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  1. Transmission Pan Gasket

    No surprise.... When I was in Asia, it was always hot. (Where I was)
  2. Transmission Pan Gasket

    To 150 thee posts up, The old expression "location, location, location" applies to more than just real estate.
  3. Transmission Pan Gasket

    150, You are right about the 20%. Some of ours are lower and some are higher. If we sell a soup (or anything else for that matter) that has a higher cost, (lower margin) we absorb it to keep the price within our window. We know what our patrons will tolerate. As an example, we have standard soups at 4.00 and 6.00 for a small (yes we do use the word "small") or large respectively.Then we have premium soups at 5.00 and 7.50. We sell sandwiches at 4.00 to 6.00. Ham, Chicken salad, and Turkey have good margin at 4.00. Salmon cake has good margin at 5.00 but Grab cake costs us about 28% at 6.00. Right now, none of our distributors can even get crab roe. If we could get it from a specialty outlet, we'd have to raise the price of our soup. (That would be the soup that everyone buys to the tune of two or three kettles per day.) ANYWAY>>>>> My tranny pan gasket is holding after about a week.
  4. Transmission Pan Gasket

    Entirely possible the gasket was damaged as you say. The She crab soup is what got us started. We had been sort of searching different restaurants for a She Crab that we liked. We couldn't find one so we decided to retire from academia and open a restaurant. She crab is funny. There are several aspect which I have come to accept. 1. Almost no one makes authentic she crab soup. It would be too expensive. 2. Some like to doctor it with sherry and my thought is that if it takes sherry, why bother? Dump some Jack Daniels in a tumbler, hold a can of lump crab meat in your left hand and the Jack in your right. Take a sip of Jack while looking at the crab meat and voila! She Crab. 3. Almost all she crab soups are good. But none we found were memorable. Ours is not memorable either but it is good and people seem to like it.
  5. Transmission Pan Gasket

    Not certain why it failed. My only thought is that the transmission got hot when the fluid level was low. Maybe warping the pan or just weakening the gasket. I have no evidence this is the case but it just doesn't seem normal for the gasket to gap as it appears to have done. No damage to the pan as though one of my employees had run over something. New gasket went in fine. If I had more trucks I would think about fleet maints. For now, it is too small of a management effort to let it sap away resources. In addition I would not want ANOTHER person calling me telling me that the world would come to an end if I didn't allow them to "maintain my web page" or "deliver paper supplies", or "manage my marketing efforts" or "provide for my employee's retirement". I get numerous calls every day from such harpies. They always come at the busiest times. They arrive in a "Trojan horse" such as, "Gee, This is the best She Crab soup I ever ate. Why don't you let me put your ad in my mailbox stuffer? Just 336 dollars for a quarter page." One "expert" wanted to charge me between four and five thousand to put an ad randomly on the back of the register tape from a local supermarket. Raise your hand if you have ever even turned the register tape over let alone actually read what is on the back of it. Okay, I am off the soapbox. Sorry guys.
  6. Transmission Pan Gasket

    GBL, You can quite imagine how relieved I was when I got the truck back in good working order and spending only 250.00. I drive these little trucks hard. I really should take better care of them. But I know (in most cases) when a vehicle is telling me it needs my attention now! A puddle of transmission fluid is a little hard to ignore.
  7. Engine runs rough at idle, idles too low

    Wow.....This generated a lot of response. Thanks y'all. From the top To GBL: Don't have access to a scanner but I think it is about time I buy one and get used to reading it. Any recommendation on the right unit to get would be welcomed. Additionally, if the PCM is supposed to be controlling the idle and the truck is idling at 600 to 700 RPMs, I am thinking about a whole set of new possibilities (Which I anticipated when I first noticed and tried to think through the problem.) To Dandy: Went to the website and it looks very interesting. Was a little concerned by the "Warning". When I have more time, Ill read more about it. To MRTN: Thanks for the push. I was thinking about getting a coil set that includes the plugs. I am a tightwad so I would likely go for the cheapest ones I could find (About 45.00), unless I get some warning from y'all about ones to avoid. To Loafer: I was thinking to look at other general maintenance types of things when I swapped out the coils and plugs. The truck has just over 200,000 miles on it. I bought it last year for 4200.00 and have been driving it trouble free (including driving by my employees) so this truck owes me nothing. Can't recall jumping this truck. I own two of these things and I had to swap out the battery in one of them but I am pretty sure it was the other truck. It runs smooth. I agree with your assessment of the caliber of the people who post here. Impressive. To GBL: The problem is not obvious at anything above and idle and does not seem to be peculiar to AC on or off status. I will pay closer attention tomorrow when I drive it. (If I can get the darned thing to myself.)
  8. Two posts in one day after about a four month absence?! I need to get back to work. :o( My 2012 TC idles a little rough and idle appears (to me) to be too low (Looks like about 700 rpm.) I am thinking that a coil pack may have failed or may be failing. Not familiar enough with these to know if a sick coil pack will cause these symptoms. Truck has been running this way for about a month and has not gotten any worse. Some questions: 1. Is there a simple adjustment on idle? If so can you describe the process? 2. Are there any coil modules on the market which should be avoided for reasons of quality, compatibility, performance or such? 3. Am I barking up the wrong tree as regards coils and idle problems? (I do understand that there are probably a hundred things that could cause a rough, low idle.)
  9. Transmission Pan Gasket

    Been while since I posted on the forum. Restaurant is really taking off and time is tight. Perhaps you recall that I own a 2011 and a 2012 Connect which I use as food trucks and delivery vehicles. I love these little trucks and they are making me a nice amount of money. Developed a serious problem in the 2012 this week end. The truck started to shift slow, rev between gears, and fail to disengage first gear when coming to a stop. Checked the transmission fluid and found it was a quart low. Added a quart and the transmission started acting a little better. Went to the truck the following morning and found a huge puddle of ATF under it. Jacked it up and found obvious gaps in the pan gasket. (Wish I had taken photos but alas.....) Bolts were all tight. Had it towed to the mechanic. He swapped out the gasket and transmission is acting perfect. BTW, in the second photo, the bus on the right is NOT a heavily modified TC.....just in case you were wondering.
  10. New from Virginia

    Welcome and nice ride. I am in C'Peake.....Are we neighbors?
  11. Hi from Tampa Bay! City Wagon Eco Boost

    Maybe itll get better when it breaks in. My 2012 has 205K on it and gets 27 on the highway, 23 in the city
  12. Hello from New England!

    Welcome to the group. Lotta good info here
  13. Fuel efficiency

    My pet peeve is pedestrians with the right of way in parking lots. Makes no sense to me. Pedestrians are far more maneuverable than cars. Pedestrians don't waste fuel while they are waiting. Pedestrians have far better visibility that persons in cars. About ninety percent of pedestrians have come to believe that the privilege afforded to them because they are on foot has become more than an entitlement, it is a license to take their good sweet time without regard to who they might be holding up. They are herding the kids, fumbling for keys, talking on the cell phone, gawking around and just generally skylarking. It is just counter-intuitive. Then there are those speed bumps. When I am in a parking lot, I play a little game. After I pass over a speed bump, I try to see how fast I can go before I come to the next speed bump. Actually my last statement about the game, isn't true, but sometimes I feel that way.
  14. Fuel efficiency

    Just checked mine again and when doing nothing but city driving it is down to about 23 MPG.
  15. Hello from St. Louis

    You just have to make sure to close the screen door