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  1. Hey Jim, welcome aboard There are a lot of fine folks here willing to help and share. Stop in regularly and enjoy the company
  2. Looks like a wonderful trip, thanks for the pics, I enjoyed them. All the work you put into the TC was well worth it. Hope you have many more!
  3. Rhino-Rack makes a heavy duty rack, rated at 220 lbs., for the Gen 1 TC's. https://www.etrailer.com/multi-product.aspx?pc1=RLZ01-DC&pc2=&vehicleid=2012988275&hhmake=Ford&hhmodel=Transit Connect&hunter=roof&roofkit=BK_2,SKI_1,C_24,AWN_2,BAG_1,BSK_2&manuf=RHINO If you plan to add a basket on top of those, it will require longer bolts or u-bolts than comes with the basket. Longer stainless steel bolts or u-bolts can be found at Fastenal. https://www.fastenal.com/
  4. That's good news. Knowing the weight capacity and keeping tabs on it for add on's etc., gives everyone a sense of proportion regarding safety. Way good that your checking the weight. Plus, if it's that light, 300 lbs., it's a sales point for added mileage. At a 1600 lb., load, driving at 70 on the highway, we still got 20 mpg. At 300 lbs you would do way better. At a little over two bucks a gallon for gas your timing couldn't be much better.
  5. Hello Mr. Stay Puff, welcome aboard. It looks like you've been thinking about your to do list. Your list is a good start! These TC's get in your blood pretty quick. Then there will be list 2 and list 3 etc. There are a lot of bikers here so your in good company. It sounds like your planning a very functional van for work and play. Keep us posted regarding your progress.
  6. Hello Zach, welcome to the forum. I like what you have done with the TC, good job. The price value proposition seems to be appealing. You have done a lot with the van, and rather than pick it apart I would rather applaud you. Realizing that there are many people who do not have the skill, time, or desire to convert a van themselves, yours seems to be a thoughtful and reasonable alternative. Anything else needed could be easily carried on a roof rack or a hitch basket for very little added money. We have a 2012 Transit Connect that I seldom get to drive because my Son is touring the country with it and paying his way as he goes. Ours was a raw build with a premium stereo system with speaker boxes in the rear, an elevated bed, and storage underneath the bed. As we built the van we calculated each item's weight cumulatively, including cargo and personal body weight being careful not to exceed 1600 pounds total. We succeeded in doing that and the van functions well accordingly. My son loves it. I do have one question, what is the total weight of the build? I only ask that because I'm sure some people will want to add a roof rack and or hitch. Knowing how much more weight could be carried before reaching 1600 pounds capacity would be helpful. Also, for safety, being sure that the tires associated with the build and extras are adequate to handle the load. Many of the tires available for the TC have a 1200 or 1400 pound rating. The Michelin XL has a 1700 pound rating, which is what we needed. These kinds of disclosures and tire info would be helpful to your buyer and provide added trust to your online presentation, which by the way is very good. Thanks for the presentation and good luck.
  7. Birch is a strong and light wood. Our build was a raw build, built for function. He carries cargo below a raised bed. The bed sits on four posts. There are no cabinets in ours. Yours sounds like a more complete build. Good luck with it all.
  8. The foam may have some good uses Bart, especially if light weight is important to you. The concept has apparently been used in van builds, so it has a track record. It might be interesting to investigate it a bit further to learn how the cabinets hold up over time. One thought I would have is foam toxicity. If foam is made non-toxic today then it would be worth pursuing. No doubt it would lend itself to very creative builds. When built it would probably be wise to spray it with a flame retardant as well. I had not imagined this idea before so it would be interesting to follow along.
  9. Glasspacks on my 51 Ford Coupe flathead 8 sounded wonderful. My 55 Chevy V8 sounded great. My 57 Chevy 283 sounded awesome. Even my Olds Cutless 6 sounded good with a deep rumble. Now I'm wondering if my 2012 Connect 4 banger could possibly have a rich deep muffler sound? I'm wondering what talented muffler guy has figured that one out yet, or, am I doomed to the rice burner bumble bee sound?
  10. http://insights.globalspec.com/article/5640/watch-ex-nasa-engineer-creates-a-friendly-car-horn-electricity-from-urine-can-now-be-used-to-kill-salmonella-and-e-coli-solar-paints-can-create-fuel-from-sun-and-vapor?id=-1601935601&uh=4211ed&email=onefire%40charter.net&md=170705&mh=55b56b&Vol=Vol17Issue27&Pub=1&LinkId=1872180&keyword=link_1872180&et_rid=420273036&et_mid=83498067&frmtrk=newsletter&cid=nl
  11. http://insights.globalspec.com/article/5579/michelin-unveils-new-airless-tire-design-inspired-by-coral?id=-1601935601&uh=4211ed&email=onefire%40charter.net&md=170705&mh=55b56b&Vol=Vol17Issue27&Pub=1&LinkId=1872163&keyword=link_1872163&et_rid=420273036&et_mid=83498067&frmtrk=newsletter&cid=nl
  12. Yikes, did somebody suggest square wheels? I musta' missed that. I'll have to go back and read again... Yup, round wheels do work better. Now, I don't want to get ego involved in this but round wheels are better than square wheels, by god, and I'm sticken' to it. Now, I'm not sayin' that square wheels look bad on all vans, just look at Dodge! They look great on Dodge vans! But over here at Ford they have a different design concept, round is the bomb. They make big rounds, lil' rounds, thick rounds, thin rounds cause that's how they roll Now when a Dodge hits a pot hole, dey' gets stuck! But when Ford hits a pot hole dey' keep on rollin' one way or nudder' Uphill or downhill makes no diff...dey keeps on rollin on roads, drives, or lawns, whatever So don't be square, eat some bbq and shoot the works!
  13. Yah mrtn, I was wondering about that. That's good to know. I was concerned that the built in bracket points might not support extra weight. With the heavy duty roof rack, and the added cargo basket, plus cargo it's easy to exceed 225 lbs. Fortunately the cargo in the van plus my son's weight helped to stabilize the extra weight on the roof. I believe he has driven enough across the country in most geographical and weather conditions safely that he knows the limits of the van. He is headed to Oregon next. Last year he fell in love with the southern states especially Florida. This year he is doing the same on the west coast.
  14. Thanks G B L !
  15. I seem to remember reading here that the Transit Connect roof weight limit was 225 lbs. Can anyone clarify that?
  16. I guess it all depends upon your financial status. If it's good, and I suspect it is, then the Goal Zero Yeti might be a good choice. In this economy we do depend upon on more financially able persons to purchase new items on the market; thereby, eventually driving prices down. There are other choices and the folks here will be glad to share them with you. Beta Don is a hitter here on the forum and his advice is well taken. This is a very helpful place and given a few days you will likely have many options to consider. Thanks for the inquiry. We all benefit as a result.
  17. Although this perhaps only marginally applies, my son crosses the desert fairly regularly between Colorado and Cali in his 2012 TC using 5W20 with a 1000 lb plus load with no apparent problems. Even in this most recent heat wave he had no problem. His 2012 has a 2.0 engine with a four speed auto tranny. He uses standard Ford recommended products. He changes oil every 5000 miles.
  18. MLB, of course they will make it sound better. We cut a hole in the bulkhead to mount our rear speakers . They point slightly forward. Before you put rear speakers in, you may wish to change out your front door speakers with higher quality 5 inch speakers. No modifications were necessary, ours fit right in. It will probably do everything you want it to do. If not, then install rear speakers on the bulkhead up high. We went with a pro system but that is not necessary. High end stuff is not cheap. The pro systems can cost $3,000.00 bucks and up. Unless you're an audiophile it's unnecessary.
  19. Thanks for sharing your experiences BSUPC. The information available varies widely on the net. It's just experience that I trust most. Since the industry recommends changing the blades every six months, the blade that works best does not necessarily have to be the most expensive. I'm looking for something that works well with easy connectivity.
  20. Thanks BSUPC, bookmarked it for future use.
  21. I'm still interested if anyone has used the Bosch Icon wiper blades and the experience they have had with them. Thanks.
  22. Thanks for the added info mrtn
  23. Scratch the surface and now we live in a Fascist police state run by an oligarchy. What precious little Democracy is left is mocked by the facade of freedom and masked by a dazzling fireworks display. We're not all stupid!