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  1. Comfort and noise on long trips?

    That is a very good looking truck and I like those wheels. Are they stock? What size? (I'm a certified Wheel Whore) I haven't done any insulating in my cargo van yet. Strange, but I sort of find the noise comforting since I have driven a lot of cargo vans over the years. It just seems natural. Different strokes for different folks I guess.
  2. Reading this thread is not very encouraging. I just know if I go back to the dealership they're going to piss me off......and then I'll get arrested.........then the wife will be mad and probably beat me....then I might be divorced......I just don't see how it can turn out very well. It shouldn't take a software engineer to turn off lights. Who the heck ever thought this feature was a GOOD thing anyway?
  3. Headache rack 2017 TC LWB

    I have one like this leaning against the shed in the back yard.......if you're looking for one. It was brand new as of early-mid Sept. If you don't charge me anything you could haul it away. Pretty soon it is destined to become a fancy compost sieve........cause that's the only thing I can think of to do with it.
  4. Wheel Size Question

    Must be my connection. This is round 2, just switched the old tires for some new 225/55R16s. Just a smidgeon wider, not expensive. Sold the old tires before I even left the tire shop.
  5. Wheel Size Question

    Round 2, same wheels different tires. I tried some 12mm spacers on the rear but there turned out to be not as much thread on the wheels studs as thought. Should have actually measured them first. This thing doesn't want to allow me to add any pics. Round 3, I picked up some 245/50R16s and put them on the new rims. I'm short some accessories before I put them on the van.
  6. Taurus rims and TPMS

    I have read similar statements and take it to mean some older alloy rims can't use a sensor. I'm a bit confused about this whole sensor thing. I put some older rims on (without sensors) and did not get any fault for about a week until the old tires lost some air pressure. Put the factory wheels (I assume with sensors) back on and the fault went away. So why pray tell was I able to run for a week with no fault? The old Volvo rims definitely did not have sensors. @Beta Don: Does the 2016 actually have sensors in the wheels? The guy at the tire shop couldn't tell me yea or nay. I didn't break down the factory tires and wheels, just put new tires on the Volvo rims still with no sensors and I'm working on my second round of "tire art".
  7. Wheel Size Question

    We can make it work. Toano is east of Richmond if I recall. I'm about 45 minutes west of Richmond. If your route takes you along I64 it should be no problem at all.
  8. Wheel Size Question

    I like these Maserati babies.....but the rear offset is so high you would have to use spacers to keep them off of the suspension. I'm slowly resigning myself to using spacers or adapters on any setup I can come up with. Maybe there is more space back there than I think? Anybody know for sure how positive you could go with the offset? And to fit a 255/50R16? I haven't been able to find what the center bore is. Offset: FRONT: 30 REAR: 56 Number of Bolts: 5 Rim Material: Alloy Bolt Pattern: 5x108 Rim Width: FRONT: 7J REAR:8J Rim Structure: One Piece Rim Diameter: 16
  9. Wheel Size Question

    Tis a shame you're not in VA, I would GIVE you a set of 16 inch steels with only 700 miles on them. Covers too. They're going to be in my way.
  10. Wheel Size Question

    I like that style of rim though.
  11. Wheel Size Question

    I can find lots of 17s, but 16s are what I want. What I really want is staggered widths with the same same rim dia.
  12. 2014 - 2016 Stainless Grille Dress Up Kit

    I like it. Naturally, they seem to have discontinued it. Some days I think it is a conspiracy. Been trying to figure out how to get rid of some of the black on the cargo model in the front & back. Not all, just some. The idea being to give the impression of bumpers. The back is easy enough but the front...........not so much. Now I know that most people seem to want to get RID of bumpers, not add them.
  13. Wheel Size Question

    Those are similar indeed! The Volvo wheels don't quite do what I really want which is to go wider. The specs are almost identical to the stock wheels on the van except they are 7s not 6 1/2s. I would have preferred a little less offset. I could pack them out with spacers I suppose but I probably won't. But they are just temporary, about half life left on the tires and they're not load rated properly for the van. They ride nice though and I didn't have to mount or balance them nor did I pay much for them. The Conti-Pros managed to get about 700 miles on them........which is a lot for me......cause I hate stock steels with hubcaps.
  14. Wheel Size Question

    Got some used "practice" Volvo wheels with 215/55R16s already mounted on them to see how my "tire-art" skills were. Not terribly bad I think.
  15. If only the tires and wheels were available for the TC today. Had a '71 back in the day. I think I'm having flashbacks...........
  16. Wheel Size Question

    That is good to know. Should put the diameter at about 26 1/4'. Are you getting close to rubbing? Or do you have any lift at all? I like the 60 aspect ratio better and the 55 quite frankly begins to offend my feng shui. 235-55-16 should be about 26 1/4" as well. 225-55-16 is about 25 3/4" which I KNOW without doubt will not cause me any issues. Where I was trying to get to was 235-60-16 but that would be over 27" and would almost certainly rub at least under some conditions. Width = height = rub. The harder ride doesn't really confront me - it's all about width & height proportions.
  17. Wheel Size Question

    Not yet, I don't have them put together yet. And as the screen name might suggest I like RWL tires which you simply cannot find in a 16 inch. Maybe some big ruck tires but not in the size range I'm in. So I am going to do my own. Someone suggested that the larger front brakes were a good thing and in one sense that's hard to argue with. But I'd trade them in a heartbeat for the ability to run 15s. It would open up a whole new world of choices in tires and wheels.
  18. Wheel Size Question

    So my new wheels and tires showed up. Since 15s won't fit over the front brakes I have to stick with 16s. It is difficult (at best) to find wider 16" rims with the 5x108 bolt pattern. I compromised for now with 16x7 rims with 225/55R16s. I would have liked to go wider but even 235/55 are about at the limit that may not scrub. Couldn't find much in the way of tires that I cared for at that size anyway. And I don't want to lift the van, at least not right now. The offset changed from +50 to +38 pushing the wheels out to at least give the impression of added width. There is very little change in the overall diameter so it won't affect the speedometer or gearing much at all. It does give me a positive scrub radius of about 3/8" which shouldn't affect much either.
  19. So which way is up? I'd like to make a slight calculated adjustment, not all over the place until I get it right. I have a fifty-fifty chance of being right. Mine are pretty good as they are. I've thought of adding the fog lamps but really just for fog. And I do like the looks of them. I run my fogs on the Outback pretty much all the time since I keep the daylight running lights on 100% of the time.
  20. Larger Wheels

    My goal is larger & wider tires, not larger diameter wheels. Finding out real quick that not much fits the TC. At least not in what I want.