snow when he pocket-dialled his remote in the middle of the night. GK
  6. What color is your Transit Connect Wagon?

    I ordered mine even though the dealer has 3 "for stock" on order - XL Frozen White, XLT in Silver, Titanium in Race Red. There's one acceptable colour here & it's $7g over my budget. The XL is absolutely naked & the XLT literally ticked every option I don't want & passed by everything I do. I gotta look at it for 10-15 years - I want it to be pleasing to my eye! I can wait a few months for that. GK
  7. What color is your Transit Connect Wagon?

    OSF: "Solar" is marketing term for dog puke. 8-) I would call it "wheat" or "harvest," it's kinda straw yellow. GK
  8. What color is your Transit Connect Wagon?

    Mom asked: "Why do you order a DARK GREEN van?" "'Cause I'd have to buy a fleet of 5 of them to get it in School Bus Yellow...." GK
  9. Thanks, OSG. I enjoy radio around town but prefer to dj myself on the open road. fumbling with an mp3 player is more awkward than just inserting a disc... I guess I'll have to invest in an iPod or clone. GK
  10. I volunteer for Opération Nez Rouge, a drive-you-home-safe-when-you've-partaken-too-much-Christmas-cheer service. The car dealers provide us with the chase-cars. Team of 3 come to your party, 2 drive you home in your car while I follow, then we're off to the next merrymaker. All donations go to the youth drop-in centre. Had a Ford Focus with the high-end audio - took me over 30 seconds to change a preset radio station when the GPS was active. Tap, tap, tap, tap uhh - who's driving the car?
  11. GBL thats what I have ordered & that's what I want. DonR there's no point getting sync & Bluetooth when medical issues preclude me ever having a smartphone & not many apps available for a flippie... But does the basic CD player read MP3 discs, or a USB stick? GK
  12. Patience... Patience

    GBL: Push-rod straight-6 with a carburetor & breaker-point ignition, on a three-speed gearbox, versus Overhead Cam V6 with multi-port fuel injection & computer-controlled 25000-volt coils, with a five-speed overdrive manual...
  13. My 2018 XL Wagon is currently no more than a pile of paperwork in a Ford factory in Spain.... I upgraded one level from the stock AM/FM, adding in the CD player. I do NOT want anything touch-screen because changing radio stations should NOT be as distracting as texting while driving. I know I have a 3.5mm audio plug in the console to hook up an MP3 player. I know a lot of cars have a USB port that will read music direct from a stick, and a lot of CD players will read MP3 files on CD-ROM. Is there anything like this on my FTC? I'm transferring 300+ CDs to a memory stick right now, hoping I can either plug it directly or I can burn about 25 CD-ROMs & carry my entire library with me. I never know, pulling out of Montreal, what I want to be listening to in Boston... GK
  14. Patience... Patience

    BSUPC: '69 Chevy Nova with a straight-6, 3-on-the-tree, manual steering & manual brakes. Same weight as my Mazda B, & you'd think with 35 years of technology & aerodynamics, they'd find a way to save fuel on an 1800kg chunk of iron. They haven't. But I don't miss doing tune-ups every 3500 miles... breaker-point ignition! GK
  15. Patience... Patience

    Just a quick note to say hello while I'm waiting for Ford to build my wagon... (This may go on for a page or two...) I ordered an XL Wagon two weeks ago, after noticing them on the streets for over a decade. I'm in my mid-50s & so far I've only owned two cars. I figure I'll only own two more before I hang up the permit, so I want THIS ONE to be new. My first was a '69 Chevy & I loved the cameraderie of Old Chevy Owners waving to each other. My latest is a '04 Mazda B & I'd need one of those suction-cup wavey hands in the window to cover all the other B pickups I see... I rented a TC van to live with one longer than the 12 minutes the dealer gives you to "test drive," most of which is spent with the salesman yakking in your ear. I found it quite nice - it's not a truck but it's not a car, either. Passing semi-trucks don't blow it off the road and the Traction Control (on the '15 I rented) doesn't make you car-sick as it searches for asphalt in the snow. (I hope the traction control hasn't been updated in the last 3 years...) I camp in the back of my truck frequently, but I am also tired of going out with friends & having to wait for them to catch a bus when we change locations because the pickup has only 2 seats... And I didn't want "my father's" minivan. As I said, I like the "rare birds" of the road, & the other vehicles to suit my needs (Mazda 5, Volks Sportwagen) are all over the place. So are TCs, come to think of it, but they've all got a logo where I will have Windows... 8-) Keith