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  1. Wheel Size Question

    WOW, hadn't seen one of those in a very long time! I had an 84 model with the biplane rear wing and the telephone dial wheels. The later ones just had the lower rear wing. For it's day it was a very quick car. I disconnected the boost control solenoid which made it even quicker. Didn't have quite the acceleration of the Mustang GT but all it took to beat one was a slow launch or bauble by the GT - can't remember how I know that. They didn't have an intercooler which was the biggest problem. Oil from the turbo would would the mass air flow sensor. Mine had that problem but I didn't know it till years after I sold it. When I sold it my youngest son begged me to get it back. Selling it was THE single dumbest car move I've made! Bought a used Mercedes 190E from a friend and that turned out to be the WORST car I've ever owned. Traded it on a '91 BMW 318iS which was the best car I've owned. We had 4 kids so couldn't all go somewhere in my car, many times my wife volunteered to stay at home while the kids and I went to McDonalds. Thanks for bringing some good memories back.
  2. Welcome! Nice wagon, Good to get both the hitch and the roof bars. I don't leave the hitch in the receiver just so I won't bust my shin. Congrats on your parents, not many people achieve either of those.
  3. I think they are on the upper level trip packages. Mine is a Titanium and it has something other than black plastic up there, not sure if it has lights or not. Your Ford dealer might need to just look at the parts diagrams for the lights - I just looked at the parts diagrams I have and didn't see them but the diagrams are not that good.
  4. Painting body moldings

    My first thought was to spray them with Plasti Dip, it’s matt but they have a glossifier. I think it’s possible to paint, I’m no expert, seems like the paint is the same as used for plastic bumper caps - has a flex agent or something in it.
  5. 2014+ Lowering Springs

    Looks very nice.
  6. Jacks

    Now this is how to jack a van :-)
  7. Love the photo of the battery terminal! Had a BMW with a battery in the trunk. Replacement batteries had to have a vent tube to vent to the outside. Smart car battery is under passenger floor mat and it has a vent as well. Nice thing about the two vehicles I've had with batteries out of the engine compartment is how well they last. Many years ago I looked at a used Alfa Romeo Gulietta Sprint which had the battery in the trunk. The battery in that one had exploded! In those days don't think the batteries were sealed and vented to the outside.
  8. Good to hear you probably have your issue resolved. I have learned the hard way its best to systematically check to determine the problem. Had a motorcycle that would crank so I replaced the battery, it died on the way home so I replaced the voltage regulator. Finally I looked at the stator (alternator equivalent) and it had a burned coil! Along the way learned a lot about how the electrical system on a motorcycle works.
  9. Knew there was battery in the rear but didn't realize it was AGM. It just sits back there and works. Love the progress on the van, learning lots about mods. Unfortunately I don't have time to do much at the moment. I have a VW with a turbo motor - I'm done owning VW's!!!! 75,000 miles and major engine problems. Working on it makes me appreciate the underwood space in the TC. It's not perfect and the trans fluid change is a hassle but nothing like the wonderfulness designed by VW.
  10. Welcome! Good to hear, intermittent electrical problems can be very difficult to troubleshoot. Time and patience are good tools. As has been suggested the scan tool interface and Forscan program are a great way to check it out. Curious about the history of the vehicle. I have a '16 TC Titanium which I bought new in November of last year - got a great deal and drove 300 miles to get it.
  11. Oil Change

    I've always used full synthetic. Not particularly a fan of synthetic blends. IMO the advantage of synthetic oil is it's ability to withstand higher temperatures without breaking down. If you haven't been to the site Bob is the Oil Guy or something like that, there is some very interesting reading and lots of technical information and many opinions. The higher the temperature in the engine the better the efficiency so manufactures have tended to run them hotter which is harder on the oil. Add in turbochargers and it is even more challenging but well understood by most manufactures. In general the todays engines are remarkable trouble free. In the high performance motorcycle communities it gets very interesting. Seems like for every 10 people there are at least 15 opinions on oil or so it seems. In my motorcycle I have run lots of different oils ranging from "basic" Mobile 1 synthetic to Red Line synthetic to Motul synthetic. Currently running Castrol synthetic motorcycle racing oil and it's still running. Was playing a bit yesterday and shifted a few time at about 15,000RPM with no problems (redline is 16,000 RPM). However I currently have a VW 2.0 TSI turbo apart in the garage because of metal in the oil pan!!!! 75,000 miles and the timing chain tensioner failed! Looks like I'll get by with a new tensioner and oil pump. This is the 2nd VW turbo motor I've had catastrophically fail even though using good oil and regularly changing. The older VW turbo's were brutal on the oil and even fully synthetic Mobile 1 would sludge! Have to run the VW spec oil and then are lucky if it doesn't have an internal mechanical failure. All that to say on my TC about to change oil for the first time at 5,000 miles. Don't have a indicator up but don't want to go too long. I'll put full synthetic Castrol 5-20 in it. IMO these are well designed engines which are not hard on the engine oil and should last a very long time with regular oil changes. When the engine is cold I always let it warm a bit before driving off and am always gently with the acceleration until its warmed up.
  12. Oil Change

    I used to run some aftermarket filters but was always particular as to which ones. Now I stick closer to the manufacture recommended. Last year K&N had a run of motorcycle filters that would open up - separate base from can! Not good on a motorcycle when it gets on the rear tire. It was so bad many tracks outright banned K&N oil filters. Seems like a lot of companies chase lower manufacturing costs but loose control of quality. I’m about to change my TC oil for the first time and was contemplating Castro. Vs Mobile 1. I run Castrol motorcycle oil in my Ninja which has a 16,000RPM redline and power get big at about 8,000RPM. The first engine mechanical failure I’ve seen is my sons VW turbo which we found large metal flakes and a small screen in the oil pan hI refer to it as VW’s special oil additive). Working on that makes me appreciate the underhood area of the TC.
  13. new to forum

    Welcome, 2016 is a great year :-)
  14. New to Forum - Hello!

    Welcome, like the color. Totally agree with you on the low load height. I haul my scooter in the back and it's nice not having to roll it up a steep ramp - or have so far to fall if I mess up! Looks like your is the wagon version with the seats. I have the big WeatherTech mat that goes over the top of the seats when they are folded. Not only does it protect them but does bridge some of the gaps. I've also taken out the rear seats and it works well that way as well. Currently I've got one of the rear seats in. There are some great threads from some very clever folks on how they have modified their TCs.
  15. Patience... Patience

    Yes, that’s exactly how I wound up with a white Titanium. Totally agree on dealer installing stuff although the dealer service on my Volt has been first class the one time I had an issue. I don’t hate white but would have rather had a red or green.
  16. Few interior questions

    I’ve only removed the rear seats and they were not difficult - heavier than you might think. As I recall the bolts are Torx 55, 2 in the front and 2 in the back. Slid the seat forward and did the back 2 and then slid sear back to do the front 2. Lift up and out. I think the middle ones are a bit more complicated but will worry about that when I do it. Currently running with just one of the rear seats in.
  17. Patience... Patience

    Congratulations on your new van. We need photos, I can understand ordering, you can pick color and options.
  18. 2017 TC Titanium Impressions

    Good review, ive had my ‘16 for 6 months and have only put 4,500 Miles on it (would have has less but my son’s car broke and he’s been driving my City car). Totally agree about the 2.0 eco boost engine. Not sure gas mileage would have been worse. My neighborhood is hilly and if I don’t get some interstate driving in I’m below 20 mpg. Even on the interstate I only get 25 maybe 26 on the interstate. Just returned from Itally where I saw a few Transit Connects as well as a smaller Ford van. My rental was a C Max Grand which I can only describe as a slightly bigger C Max with sliding rear side doors and two fold down seats in the back for a total of 7 seats. In the middle row the center seat would fold and stow under the right seat which was nice when traveling. It had a diesel which got about 40 mpg at 80mph which is the speed limit on the Autostrada. Not much acceleration though. Transmission was the automatic with a clutch instead of a torque converter. Several of the places we went had steep narrow and twisty streets particularly Monaco. It was a challenge to drive it so that the clutch wasn’t slipping too much. I noticed other cars in stop and go driving moving a car length at a time rather than very slowly creaping. I would prefer a 10 speed auto over that one. An amusing part was it had the Ford MyKey which the rental agency had taken advantage of to set max speed at 140 kph which is 10 above the speed limit and not a problem usually. However due to inaccuracy in the speedometer it was actually 135 kph which gave me no ability to speed up to get around the vehicle going just a bit slower.
  19. disable automatic door locking on 2010-2013 TC

    Just returned from a trip to Italy and Monaco. Had a Ford C-Max Grand rental car. It's a C-Max but a bit longer with two fold down seats in the back for a total of 7 seats. As I would expect a lot of the controls were very similar to my '16 Transit Connect. It had a really cool display in the info part of the dash which had 7 boxes corresponding to the seats. A fastened seat belt had a green check and if unfastened it changed to red. The driver could immediately tell who had unbuckled. It was a very nice system and I wondered if my Transit Connect could be programed to show the same thing. We went to Monaco for the Historic Races. One of the groups was the pre war cars. It was amazing to watch them and see how fast they would go. These are cars from the 20's and 30's. The drivers did not wear seat belts! Monaco is a street course and is not a place to make a serious mistake. I was amazed at how hard they were driving. For the gear heads out there the sounds were amazing. Attached photo is not one of my best but does show the driver and lack of seat belt and roll bar.
  20. Michelin make lots of different tires including some great high performance tires. For years I’ve stayed away from “hard” tires due to their lack of performance. Usually don’t run Michelin’s due to higher cost but have had some and they had a good combination of performance and durability and were very smooth. My Volt currently has Continental tires which are a major impediment over OEM Goodyear’s. But lost some range and mileage. Buying tires used to be simple, now it’s complex with lots of choices and price points. Reviews from places like Tire Rack can be helpful. A side note is motorcycle tires. Michelin make arguably the best sport touring tire with a great combination of wet and dry performance and good traction in the cold. They have a hard compound in the center of the tread and a soft compound on the sides (for cornering) so they last well but not at the expense of handling. For me the rears last 12,000 to 15,000 Miles. My current Ninja ZX6R got 4,000 miles out of the ORM rear - “hypersport” Bridgestone S20.
  21. Thanks for the info on the DRLs. A comment on the global window opening. Have this feature on my Volt and every once and a while I'll accidentally press the key fob while in my pocket by sitting on it or leaning on something and all the windows will roll down and it will unlock. Not a problem in the garage but a pain when it's outside. Happened in the rain one time. For now I just don't keep the key fob in my pocket.
  22. Update, had hauled my Metropolitan scooter a few times putting it on top of the folded seats. It weighs 165 pounds so not hard to roll in. Had to take mirrors and top case off. Last week took out the back seats which was very easy except for lifting them out. They are not real heavy but awkward to lift up and out without help. Put my WeatherTech cargo mat down and a 3 x 3 MDF board on top and rolled the scooter in. Still had to take mirrors off but not the top case. I used three straps and it was very stable with no movement at all. Used a mat from IKEA at the back to go over the bumper when rolling the scooter in. Next time I'm going to get something to go between the seat and the strap. It didn't hurt it this time but worry about doing it frequently. Made a nice place to step and not worry about dirt and grime scratching the bumper. The front wheel rolls into the space between the two middle seats and the dropdown is nice in holding it in place. Also the Metropolitan has a center stand lock which keeps it from folding if it should move forward a bit. Thinking of making a wheel chock for the front which would make it easier to roll in and strap down and give me something to practice welding on. At the racetrack a scooter is extremely useful to get around on. Not only does it haul me and my gear but I also put a soft cooler with cokes and ice on the floorboard. That way I can get refreshed, cooled and caffeinated :-) Sometimes I do put some water in there as well.
  23. Thanks Don for the description. Didn’t realize transmission had a cooler - warmer. Wonder if a malfunction of the control valve could cause issues. Temps would be elevated by the amount of heat picked up in the engine. Not enough caffeine yet so not thinking clearly but might raise temps by 40 or 50 desgrees but again could be enough to cause fluid to be above breakdown temperatures. Trying to figure why a warmer is needed, maybe for better shifts when cold. Here 10 degrees F is very cold so probably not as much of an issue. If if I was going to be regularly hauling think I’d be very seriously considering a cooler, good idea from G B L to monitor temperatures with a scanner. Have the interface and software but haven’t gone beyond testing to see if it works. On my VW’s have found it the be a handy tool particularly with a passenger monitoring. Edit: fixed what autocorrect fixed for me
  24. New to me 2014 Transit Connect SWB

    Welcome, love that color. Great photo, looks like you are not the only one excited about the new van. Interested in how you like the springs, I have the LWB. Not unhappy with handling but open to improvements.
  25. The battery is a fairly well understood part and possible could be retrofitted if it failed. The electric motor I would expect to be quite reliable as well. The power electronics and the controls for them would be a major question mark. To me bigger questions are stuff like how do the AC and heater work? Is it a heat pump like the Leaf or does it heat water like the Volt? Depending on the source those could be problem areas in a 6 year old car. Stuff like radiators (if it has them) are not so much of an issue. Battery in my Volt has been perfect but do know that it only uses the capacity between 20% and 80% and it is heated and cooled. That would be my base line and I'd compare the TC EV battery life expectancy to that. A good check would be the range on a moderate (60 degree F) day now versus when new. Totally agree with GBL's question! If it is cheap enough then I'd look at the residual value with a failed battery or electronics and that would be my value at risk. There are folks around who like to tinker with electric vehicles and a descent system would be of some value to them. I'm not familiar with Azure but did see their parts and other assets were bought by someone else in 2012. If it's super cheap and you really like the EV drive the I'd say go for it. If it's in the same price range as a used 2012 then I'd run. Edit: please keep us updated on your decision and if possible some photos would be nice.