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  1. 2017 TC XLT simple camper

    Impressive build, I wish I could have finished mine in a week
  2. You said you programmed the new cluster but did you change the vehicle configuration "as built" in the BCM? I will be doing this next weekend or some time soon so I will let you know how it goes.
  3. Help please?? 😔

    If it snapped off you will have to take the assembly off from the inside, if it just fell off because the screw tightening it wasnt tightened you might be able to buy a handle and install it in 5 minutes. Its hard to explain but a small torx or allen covered by plastic cap near the door latch will release the handle. Sorry I dont have any pictures at this time but most small suv door handles are similar these days so you can just google how to remove a ford escape handle and it should be similar.
  4. I am in the process of doing the same thing but I travel a lot and I am barely home to work on the van. What are you using to program your van, IDS or FORScan and it says you installed the cluster in your van but did you program the cluster and change the Central Configuration in the BCM yet? Wow I just read the dates of the post and you have been working on this for a while
  5. it might be possible but you might not be able to program the key without inserting it into the ignition. I programmed my pats keys using Ford IDS software but if I were to do it again I would use FORScan its free and they have great support. Here is a link to programming the keys; http://forscan.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=839
  6. Sorry, to clarify the setup that I was describing I was assuming that you would be using a dc to dc charger like these; http://amsolar.com/rv-solar-panel-kit/charge-controllers/ These chargers are marketed for rv solar setups but a photovoltic cell is just a another power source and if you connect it to your vehicle battery the charger will charge your auxiliary batteries just the same as long as it is expecting a 12V source. Without a charger like this an auxiliary battery setup will be not be fully utilized and your auxiliary batteries will never get charged and store only a fraction of the batteries advertised current. Many people connect auxiliary batteries directly to the vehicle positive, this in my opinion will cost a more because the batteries will never fully charge and you will need multiple batteries. And being that they are usually kept at a low charge level they will need to be replaced more frequently. One difficulty with a charger like this is that you only want it to charge when the engine is running, so you will need a switch. Otherwise you could discharge your vehicle battery while trying to charge your auxiliary battery if the engine is not running. If my explanation is not clear or missing anything please let me know I will be glad to clarify.
  7. I am building mine with the auxiliary batteries connected to the vehicle charging system too. One thing to consider is the alternator output is very low at idle and will barely charge the batteries, This link has has the output curve of the alternator; Ford Fleet charging system documentation So with my 2.5 engine at idle 600 rpm and 2.76 pulley ratio the alternator will spin around 1700 rpm, producing less than 100 amps. Estimating some of the main loads, headlights that dont yet switch off in my van, 55w each equaling 10 amps and with losses and other loads I dont expect much more than a couple of amps for the auxiliary batteries unless the vehicle is moving and the engine is spinning. Though with an auxiliary battery charger it might be able to charge auxiliary by stepping up the voltage and drawing more current than what the alternator is producing but this will only be draining your main battery if alternator output current is not enough. The overdrive pulley solution. I plan to install one of these http://www.cpgenerator.com/overdrivepulleys.html it might put a little higher load on the bearings but I dont rev the engine very high anyway because I try to save fuel so Im not to worried. Also if the bearing go bad and it starts to make noise, alternator replacement is easy and it will be a good excuse to install a higher output unit. I am really curious why you need 4 optima deep cycle batteries I have heard from people that use that much reserve power for 5th wheel rigs and with a lot of loads and live completely off the grid. I would also suggest a battery monitor like this https://www.solar-electric.com/trtmbamosy1.html. You install a shunt resistor directly to the battery and it monitors how much current goes into or out of your battery and accurately monitors your charge state and power usage. With a battery monitor you will be able to use a lot more of your batteries and they will probably have less wear because you will better be able to avoid overly discharging them. Keep everyone posted on your progress and what you decide to go with. Don't be like me, I need to make a build thread but I my build has been progressing slower than I had hoped.
  8. Not sure if what your trying to say is not clear or if what your trying to say is wrong but I believe the cargo vans are more expensive to import because of the 25% "chicken tax" on imported trucks. Because of this all cargo vans were imported as passenger vans then converted to cargo vans then the seats and windows were shipped back to the factory.
  9. 2014 nirVANa build

    Nice work, do you stay in the Salt Lake City area or do you travel around a lot. I hope to have my van built before winter and able to have a long ski trip too!
  10. 2016 TC Arm Rest Removal

    I think the armrest comes attached to the seat on base versions when the center console doesnt have a padded surface. My van is very basic and doesnt have much but the armrest is attached to the seat
  11. roof racks

    I believe the side rails are bolted from the inside in 5 locations on each side. If you see a van without the side rails they will have plastic caps covering the holes. I dont have any pictures now but I think eddwal50's pictures show the 5 locations
  12. Made progress this weekend and replaced the engine

    Thanks but it was really straight forward, the weirdest thing that I found was how the AC compressor seems to be mounted without a spring belt tensioner and no way to adjust tension. I was once a BMW master technician before I went to college. I have constantly been working with my hands since then too so they dont lose their ability. But I knew what I was getting into when I bought this since I have recently learned that I can save a lot of money if I buy it broken and do the repairs myself
  13. I had some fun this weekend.... and made more progress on my camper build but I am still doing preliminary work getting the van operational. I was not able to start the old engine and test the electronics yet because I haven't gotten the Ford IDS scan tool and software yet but I went ahead and replaced the engine since cylinder 4 had a bent rod Luckily changing the engine went straight forward and I have it mostly buttoned up at this point. Currently I am waiting to see if initializing the keys to the car solves my last problem until I find something else wrong with the car. I really hope I don't have to many more problems and repair costs don't blow up to big and dip into my traveling funds but that's the way it goes sometimes, oh well.
  14. New owner of a 2015 LWB LT with

    Hi all, I recently bought a flooded 2015 LWB LT from an auction without knowing what it would need. It has a dual fuel Westport CNG system installed! I haven't gotten to work on it much, only on the weekends. But so far I bought a Ford wiring diagram shop manual and was able to find out why the basic OBD2 system was not communicating and now I am waiting until I get Ford Factory IDS communication tool and software so that I can initialize the keys and hopefully start the engine. Though if I am able to get the engine to start it will only run on 3 cylinders since cylinder 4 has a bent rod and I will need to replace the engine. Luckily LKQ near me happens to have at least 10 of these engines for under $600. The only problem with these junkyard engines is they wont have the hardened intake valves and seats that are needed for the CNG fuel. This might work better because I might just remove the entire CNG system and then have more space for the camper that I want to build. Or I might get a junkyard engine and replace the head with my old one, not sure yet. My plan is to make this a camper for me and my girlfriend. I hope to be able to stuff a lot of equipment into this including insulation and a webasto heater so that we can go on a ski bum ski trip in addition to other trips in the summer. I think I will be able to make a seat spinner so that I can turn the passenger seat around when we are parked and maybe the drivers seat but I'm not sure if we will need that depending on the floor plan that we eventually decide on. I also hope to fit a small stove and sink into the van. Sorry for the long post but I have big plans for this van and hopefully I will be able to keep you guys updated if people are interested. I tried to attach a few picture not sure if they worked but I will try to get them attached