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  1. I recently got a new used 2014 transit connect XLT, and it came with some aftermarket wheels installed, mostly with the style of non-locking lug nut shown in the attached picture, as well as some different looking lug nuts I think are probably aftermarket. Do these pictured lug nuts appear to be genuine/factory ford lug nuts? If so, does anyone know what their part number is, so that I can order more that match?
  2. Are these factory lug nuts?

    Thanks for the info.
  3. I've had an issue with the Sync infotainment system in my 2014 TC not accepting "set time" values. Very frustrating. It's clearly a software bug, as I think I discovered a "workaround" was to change the clock from 12-hr to 24-hr, and then back to 12-hr, and then the clock can be changed. I even updated my version of sync to the latest version (a process involving downloading the firmware to a USB memory stick, and plugging that into the transit connect USB port while undergoing a special, half hour long procedure to get it to update). Based on the clock not being able to be set as expected bug, not even fixed in the latest software, I'm not impressed at all by the Microsoft sync software used in the transit connect!
  4. Thanks for the tip, jrm223! Will give simply repeatedly pushing the illumination level change button a massive # of times it a try!
  5. My 2014 XLT's window sticker (<- try clicking the hyperlink to see) lists "DAYTIME RUNNING LAMPS" as an option. My thoughts if this truly is an option would be to find and study how a gen 2 transit connect worked which didn't have this daytime running lamp option, and seek to change your car to that specification. I would be hesitant to do something "custom" / non-OE, for fear of unexpected, unintended, undesirable side effects. for what it's worth, my car also has "AUTO HEADLAMPS" option, but I haven't really warmed up to using it yet, for fear of it being too hard on the battery (I already had one episode of the battery being discharged to an extent that the vehicle required external charging before it would start... that wasn't too great.) It has annoyed me how the instrument lights always seem to be on, regardless of whether the "main/night-time headlamps/external running lamps" are on vs. off, as I'm frankly just used to having that feedback of the instrument lights being on vs off to remind me of whether headlights are on vs off, and that feedback is not really working in this car. Granted, this is the first daytime running lights car I've owned, but it's dangerous to drive without remembering to turn on the main night-time headlights/running lights. The way the vehicle is set up, seems to make it difficult to remember to turn them on. Another annoyance is that the instrument light illumination increase/decrease buttons don't seem to have any noticeable effect. Do other people's transit connects behave similarly, or might there be something wrong with mine? The car is still relatively new to me. and I am still working on reading through the complete 300+ page owner's manual, if anyone has any tips on those items, would be much appreciated! And op, good luck with disabling the daytime running lights. If you do try something, or can learn something about the cars available that didn't have this option, please let us know what you learn.
  6. Transmission fluid change

    Thanks for the tip and write-up on the gen 2 atf change procedure, GBL and Beta Don! I just ordered from Advance Auto Parts several quarts of the Castrol "Transmax Synthetic Multi-Vehicle" Merton LV-compatible product for my newly-acquired 2014 XLT 2.5 Wagon.
  7. Back up camera angle changed

    I just bought a used 2014 XLT with tons of options, and it has the rear back-up camera with rear "barn doors". Here is how the back up camera view looks. It shows the top of the rear bumper and the trailer hitch receiver. I just noticed the view is "mirror image", so left and right are reversed. Anyhow, it's the first vehicle I've owned with back-up camera. Very nice feature, especially on a longer vehicle like the LWB transit connect, along with the proximity sensors to keep you from running into curbs and other obstacles.
  8. Attached is a profile shot of the whispbar extrusion. It looks like I might be able to just rip one of the side flanges off using a tablesaw. With one side flange trimmed off, it would put the overall width at 39mm (just a bit over 1.5"). I'm not sure if I'll do this, though. For now, to make things waterproof, I cleaned things up underneath the tracks, and plugged/covered all the holes so that it's waterproof. The installation wasn't as clean as I'd have liked. Assuming a roof rack install shop did this work, it's a cautionary tale to be careful about who you use to install aftermarket roof racks! Looks like sheetmetal screws were just screwed into drilled holes. The sheetmetal looked a lot thicker than I was expecting.
  9. I can't really answer your question, but can add that my 2014 XLT Wagon has rain sensing wipers. I'm pretty sure it was an option (and this XLT seems fairly loaded with options...). It's really handy for the misty seattle area. Putting the wiper stalk in "wipe/intermittent" mode lets the rain sensors figure how how to adjust the intermittent delay (and I believe, also the wiper speed) without having to fiddle with the manual control. Very nice feature! This car is new to me, haven't had it yet even 2 weeks. Good luck
  10. I may have found a good alternative to the Yakima plus nuts, from the McMaster-Carr catalog: https://www.mcmaster.com/#97217a359/=1ahm72u Zinc/Yellow Plated Steel Rivet Nut for Plastics 10-32 Internal Thread, 0.020"-0.175" Material Thickness $5.71 per pack of 10 97217A359 Material Zinc Yellow-Chromate-Plated Steel Thread Size 10-32 Thread Type UNF Thread Spacing Fine Thread Fit Class 2B Thread Direction Right Hand Drill Bit Size R Drill Bit Size Decimal Equivalent 0.339" For Material Thickness 0.020" to 0.175" Body Type Bulbed Diameter 0.33" Length 0.828" Installed Length 0.410" Flange Diameter 0.510" Thickness 0.038"
  11. Another picture I found that shows this seat's upholstery condition a bit better (had trouble attaching to instant message, so just adding it here)
  12. Just got a 2014 transit connect Wagon with nice leather bench seat in the 2nd row, but I'm looking to swap in the captain's chairs, since it will work much better for how we intend to use the vehicle. If anyone has or knows of any reasonably priced 2014+ leather captains chairs available, let me know! Located in 98008. Also, I'm willing to swap or sell my 2014 leather bench seat 2nd row, (in case anyone's looking to instead to buy or do a trade)!
  13. By the way, here's a photo of the bench seat I just took, which shows the color. I think they are two-tone taupe + black? Apologies for image quality being grainy (as it was dark out - and a part of the bench seat is also folded down on this quick pic.) The seats are in really amazing condition. I'd say "excellent" - the previous owner had them covered and protected. Since we're so close, it will be really easy to get together and you can see them in person.
  14. Thanks for the info and relaying your thoughts, Windguy! I think you're right I'll need to remove the tracks and see what's going on underneath the tracks. For the time being, as a temporary measure to reduce water intrusion, I rolled up some pieces of gorilla tape, adhesive-side out, and rammed them into the holes that appeared to be drilled through the sheetmetal, but without any hardware. All the landing pad, tower, and crossbar/etc hardware that came mounted here appear to be "traditional" Yakima. Seems like it might be a heavier duty round profile bars. To be honest, I'm not sure we'll be using the rack much. If we can preserve it, in case we have future need for it, however, great. A bit hesitant to install a different track if it means drilling even more holes in the roof of this car. GBL - the track material sure seems to be extruded aluminum. It's also got a black finish of some sort. I think I read in whispbar's literature that their tracks use a black powder coat - which seems plausible for mine, based on what I've seen.
  15. That's amazing how close we are, art0925! You have a private message! look forward to having a neighborhood transit connect seat swapping party. Lol! (Happy to find another transit connect in my neighborhood!)
  16. Buckets or bench?

    Bump to this thread, because I'd also like to know what's involved to swap between 2nd row bench and buckets on the 2nd gen 2014 transit connect Wagon XLT LWB? I assumed it might be a bolt-in operation, but I guess assumptions can potentially get oneself in trouble. In my particular case, we're talking about a leather bench seat that I'd rather replace with buckets. If anyone near greater seattle area has leather buckets they would like to sell me or trade me for my leather bench seat (in very good condition), let me know!
  17. I believe my rails are Yakima "Whispbar". Although it's still a mystery what these screws are actually threading into, maybe I should be thankful mine aren't mounted with pop-rivets , as called for in the installation instructions! http://www.whispbar.com.au/instructions/Q7
  18. Thanks for the quick reply, windguy! I just measured the tracks, and the extruded aluminum portion is 80" long, and 1-15/16" wide. Looking at them in person, you are right that they are simply too wide to fit flatly in the channels. The seller said something about this being one of the first batch of imported transit connects in this newer body style, but I don't know much more than that, yet. I just took delivery on this Wagon a couple days ago. You are correct that the headliner blocks access underneath. If not Yakima tracks, I wonder what they are? The previous owner mentioned something about Yakima had been one of the sponsors this car's customization, and I can add that this car came with loads of Yakima hardware and equipment (skybox, bicycle carriers, fairing, round cross-bars) mounted above these tracks. The tracks appear to be screwed down by a fairly large number of rather common looking, e.g., electro-plated silver Phillips head screws. I could see at least a spot or two on each track where a hole was present all the way through the sheetmetal, but screws were missing! Seems like an obvious pathway for water to be running in, so at least addressing those open holes will be a no-brainer. It was hard for me to tell if these holes were simply drilled, or threaded. As lighting was poor, I was looking through the (installed) rails, and it was dark outside, I couldn't get a very good look at these holes in the sheetmetal. I'm pretty sure I didn't see any raised lip above the sheetmetal around the hole, like I'd expect if there were nutserts installed. Maybe there were originally screws presents in these open holes, and they stripped? Sure looks like a screw used to be there.
  19. Hi windguy, I recently took delivery of a 2014 Transit Connect Wagon (more about it in my introduction thread here http://fordtransitconnectforum.com/topic/6614-excited-new-owner-of-2014-xlt-wagon/ ) and first issue needing to be dealt with are some water leaks in the rear, dripping down in front of rearmost (3rd seating row) windows off the sides of the headliner, down onto the trim panels below those windows. I suspect the Yakima rack system may not be completely water tight. It was raining and wind was blowing the rain sideways like crazy when it was leaking, but living in the Pacific Northwest, waterproofing is still a must. After removing some of the Yakima bike carrier and cargo box accessories, it appears we have Yakima rails. They are mounted partially into the channels, but cocked sideways so one edge is down into the channel, and one edge up out of the channel. Is this ok, or any theories why it got installed this way at all in the first place? (Any ideas on what needs to be done to correct the water leak?) I was reading about yakima's riv-nut system (edit: Yakima brands theirs "plus nut") which Yakima recommends for a generic installation of their rail onto a generic sheetmetal roof. They use a rubber washer underneath the plus-nut (above the sheetmetal surface) , and they recommend a blob of silicone caulk into the threaded hole (10-32, a Yakima customer service person told me today), to waterproof the system. (Yakima's installation instructions here: http://assets.yakima.com/Product/instructions/8001127/1 ) Initially, I was thinking I'd remove the rails, dig/tap out the old silicone, re-install silicone and hopefully correct problem. But now I'm reading in your threads about possible factory oval/oblong shaped holes. Are these oval holes found on the Wagon version also? Thanks for any tips on how to proceed, and appreciate the detailed write-up! Attaching a couple photos we took of the leading end of the rails on each side.
  20. Excited new owner of 2014 XLT Wagon

    Thanks for the warm welcome, guys!
  21. Hi all, I'm the new owner of what I understand was one of the first 2nd generation transit connects which Ford imported to the US - a 2014 XLT Wagon that Ford actually had specially customized and showcased at 2013 SEMA car show! My brother has taken possession of this vehicle on the east coast, and is currently en route to driving it back home on the west coast. Estimated arrival time is next weekend... exciting! The reason my wife and I settled on the 2nd generation, long-wheelbase transit connect wagon for our next family car is its unique combination of: interior storage capacity, passenger carrying capacity, great driving feel and outward visibility, good fuel economy, and its very European / "un-minivan" styling. We plan using it to retire a 2001 Ford Focus Wagon which also had a really nice ("Street-Edition") option package, and a bright yellow color that we came to appreciate as always making it easy to locate in parking lots. However, despite our Transit Connect not being bright yellow, I have a feeling we might not have problems spotting this car... Cheers