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  1. The battery is a fairly well understood part and possible could be retrofitted if it failed. The electric motor I would expect to be quite reliable as well. The power electronics and the controls for them would be a major question mark. To me bigger questions are stuff like how do the AC and heater work? Is it a heat pump like the Leaf or does it heat water like the Volt? Depending on the source those could be problem areas in a 6 year old car. Stuff like radiators (if it has them) are not so much of an issue. Battery in my Volt has been perfect but do know that it only uses the capacity between 20% and 80% and it is heated and cooled. That would be my base line and I'd compare the TC EV battery life expectancy to that. A good check would be the range on a moderate (60 degree F) day now versus when new. Totally agree with GBL's question! If it is cheap enough then I'd look at the residual value with a failed battery or electronics and that would be my value at risk. There are folks around who like to tinker with electric vehicles and a descent system would be of some value to them. I'm not familiar with Azure but did see their parts and other assets were bought by someone else in 2012. If it's super cheap and you really like the EV drive the I'd say go for it. If it's in the same price range as a used 2012 then I'd run. Edit: please keep us updated on your decision and if possible some photos would be nice.
  2. I saw #7 today!

    Wagons are rare here. When I was looking last summer seemed to be a number of used ones for sale that had come from rental fleets. When I say a good number that is with a 500 mile search radius on GarGurus or AutoTrader. I have only seen 5 or 6 wagons since I bought mine. They are rare here The van version is everywhere!
  3. Have a set of WeatherTech mats in my '16. I finally put the hold down things that came with them in because the drivers side slides a bit but not bad. Do a great job of holding the dirt, leaves, small rocks and water that gets tracked in.
  4. Sorry no photos of it but have hauled my Honda Metropolitan scooter a few times on top of the seats. Folded all of the seats, put WeatherTech mat over the seats and a 3' square piece of MDF board on top of the mat. Rolled the scooter in and put the center stand down. That was the hardest part until I realized a piece of pipe over the leaver would work just fine to leaver the stand down. It also has a lock for the stand so it will not roll off. Used tie downs to fasten the luggage rack on the scooter to the anchors on the floor in the rear. The front wheel goes down between the two middle seats (have 6 seat configuration). It rides just fine. If I were to haul long distances would take rear seats out and tie it down more securely. Just finished a trailer build. Started with a vintage Holsclaw dirt bike trailer from the 80's. I picked it up at an estate sale. It is an interesting design with coil springs and shock absorbers. Complete disassemble, removed the rust and old paint. Painted and reassembled everything using new bolts and nuts. Also replaced the shock absorbers. Instead of putting the dirt bike rails back on I replaced the front crossmember with a piece of unistrut and built a 7 foot deck out of 5/4" x 6"deck boards. I love how in the lumber world 5/4 = 1 inch! The front and rear of the deck are caped with steel angle 1 1/4" x 1 1/4". On the front of the deck I mounted a Harbor Freight motorcycle wheel chock. The two parts that stick up above the base can be removed very easily which makes it easier to haul stuff like lumber or plywood. For plywood I'll have to make a stand so that it will be above the fenders. The capacity is a little less than 700 pounds which is more than enough for my 420 pound motorcycle. It is narrower than the TC which I like but cannot see it in the rear view mirrors except when turning. The fenders came from Northern Tool - because they were close, unstuck and inexpensive. LED lights from Amazon were installed and work very well. I have the factory towing package.
  5. Looking to get a diesel

    I have a 2013 Volt with over 50,000 miles. My battery is still very good but what has been not so good for my range are the Contentinental tires. They are eco or green but not as efficient as the OEM tires. However the improvement in stopping and cornering capability is a good tradeoff for me. One of my other vehicles is a Kawasaki ZX6R 636 which is a very fast Supersport motorcycle. The Volt does not accelerate, corner or stop like it does and switching between them takes a bit of paying attention, like don't pull out and hit the accelerator expecting instant acceleration. :-o
  6. That is very impressive. Cant't think of anything I need but will keep you in mind.
  7. Should I change transmission fluid

    mrtn, I need the name of the dealership. I'm retired but it would be nice to have a job where I got paid for not thinking :-) I would get the fluid changed. Years ago had a Safari van and the transmission started shifting less than perfectly. Took it to the local Express Oil change and the did the two bucket method which was really cool to watch. Got rid of the van with 200,000 miles on it and the transmission was still great. Had an early Ford Taurus that had the transmission rebuilt by Ford at 10,000 miles, it self destructed at 50,000 miles on vacation was taken to the cleaners by AAMCO - should have had local dealer do it. The original problem was hard downsifts when almost stopped. Local AAMCO fixed that problem when wee took it in to have it checked after the vacation rebuild - rear motor/transmission mount. It is so refreshing when you run into someone who knows how diagnose and fix things.
  8. That is the first time I've heard that. Probably overtightened and possible cross threaded . Sounds like you have tried the helicoil fix, you are on the best path at this point. These engines are shared with other Ford cars particularly the Focus so would think a head would not be too difficult to get for a reasonable price. I have the 2nd (US) generation and don't know as much about the 1st gen but have seen some posts about wheel bearings and transmissions. I bought an interface off Amazon and downloaded the Forscan software so I can read the codes and reset stuff, better than the generic diagnostic code readers. Not sure how well it works with the 1st gen. With reasonable care I think these engines are reliable. I like the layout under the hood, much better than some other cars I've owned - GMC Safari and VW New Beetle turbo to name a couple of the worst for getting to stuff. Have been dealing with my son's VW 2.0 turbo recently. His oil pressure light came on at idle the other day. Took it to a place and they checked it and swapped switch to a diesel version (lower set point). I'm NOT OK with that fix but it got him home, now I get to diagnose it while he's driving my Volt! He's about to graduate so almost done fixing his car :-) Checked on prices for an oil pump, first price I saw was $1,784 - includes balance shafts which are part of oil pump, then realized it was for the other version of the engine! His oil pump is $234. Have friends with BMW's, there are some real high dollars issues there as well. Seems like every manufacturer has some issues that have very expensive fixes.
  9. New TC Owner - Hi Everyone

    Have your kids discovered the secret compartment on the floor under the rear of the front passengers seat? Took me a couple of months before I knew it was there! Found an online version of the owners manual which is handy for quick learning about features. Mine came with the 2017 manual, guess the dealer lost the 2016 one as they had it for about a year. On the iPad as about to leave for school bus duty - taking the twin grandkids to school. I’ll post the link later. I remember my my dad putting seat belts in cars when I was a kid, remember him helping friends put seat belts in their car after the had a crash and their kids were injured but recovered. Remember the car seat for our first kid who was born in 1980, scary by today’s standards.
  10. New TC Owner - Hi Everyone

    Welcome, great you found one you wanted when you needed it. My TC is the first vehicle in a while I've not bought in panic mode. I see you have the roof racks which should be able to carry a 4x8 sheet of plywood. I'm currently rebuilding an old trailer to haul my motorcycle and scooters but will also haul stuff like plywood and lumber for house projects. I take my twin 4 YO grandchildren to school several times a week and it is very nice. Their seats are higher than a car but not as high as a my daughter's Honda van. Funny thing is they prefer my Volt as they like to what the energy monitor display on the center console and count the number of bars the battery has used. I got the WeatherTech mat for the back which goes over all the seats when they are folded flat. Have haunted a lot of stuff including my Honda Metropolitan scooter. The scooter took a little thinking to get it right. For stuff like ovens dishwashers I use a MDF board over the rubber mat to spread the load a bit. Sometimes I'll leave the mat in and just have the rear seats folded. Not a perfect solution but it works. It drives very nicely and is stable when cornering, feels sporty next to the Honda van or the Hyundai Tucson rental I had last week. Love the size, lots of space inside but small on the outside.
  11. If the seal is leaking after a day or two my first thought would be wrong seal, too much internal pressure or surface problems either on the shaft that goes thru the seal or the housing the seal is pressed into. By surface problems I mean scratches. Not certain about heat shield but would expect one around the cat. They should get it right. Many years ago I had a Ford Taurus transmission die on vacation in Sarasota FL. The AAMCO place charged us a fortune and was slow! The local AAMCO shop when we took it in for an adjustment said something like "they charged you a lot" which made me think I was overcharged a bit. Very last visit to AAMCO. Transmission needed a rebuild 40,000 miles later when we traded for a GMC Safari. It's transmission lasted over 200,000 without any issues and only a couple of fluid changes. People talk about driving the wheels off, my wife did! The right front ball joint failed twice. First turning around in a driveway and the second at about 15 MPH. The wheel just leaned over into the van.
  12. New for us

    Welcome, there are a number of posts about folks camping with their TC's. I have a '16 bought new in November. I have plans to camp some in mine but not so much to turn it in a camper but taking it places and spending a night or two in it. LOL about the gas mileage shock. I've had a Volt for 4 years and having to get used to watching the gas gauge was a shock. Generally I only use gas when on a trip and sometimes go weeks without using any in the car. Also have a supersport motorcycle and after riding a bit have to remember acceleration isn't instant. Like the color, mine is white but that is good in the summer here. If you are getting rid of the seats, the middle seats will be a very easy sell. People are all the time looking for the two middle seats to replace the three seat configuration.
  13. First Ford in Many Many Years.....

    Welcome! I think you will enjoy the TC. I have a '16 as well. Bought it new back in late November - they didn't chase me down and beg me to take it but almost! I did a lot of reading and research before buying as well. They are a well kept secret that Ford seems determined to keep a secret. At the sales meetings I'm sure they have reminders like "don't tell anyone about the TC wagon..." I have the same wheels as you and they are a little difficult to clean but have had worse. I bought the WeatherTech mat for the back which goes over the seats when folded down. I've hauled two double ovens and a dishwasher (but not at the same time :-) ). In the last week I've hauled my Honda Metropolitan scooter as well. Have to take the mirrors and top case off and I put a MDF sheet over the back two two thirds of the cargo area. The front wheel rolls off the board and sinks into the gap between the two middle seats. The kickstand has a lock which is nice and a couple of straps ton the back to keep it from sliding forward and it rides very nicely. I'll post up some photos in a couple of days when I recover from too much fun and travel and motorcycles. I'm currently rebuilding an old Holsclaw three rail dirt bike trailer to haul my scooters or sport bike on. The scooter would be a real easy haul with the rear seats removed but is a little tight with them in.
  14. Just purchased a 2018 Transit Connect!

    My TC generally sits in the garage except the last couple of weeks I've been working on my trailer. It's an old Holsclaw DB-9 two rail dirt bike trailer. TC was driven once during the time. Mostly it's the Volt but if the weather's nice I'll take one of the scooters to the grocery store. sometime I take the Kawasaki Ninja out for fun :-). Going to the track tomorrow to take photos so loaded my small scooter in the back on top of the seats. It fits very nicely and since it only weights 165 pounds is not too much. Next time I'll probably take out the back seats but leave the middle ones in. Have it tied down using the two car seat rings in the back. It was a tight fit to get it in the rear opening but went thru OK. About the point it would have hit the roof above the middle seats the front wheel rolled into the space between the two seats. I have a WeatherTech mat with a 1/2'" MDF board on top. For a short drive it is OK. When I get the trailer finished I'll post up a writeup. It's small and has a capacity of 700 pounds which I think makes it ideal for the TC. Putting 12" wheels with radial tires which actually have a speed rating on it.
  15. Just purchased a 2018 Transit Connect!

    Agree with you BetaDon. I went almost 300 miles to get my new 16 back in November. However the deal was really good and I got everything I wanted and then some. Wish you the best on the Volt, I have a '13 I bought very quickly from a local dealer that was much more interested in selling Suburbans and Tahoes and wanted to get rid of the Volt. I went thru Costco and they came off the Costco price the evening I looked at it and the following morning called me up and offered another $700 off. It is an incredible car. For the first two years I went to Chattanooga almost every weekend which is 300 to 350 miles round trip due to my mother being ill. Electric was great and the ability to run gas was invaluable. It has been on several longer trips but really shines around town. Something I've had a bit of difficulty adjusting to with the TC is having to remember to check the gas gauge and go by the gas station when it gets low. It sounds crazy but the Volt usually has between 60 and 130 miles of gas plus the battery. If I run the battery down then it just switches to gas which is usually just 5 or 10 miles and that happens maybe once a week. Haven't driven the newer Volt but my generation runs pretty good from 8 to 50 MPH and it is reputed to do 100 on battery. I have had a good bit of fun at traffic lights playing with other vehicles, surprised a Fiat 500 Abarth once. My twin 4 year old grandkids like the Volt better than the TC because of the display which shows the battery wheels and engine. They tell my how many bars the battery has used up and we have good conversations about how the battery supplies the engine going level and uphill and how it charges the battery when stopping or going down hills.