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  1. Wheel Size Question

    WOW, hadn't seen one of those in a very long time! I had an 84 model with the biplane rear wing and the telephone dial wheels. The later ones just had the lower rear wing. For it's day it was a very quick car. I disconnected the boost control solenoid which made it even quicker. Didn't have quite the acceleration of the Mustang GT but all it took to beat one was a slow launch or bauble by the GT - can't remember how I know that. They didn't have an intercooler which was the biggest problem. Oil from the turbo would would the mass air flow sensor. Mine had that problem but I didn't know it till years after I sold it. When I sold it my youngest son begged me to get it back. Selling it was THE single dumbest car move I've made! Bought a used Mercedes 190E from a friend and that turned out to be the WORST car I've ever owned. Traded it on a '91 BMW 318iS which was the best car I've owned. We had 4 kids so couldn't all go somewhere in my car, many times my wife volunteered to stay at home while the kids and I went to McDonalds. Thanks for bringing some good memories back.
  2. Welcome! Nice wagon, Good to get both the hitch and the roof bars. I don't leave the hitch in the receiver just so I won't bust my shin. Congrats on your parents, not many people achieve either of those.
  3. I think they are on the upper level trip packages. Mine is a Titanium and it has something other than black plastic up there, not sure if it has lights or not. Your Ford dealer might need to just look at the parts diagrams for the lights - I just looked at the parts diagrams I have and didn't see them but the diagrams are not that good.
  4. Painting body moldings

    My first thought was to spray them with Plasti Dip, it’s matt but they have a glossifier. I think it’s possible to paint, I’m no expert, seems like the paint is the same as used for plastic bumper caps - has a flex agent or something in it.
  5. 2014+ Lowering Springs

    Looks very nice.
  6. Jacks

    Now this is how to jack a van :-)
  7. Love the photo of the battery terminal! Had a BMW with a battery in the trunk. Replacement batteries had to have a vent tube to vent to the outside. Smart car battery is under passenger floor mat and it has a vent as well. Nice thing about the two vehicles I've had with batteries out of the engine compartment is how well they last. Many years ago I looked at a used Alfa Romeo Gulietta Sprint which had the battery in the trunk. The battery in that one had exploded! In those days don't think the batteries were sealed and vented to the outside.
  8. Good to hear you probably have your issue resolved. I have learned the hard way its best to systematically check to determine the problem. Had a motorcycle that would crank so I replaced the battery, it died on the way home so I replaced the voltage regulator. Finally I looked at the stator (alternator equivalent) and it had a burned coil! Along the way learned a lot about how the electrical system on a motorcycle works.
  9. Knew there was battery in the rear but didn't realize it was AGM. It just sits back there and works. Love the progress on the van, learning lots about mods. Unfortunately I don't have time to do much at the moment. I have a VW with a turbo motor - I'm done owning VW's!!!! 75,000 miles and major engine problems. Working on it makes me appreciate the underwood space in the TC. It's not perfect and the trans fluid change is a hassle but nothing like the wonderfulness designed by VW.
  10. Welcome! Good to hear, intermittent electrical problems can be very difficult to troubleshoot. Time and patience are good tools. As has been suggested the scan tool interface and Forscan program are a great way to check it out. Curious about the history of the vehicle. I have a '16 TC Titanium which I bought new in November of last year - got a great deal and drove 300 miles to get it.
  11. Oil Change

    I've always used full synthetic. Not particularly a fan of synthetic blends. IMO the advantage of synthetic oil is it's ability to withstand higher temperatures without breaking down. If you haven't been to the site Bob is the Oil Guy or something like that, there is some very interesting reading and lots of technical information and many opinions. The higher the temperature in the engine the better the efficiency so manufactures have tended to run them hotter which is harder on the oil. Add in turbochargers and it is even more challenging but well understood by most manufactures. In general the todays engines are remarkable trouble free. In the high performance motorcycle communities it gets very interesting. Seems like for every 10 people there are at least 15 opinions on oil or so it seems. In my motorcycle I have run lots of different oils ranging from "basic" Mobile 1 synthetic to Red Line synthetic to Motul synthetic. Currently running Castrol synthetic motorcycle racing oil and it's still running. Was playing a bit yesterday and shifted a few time at about 15,000RPM with no problems (redline is 16,000 RPM). However I currently have a VW 2.0 TSI turbo apart in the garage because of metal in the oil pan!!!! 75,000 miles and the timing chain tensioner failed! Looks like I'll get by with a new tensioner and oil pump. This is the 2nd VW turbo motor I've had catastrophically fail even though using good oil and regularly changing. The older VW turbo's were brutal on the oil and even fully synthetic Mobile 1 would sludge! Have to run the VW spec oil and then are lucky if it doesn't have an internal mechanical failure. All that to say on my TC about to change oil for the first time at 5,000 miles. Don't have a indicator up but don't want to go too long. I'll put full synthetic Castrol 5-20 in it. IMO these are well designed engines which are not hard on the engine oil and should last a very long time with regular oil changes. When the engine is cold I always let it warm a bit before driving off and am always gently with the acceleration until its warmed up.
  12. Oil Change

    I used to run some aftermarket filters but was always particular as to which ones. Now I stick closer to the manufacture recommended. Last year K&N had a run of motorcycle filters that would open up - separate base from can! Not good on a motorcycle when it gets on the rear tire. It was so bad many tracks outright banned K&N oil filters. Seems like a lot of companies chase lower manufacturing costs but loose control of quality. I’m about to change my TC oil for the first time and was contemplating Castro. Vs Mobile 1. I run Castrol motorcycle oil in my Ninja which has a 16,000RPM redline and power get big at about 8,000RPM. The first engine mechanical failure I’ve seen is my sons VW turbo which we found large metal flakes and a small screen in the oil pan hI refer to it as VW’s special oil additive). Working on that makes me appreciate the underhood area of the TC.
  13. new to forum

    Welcome, 2016 is a great year :-)
  14. New to Forum - Hello!

    Welcome, like the color. Totally agree with you on the low load height. I haul my scooter in the back and it's nice not having to roll it up a steep ramp - or have so far to fall if I mess up! Looks like your is the wagon version with the seats. I have the big WeatherTech mat that goes over the top of the seats when they are folded. Not only does it protect them but does bridge some of the gaps. I've also taken out the rear seats and it works well that way as well. Currently I've got one of the rear seats in. There are some great threads from some very clever folks on how they have modified their TCs.
  15. Patience... Patience

    Yes, that’s exactly how I wound up with a white Titanium. Totally agree on dealer installing stuff although the dealer service on my Volt has been first class the one time I had an issue. I don’t hate white but would have rather had a red or green.